August 25th, 2011

These little feisty freeloaders spend hours lounging in the guest bedroom, soaking up all the delicious late afternoon sunshine their wee little chihuahua bodies can handle.

Lazy little jerks.

Make the bed at least.

Currently they are floating by, living the high life on pure adorable. Though, this can wear thin when they misbehave (Bowie, I’m looking at you, you crazy puppy monster).

Right now it’s all the dry food, discounted toys and tap water they can handle. A luxurious lifestyle to be sure.

Catching these beasts relaxing in the tranquil afternoon light reminded me that I haven’t posted about SO MANY of the minor updates around the pad. All sorts of updating has been going down, unspoken of and unrevealed.

For shame.

Every little change must be cataloged and written of! Every shift documented and described!

So, little dogs, you’ve once again earned your keep by reminding me of my own failings. The kibble will continue to flow.

For now.

*In here? I got some new linens and changed up the art. Whoa. Whoa. I know, it’s like I don’t even know where I am anymore. Oh, I got a new lamp you can’t see. So, there’s that.

Well, wait. Here is a really old version of this room. Yikes. Tour updates are definitely in order.


August 24th, 2011

Bianca, Laure and I wandered into the desert to pick our way through the Joshua Tree landscape to enjoy the vast rocky outcroppings during what turned out to be a perfectly temperate evening. We ended up at Pappy and Harriet’s for pulled pork and cold beers and at some point while sitting under the clear stars and breathing that particularly fresh tangy air, I renewed a promise to build a modest homestead somewhere on this quietly calm and beautiful slab of California.


It would be amazing, this I promise.

For now, I’m looking to put together a modern retreat for a weekend of celebration, relaxing and desert exploration. I’ve been researching around for the perfect Joshua Tree pad for a few people stay at and enjoy. Preferably with a cowboy hot tub. And modernisim. And boulders.

Any suggestions or recommendations?


August 24th, 2011

A few of my favorite ladies came out for a few days of Rancho Relaxo desert retreat style action and got the Brick House boutique hotel treatment – which apparently includes them cooking and cleaning my kitchen while I relax and drink diet cokes.

I’m a terrible hostess.

But, we did shove some thrifty shopping and Joshua Tree gallivanting into their busy housekeeping schedules. I even dragged them to a vintage auction (where only I was buying stuff – OF COURSE). Pretty much, if you come to the house, expect me to do exactly what I want while you cook for me (notice the complete lack of food around this blog. I’m not so into the cooking) and then deal with my dogs being complete crazy maniacs.

So, Airbnb is obviously the next step, right? Who wants to stay in beautiful Hemet at Casa de Brick House? Don’t miss our lovely Applebees or the JC Penny’s and just try to resist the two, COUNT THEM, two Walmarts.

Many thanks to the amazing Abby, Bianca and Laure for trying to make me a bit more domestic. I’m enjoying the shiny minimalist art statement above the fauxdenza, the rustic peach crumble and the newly calm dogs. Check up their blogs for great photos and other goodies, since we refuse to just live our lives without documenting the crap out of everything.