June 6th, 2011

I’ve been hunting around for some over the fireplace “artish” options for an interior I’ve been helping out with and recently ran into this vintage 1970’s torch cut wall sculpture on my thrifty rounds. Well, I wasn’t totally sure it’d work but the size was right, the idea of a brass wall hanging was interesting and the low price made it a “just grab and try it out” kind of thing. Unfortunately, it ended up not working out so well with the insanely awesome chandelier that’s the true focal point of the room. The two big metal pieces clashed and the leaves lost.

These things happen. Sometimes you take a chance and it ends up being so very wrong. Oh well, at least it points out the right direction.

So, I had this thing sitting in the house, all the while looking for an over the fireplace “artish” option for my living room as well. I wanted something more fiber and funky but pickings have been slim and nothing perfect has popped up. Then I was thinking a brutalist type wall sculpture would be good option and possibly easier to find…

Yeah. These big leaves ain’t so brutalist. They are as brutal as a puppy kiss or a nice hot shower. Like maybe I should be going to a wine tasting or something.

BUT – I think I love the idea of a brutalist brass wall sculpture.

Of course, it will have to be a wall sculpture that is perhaps not as autumn themed or swirly as this bad boy. I think this is actually a fun and funky piece and a great scale at 40″ wide. In the right house it would look incredible, but I think the rigid architectural and minimalist masculine tone of the living room makes this curly bit of whimsy feel a little out of place.

Some day I will replace you fireplace mantel. Some day.

Sorry, metal artist Whitish from ’77. I like you, but I think this might be a temporary relationship…you know, until I can trade up to something a little more brutal.

Thank you for pointing out the right direction, though. Trust that it’s not you, it’s me.

So…don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out (when I find the right thing of course – you can hang out here for now).


BTW – I feel like a lame-o narcissist, but since this happens to be my bloggity and I only get to say this once a year – it’s my 29th birthday today! You guys got me a work crew? To help with the landscaping? No? Crap.

Oh jeeez, typing that made me realize that my fancy free twenties are almost over. Must take advantage of this last year to go silly nuts. Getting serious is for your thirties, right? I’m just going to say yes and worry later.

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  1. victoria on 06/06/2011:

    love it! fits in perfectly!

  2. victoria on 06/06/2011:

    oh, and i almost forgot…happy birthday youngster!

  3. Lynn on 06/06/2011:

    Happy birthday, Morgan! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have an inspired day, and year!

  4. Lauren @ chezerbey on 06/06/2011:

    Happy Birthday! (And don’t worry, you can go silly nuts in your 30’s too…or so I’ve observed.)

  5. Lunaluna on 06/06/2011:

    Joyeux anniversaire!!!!!! I’m 50 and I am still known to go crazy nuts on the odd occasion. Make the best of every day. LOVE that wall sculpture, sell it in the shop?

  6. Kris on 06/06/2011:

    Happy, happy Birthday, the thirties are fabulous, don’t worry.
    About the leaves, if you are not getting big bucks for it, why not just spraypaint it(?) Maybe in a very light grey, then again maybe no. Have a lovely day over there.

  7. Robyn on 06/06/2011:

    Happy Birthday Morgan! I turn 29 in Sept, woo!

    Im surprised you like that leaf thing! Its really something I love but I wouldnt think it would be something you like. You’re always switiching it up over there!

  8. Robyn on 06/06/2011:


  9. kim on 06/06/2011:

    i kinda like the curly swirly balanced w/the rigid masculinity of your FP.

    happy bday. a monday birthday…gives me an excuse to fire up a margarita this afternoon and toast in your honor. i raise my glass to you, girlie.

  10. Tami on 06/06/2011:

    May you be showered with cupcakes today, young lady!

  11. HAPPY B-DAY!!!

  12. Jules on 06/06/2011:

    Happy Birthday! Mikey’s birthday was yesterday. Seems like great people are born the first week of June.

