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Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

OK. Auction-wise what did I win?

Turns out my big splurge of the evening was a matching pair of Lyby Møbler Danish highboy dressers.

That’s right. Not one dresser, but TWO.


Problem is, I don’t need two of these teak lovelies, but still somehow stupidly fell in love with the set. The auction house wasn’t selling each one separately, so obviously why not go a little nuts and buy the pair.

I’ve had that super cute and thrifty Swedish highboy in the bedroom, which is nice, but I always carry around a ‘someday must have’ list of vintage pieces in my head. You know, those amazingly awesome or super nice and usually expensive perfectly classic designy pieces that are so dreamy it hurts.

This list always included the quintessential mid century danish modern style highboy dresser for the bedroom. Until now, I just never came across one that I loved and could also afford.

So, when I spotted this Danish set at auction it was kind of like falling in love. I had to have one.

Didn’t help things that, during the course of the auction, I kept being beat out by the same dealer dude for $20 or $50 on stuff I also liked. When these came up on the block? The time had come to throw down and win.

And I did. And it cost me some money.

These things happen. I knew what I was doing, I had the cash and I ponied up despite my cheap little heart.

But I love this dresser. LOVE love love it.

Its the perfect scale and one of those forever pieces – classic, functional and gorgeous. Funnily, and hard to admit, but it felt kind of great to splurge and get something perfect instead of a stand-in piece. Somehow weirdly satisfying…

Good thing I bought this vintage wool camp blanket for like $1 at the thrift store, since that’s how I prefer to roll.

With the addition of the new dresser, I’m really loving the teak / olive / white / black palette happening in the master.  Things are finally getting to a good place. Now for a bedframe, a few plants and the right accessories and maybe we might be done?

Otherwise, I moved my Eames rocker in here after getting that black safari chair and then threw a kilim pillow in for extra fun. I’d like to get some larger art and maybe a giant cactus to happen at some point, but our next big DIY is going to be a bedframe.


Since I had my big auction splurge, it looks like I need to sell a few things. Things like : the matching twin to this Danish highboy, my thrifty Swedish dresser, the Arkana safari chair and then many many other awesome vintage goodies. Holidays are always the worst time to turn my inner dealer on to try and sell stuff, so I’ve been going nuts trying to figure out what approach makes the most sense. Wait the holidays out? Big sale? Ebay? Big Cartel? Craigslist?

I don’t know! I’m busy! It gets dark early! Shipping is hard! Also, the dark thing!


Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

White dudes love auctions. LOVE.

Well, I love auctions too, even if I have to spend the whole day psyching myself up for the sizing up stares, crazy quick bidding and dollars about to be spent. This particular auction was heavily MCM, which meant the local dealers were out in force and ready to throw down cash. I almost didn’t go after spending the day obsessing about how nutty and competitive these auctions make me and the inevitable painful losing that happens.

BTW, want people to look at you with anger and suspicion? Whip out a big camera at an auction preview. It’s not awkward at all.

Their eyes. Their judgmental eyes.

Maybe somewhere in the background you can spot my big spendy purchase of the evening?


Yes you can.

Great dining set I didn’t buy but desperately wanted to.

I forget how much they ended up selling for…a lot…

There were loads of good chairs, but the perfect pair of well worn Falcon chairs (a personal favorite – but also designed by Sigurd Resell in the 1970’s for Vatne Möbler) initially beckoned me to the auction.


Sweet, sweet Falcon action.

Only got this one terrible picture of a single chair on account of my camera shame, but trust me, they were amazing and ended up selling to some dealers for something like $1600. Not to me. NOT TO ME, dammit.

This set of Plycraft armchairs (designed by Norman Cherner and also a personal fav) got a good deal of looking over from folks pacing around them in desperate circles of desire. Clearly, they were going to be the big battle of the evening.

The auctioneer mentioned the set came from an estate in Banning – which can’t be true, right? Have you ever been to Banning? Only shame and shattered lives come from there.

Along with the mid century stuff, there was a large estate of oil cans and gas station type signs being sold that would have made those American Picker guys get wicked half chubs.

It was mind numbing sitting through the oil can auctions.

A moment of memoriam please. Let’s reflect once more on those Cherners.

As expected, they ended up being the big battle of the night – to the shock and amusement of most the crowd. The guys sitting behind me had an insightful running dialogue about how crappy all this stupid crappy crap was. Anyways.

They sold for $2400.

Goodbye you gorgeous beasts.

Well, what did I get? A few things. Above is a little preview.

DUH. It’s a rug.

Also, I might have outbid someone who reads the blog on this puppy. A fact which became clear when she told me as much as we waited to pay. It’s hard to explain the wave of guilt and anxiety that then exploded in my brain…so I apologize. I’m sorry. I looked terrible. Oh man. Auctions turn me into a monster.

More crap to come.


Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

I recently attended a local auction I’ve outright avoided for years because their offerings are usually very heavily gilt and super antique. The auction house took a chance and for the first time offered up a huge modernist estate that appealed to, what I’m completely assuming, was a younger and more aggressive crowd than is normally in attendance.

The local mcm dealers came out to represent and apparently all the dealers are dudes. Which seems weird? Male heavy auctions force me to represent with my lady-ness.

And lady bits.

Along with a thousand other things, I’ve been hoping to run across a smallish simple cabinet to replace the danish secretary (barely seen HERE) that had replaced the tension shelf in the den. Yeah. Fickle. I know.

Anyway, I spotted this simple teak cabinet during the auction preview and it appeared to be a good fit for the den.

The simple design, small scale, masculine tone plus lockable storage was sort of just what I needed. I’ve got stuff to lock up. Like ceramics.

Anywho, auctions are terrifying.

Everything happens very quickly, which is confusing to begin with and then compounded by adrenaline fueled terror. But, when things got rolling, there seemed to be just a few serious bidders that included myself and about five guys – like this dude who won a few things I eyeballed very seriously, i.e. THIS and THIS. Not that I’m jealous.

[I am]

Jealousy aside, I did come home with a few nice pieces and for now, I’ll be holding onto this little chest and probably updating the art and rug and other bits of the den in an ouroboros style of fickle decorating that never ends.

So, in summation…

Auctions are fun and terrifying.
I got this cabinet.

Otherwise, billy balls are my favorite ball style plant.