July 16th, 2010

I know it’s a bit premature (since the side yard is nowhere close to being ready to install the pool) but we went ahead and got ourselves a 10 foot galvanized livestock tank.

We were planning on restoring and painting the garage doors on my single day off this week, but since it’s been a 100 plus degrees for some time I think my brain may have got a little fried from being overworked, overstressed and totally overheated. Pretty much I just said fuck it, there is no way we sanding and painting garage doors in this heat and we aren’t driving two hours to the beach and I need to swim RIGHT NOW.

We went over to the local tack and feed store to pick out a tank and I was super disappointed to see that the 8 foot galvanized tanks were gone. The owner informed us that there was no chance of getting another shipment in for months and months and months…shit.

I had recently gotten a couple quotes from BH Tanks to have a custom tank made like this one; at about $1,300 – $1,500 it was out of our budget. We settled on this 10 foot biggie and at about $500 it was a little bigger and more expensive than we originally planned. We had to go home and remeasure the side yard to make sure it would fit – and with the yard at 16 feet wide the 10 footer is going to be a better fit.

Until we get the side yard cleaned out and ready to go, plumb out the tank and order our salt water pump and filter we are just going ahead and filling that bitch up. Total ghetto Hemet style our above ground pool out on the back patio. No filter, no chemicals, just an old fashioned cowboy style dipping trough. When the water gets too filthy to stand we are draining the tank into our sad and overheated grapefruit tree.

The Boy even went more ghetto style and brought in a folding plastic chair to sit in while in the pool. Classy.

I must have spent three hours soaking and swimming around in there and it was AWESOME. SO AWESOME. Seriously worth every penny – that’s how happy I was. I haven’t been that elated or relaxed in a long time – the Boy got his TV and I got me a pool. Now at least when we are doing projects outside in the 100 plus degree heat we can jump in the tank for a little cool down and get back to work.

I’m betting that we can get the side yard going since, big announcement, the long arduous battle that has been the exterior painting is ALMOST DONE. So close. So very close.

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  1. Robyn on 07/16/2010:

    I LOVE that you went ahead and got this. How deep is it? It looks like a pretty decent depth there.

    This heat is a killer, isnt it?

    I dont know how much you want to reveal, but what job do you have that only allows you one day off? I remember you mentioned your job once- I think it was on AT when I first found this blog- but man, I imagine it must be so hard to only have one free day to yourself.

    Anyway, that pool looks so cool and inviting. Awesome choice.

  2. alex sunday on 07/16/2010:

    this is frickin awesome. i want one.

  3. Justin Butts on 07/16/2010:

    Any plans of putting in a pool shower?

  4. Bethany Joy on 07/16/2010:

    We live in AZ and today’s high is 114. I have been promised a pool in the next year 🙂 Love it and am happy you found a good price. Did they deliver it?

  5. ModFruGal on 07/16/2010:

    Good on ya….glad you got some relief from the heat! It looks like it’s going to be perfect.

  6. jamie on 07/16/2010:

    COMPLETELY worh it.

  7. pam on 07/16/2010:

    Congratulations. I would love nothing better in the TX heat than to be up to my neck in water.

  8. ella on 07/16/2010:

    I live in Texas and we haven’t hit 100 yet. Just a matter of time.
    Showed your tank ideas to my husband. He loved it.
    So now we gotta go get a tank.
    The water looks tranquil and blue.

  9. John on 07/16/2010:

    Flippin awesome! It looks so refreshing!

  10. HousePet on 07/16/2010:

    I’m so happy you got your pool! and I’m glad you got a bigger one than you thought you were gonna get!!

  11. Coletta on 07/16/2010:


  12. Coletta on 07/16/2010:

    hey…on another topic….just noticed the redwood fence that divides your house from the grey one. that fence looks really..REALLY close to the grey house!!!!!

  13. Melissa on 07/16/2010:

    Love it! I want one of those super bad.

  14. Matt on 07/16/2010:

    That is epic!!! We were going to do the Big Lots special above ground pool, but this is so much better.

  15. Angela on 07/16/2010:

    how awesome! a salt water pump? i’d trade you our pool for your salt water one any day. smart choice. the chemicals make the skin feel so awful. enjoy. and yes, you’ll crank through the outdoor projects faster with a pool. it seriously cools you down and pumps you back up to continue laboring in the triple digits!

  16. laurie on 07/16/2010:

    can’t wait to follow along on this and hear how the semi-shallow pool does, and the filter. awesome.

  17. Benita on 07/16/2010:

    Omg! It’s so awesome and I need one. Now.

  18. laure on 07/16/2010:

    Woo Hoo!

  19. Erika-2byDesign on 07/16/2010:

    May I just say that I too live in the desert and I’m pretty sure my brain is melting. Not Bullhead city where it was 121 yesterday, but as long as I can fry an egg on the sidewalk the deets don’t really matter, right? Stupid ass desert. Not stupid ass, however, is this KICK ass tank. Wonder if my association would mind if I put one in the patio. Or the parking lot. No shame in my game.

  20. erin@designcrisis on 07/17/2010:

    The extra 2 feet were so worth it. That tank is PIMP!

  21. Juli on 07/17/2010:

    Oh yes! Love it. I can imagine how awesome it would be out there in the desert. Definitely worth the expense.

  22. A Merry Mishap on 07/17/2010:

    The folding chair is perfect!

  23. bianca on 07/17/2010:

    when are you free?! i want to sit in that thing and drink a beer with ya’ll. xoxoxoxoox

  24. THE BRICK HOUSE on 07/17/2010:

    never. ever ever.

    maybe late august…and maybe it will be filtered and installed by then.

  25. Scott on 07/17/2010:

    I am so envious. Does it come with a drain spigot or how do you plan on draining it?