    As for the leaf thing, I don’t know…I really like it for some reason. I think it’s looks great, considering you’re using it as a placeholder.

  13. Happy birthday!

  14. maya on 06/06/2011:

    happy birthday!!!! margaritas sounds so right!!!
    wish i was there!

  15. Suzy8track on 06/06/2011:

    Happy Birthday!

    For a placeholder over the mantle, I think you did a splendid job! Really looks great!

  16. Mea on 06/06/2011:

    Happy, happy birthday wishes from Berlin! And I really like this brassy flowery thing. Just where it is.
    P.S.: Just got 30. And all of a sudden I became dead serious so prepare yourself. You rather get that “No shit” attitude your mom is sporting in that fantastic painting. Where is it btw?

  17. Happy birthday! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog so much.

  18. Melanie on 06/06/2011:

    Happy Birthday. That sculpture wall hanging thing would be sooo cool and look great in my log house.

  19. Lauren on 06/06/2011:

    Happy Birthday! too bad. i actually liked the swirly leaf piece ..

  20. carey on 06/06/2011:

    Happy birthday! You’re not going to get all serious on us now, or even next year, right? Whew.
    P.S. I looovve the Jere wannabe, send him my way when your done!

  21. ella on 06/06/2011:

    Oh my! You’re a Gemini!!! Happy Birthday!

  22. Stephany Simmons on 06/06/2011:

    Happy Birthday!

  23. misa on 06/06/2011:

    dude, happy birthday! i also just turned 29 and it feels like hanging onto the edge of a very steep cliff. but i plan to be one of those people who gets better looking as they get older and clearly you are, too.

  24. sudha on 06/06/2011:

    happy bday…and dont worry about the 30’s..i just arrived there and it feels fine ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. LaShaune on 06/06/2011:

    According to some folks, your 30s are better than your 20s. I can’t say that seeing how in my 20s I was living in NYC (the best place on earth) and now in my late 30s (gawd that sucks to say), I’m living in Suck-ra-mento (no apologies to those who like living here cuz it does NOT compare to NYC).

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  26. Nicholas on 06/06/2011:

    Happy birthday to you! Love your blog.

  27. tracy on 06/06/2011:

    happy birthday ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Ana on 06/06/2011:

    Happy birthday!

  29. erin@designcrisis on 06/06/2011:

    29?! Bad words are coming to mind, but instead I will suck up my jealousy and wish you a very happy birthday. Hope you party like a rock star!

  30. allegra on 06/06/2011:

    I like to call 29 the “Victory Lap of my 20’s”! ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!

  31. kimberly ann on 06/06/2011:

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day and do anything and everything you want to do today. I’m sure it would be super easy to get a work crew; I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one to show up ready to get dirty in exchange for a lovely, shiny coffe table or maybe even a lamp. Will work for awesome stuff!

  32. Caitlin on 06/06/2011:

    Happy Birthday Morgan!!!

  33. Heather on 06/06/2011:

    Damn, now *I* want a brutalist wall sculpture. Happy birthday!

  34. Jenne on 06/06/2011:

    Curious… Is that a Heywood Wakefield coffee table? I love mine, but I wish it were the same color as yours! One of these days, I’ll embark on refinishing it… :]

  35. amy h on 06/06/2011:

    Yeah, I’ve been wanting some sort of metal wall art. I kind of wish Jonathan Adler hadn’t gone and made all the good C. Jere stuff expensive.

    Happy birthday! You share the same day with my daughter. (age 6 today!)

  36. jeannette on 06/06/2011:

    many happy returns of the day. you so often make mine, i hope your day is a splendid one.

  37. THE BRICK HOUSE on 06/07/2011:

    Thanks so much all! Unfortunately I had to spend the day working, but this weekend we are going to celebrate! Hardcore.

  38. Eliza on 06/07/2011:

    happy birthday, lady! stay awesome!