  26. THE BRICK HOUSE on 07/17/2010:

    it has a drain.

  27. Angela on 07/17/2010:

    in all the reference pics i see of these kind of pool I don’t see the filter system. Do you remove it when in use? How does it work?

  28. tracy on 07/17/2010:


  29. THE BRICK HOUSE on 07/17/2010:

    Well, the filter thing is the puzzler. Some people do it different ways.

    We are attempting a more permanent solution for ours with the salt water system – but we haven’t worked out all the details yet. There will be a DIY in the future for sure, but first we gotta figure out all the kinks.

  30. pianoarthur on 07/18/2010:

    that pool sure looks like fun, and probably pretty easy to drain and clean. When you put in salt water, where do you plan to drain? since the salt will probably kill whatever it oversoaks.

  31. pianoarthur on 07/18/2010:

    as an alternative to salt… maybe you could use a recirculating pump with this attached?
    make it into a fountain/waterfall!!

  32. Jackie on 07/18/2010:

    “an that’s uncle Joe,
    He’s a movin’ pretty slow
    At the junction.
    Petticoat Junction”

    Love the pool!

    Can’t help it. That’s

  33. Jackie on 07/18/2010:

    What I bear in me head when I look at them. Those and the water tanks on the rooftops in NYC.

  34. Jackie on 07/18/2010:

    F- ing spellcheck

  35. natasha on 07/18/2010:

    Would give anything for a tank like this right now. LoVe It.

  36. Coletta on 07/18/2010:

    it hit 104 here in the Ojai Valley….it was 94 on my porch…IN THE SHADE…
    really want one of these tanks but have to get the pea gravel first to cover up our dirt pit (aka the yard)
    love all your ideas..thanks

  37. sewmodern on 07/18/2010:

    This is an essential purchase for your climate. It’s right up there with air conditioning! I love it. Also, love your blog 🙂

  38. Jason on 07/19/2010:


  39. olderthanjesus on 07/19/2010:

    I was just talking about this with my husband an hour ago. We had an in ground pool (technically still do) until our house burned down three weeks ago.

    We’re taking a couple of days away for a little R & R and we’ve had uninterrupted time to talk and think about what we want to do next. A traditional pool can be a lot of work and our old house was a fixer upper, (that we’d almost entirely fixed up) with a huge yard and we had kids; all very time consuming activities.

    We’re up in the air about having a pool again and, reading about this sort of pool seemed like a good solution if we don’t rebuild on our current land which has our existing pool.

    I’m so glad you took the plunge. (sorry) And be ready sooner, rather than later to drain/refill it. Algae is a fast moving monster.

  40. tx Sarah on 07/19/2010:

    Best shelter blog ever.

  41. Betty on 07/19/2010:

    Bless your heart! I actually whooped with joy for you when I saw you got it! You guys work your asses off and deserve a little R & R. Good for you!

  42. Tonia on 07/20/2010:

    I want one too, off to the feed store to price one.

  43. marisa on 07/29/2010:

    this is incredible! beat that heat!

  44. Nicole on 08/12/2010:

    We live in Dallas and made a stock tank soaking pool out of a 6′ tank about 2 months ago. It’s the best thing! Ours is covered so it stays aroun 82-84 degrees, almost too chilly. I’m curious how warm yours gets in full sun. We considered a salt water system but found that the salt might react with the zinc that most tanks are coated with to prevent rust. We determined that it might shorten the life of the tank so we went with a small 1500 gallon/hour filter pump and I sanitize with pool shock (31% hydrogen peroxide). It’s worked great. I think I’m going to upgrade to an 8 foot next year. Keep up the good work!

  45. Cait @ Hernando House on 08/30/2010:

    That thing is amazing, ghetto style or not. In fact, I may totally need to borrow the idea in the future, as the Florida heat has been brutal.

  46. Stephanie on 09/02/2010:

    SO AMAZING!!!!

  47. Cait @ Hernando House on 09/06/2010:

    Popping back in to say that I totally added this idea to our DIY wishlist in this post: http://hernandohouse.wordpress.com/2010/09/06/diy-wishlist/

  48. poolheatpumps on 11/07/2010:

    I want one flippin awesome! It looks so refreshing!

  49. Nini Tjäder on 09/03/2011:

    There is a LOT of non-functioning links on this page…

  50. Jennifer on 09/20/2011:

    Love it! Going on my “to-do one of these days” list.

  51. daniel on 04/10/2012:

    Howdy. LOVING your blog. I spent a couple hours researching saltwater chlorinators after seeing this post, ’cause it seems like a GREAT answer to installing a “pool” for a reasonable price. However, after all the research I’m concerned with a salt water system really wreaking havoc on a galvanized or zinc-coated livestock tank.

    It’s been a couple years since you posted this, and it seems like you still have the tank in all your “side yard” posts, but there is no DIY post for the pool. Have you installed a filter yet, or are you just filling and emptying it as necessary?

    I’d really love to know more about your experience, as the summers here in Colorado exceed 100 degrees on a regular basis, and we just had a kiddo who already loves to swim. This seems like a great idea, and I’d love to do it, but I’m hoping to learn a little more from other people’s experiences first.


  52. Jane on 05/17/2012:

    Oh, please…might you give us an update on what you have learned about the practical matters of these pools? It would be so helpful. I love the aesthetic and am right on the verge of buying a tank this weekend, but it would be helpful to know what you have learned about maintaining them.This landlocked Kansas girl needs a pool!

  53. Darlene Maki on 06/21/2012:

    Would love to put one of these at my house wondering were to get the tank at & how much they would cost? Would like it 21’x48 Please let me know as soon as you can. My pool broke & would love to do this instead of a regular pool.

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