  39. Susan on 06/07/2011:

    Please take it down!

  40. Fat Cat on 06/07/2011:

    Naaah, getting serious is for when you’re six feet under… Happy (belated) birthday !

    I like that curly girly metal sculpture. Have you changed your mind about international shipping ? Wink. Wink…

  41. Betty Roth on 06/07/2011:

    Happy Belated Birthday! Your 20s are a great time but so are your 30s, 40s, 50s whatever! It’s all what you make it and you’re so talented that you’ll be a funky, fun, funny success when you’re 90! Just be you girl, we all think you’re awesome!

  42. Lisette on 06/07/2011:

    Temporary though it might be, the leaves look great above your fireplace! Just saying…

    Oh and happy birthday! Enjoy the last year in your twenties, and no worries, thirties and forties are pretty awesome too!!

  43. Karen on 06/07/2011:

    Hey, I’m staring at 60 and I love your blog! Happy Birthday.

  44. julia wheeler on 06/07/2011:

    yay! happy birthday… i wish for amazing thrifty items to fall in your lap today! oh wait. just realized this post was from yesterday. why don’t i just wish for an amazing thrifty week for you?!

  45. Charlotte on 06/07/2011:

    Happy Birthday! The scary 30s aren’t so bad, I’m liking them so far. And yay wall sculpture! While I think a brutalist one would look amazing, I don’t think the swirly leaf design looks badly out of place at all.

  46. The Vintage Cabin on 06/08/2011:
  47. modernhaus on 06/08/2011:

    Snap, i thought you were gonna put a nude of me above the fireplace. It’s so awesome, us being 29 together, and with matching purses too. The first time you turn 29 is the best. The seventh or eighth is pretty ok too!

  48. lexis on 06/08/2011:

    oh man your fireplace color is so hotness, what is it?

  49. Alice on 06/08/2011:

    Happy Birfday! love your blog.

  50. ~abi~ on 06/08/2011:

    hhhhhaaaapppyyyyy birthday!!!!!!

  51. L on 06/08/2011:

    Happy Belated — and trust an over-50, one’s twenties are SO overrated! You are now on the brink of wonderful.

    Like the metal thingy, but it really isn’t your ultimate style.

  52. Jill on 06/08/2011:

    Hope you had a GREAT Birthday!! You are sooo young. Your best years are yet to come. Get out for a visit soon.

  53. SUSH on 06/08/2011:

    Happy Birthday!!! love the sculpture but maybe not over the mantle!

  54. Alaina on 06/09/2011:

    HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY! Don’t worry about hitting your thirties…it’s been the best decade so far for me and it’s not even halfway over yet. And I love that sculpture – it would be amazing in my living room over my mantel.

  55. Tyson on 06/13/2011:

    Happy Birthday! Don’t worry about turning 30. I loved turning 30. It felt like my real age had finally caught up to my mental age.

    What color is the fireplace? I love it. It’s really close to what I’ve been looking for for the trim in my bedroom.

  56. Tyson on 06/15/2011:

    Found it page 201: Behr โ€œDark Cavernโ€ in a semi-gloss. I’m surprised it’s only semi-gloss.

  57. Goofy on 01/27/2013:

    I have a standing sculpture by the same artist, Whitish, dated ’79. Mine appears to be stainless steel and the stalk holds large philodendron torch cut leaves. I really like it. Wish I could find out more about the s/he artist. In your picture the piece does look good but in person that doesn’t mean it fits or is your style. Hope you found the right funky piece. Well, your in your 30s now … How dull you become is entirely up to you. I’m 65 and I still have fun not fitting entirely in the ‘mold’. Can’t afford to retire but am looking forward to SS in 6 months. The extra SS income will take the stress off low income wages and more freedom! I love the cartoon that states “When I get old I don’t want people thinking “What a sweet little old lady”… I want ’em saying “Oh Crap! What’s she up to now?” ” Thumbs up girl !

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