August 31st, 2011

I recently attended a local auction I’ve outright avoided for years because their offerings are usually very heavily gilt and super antique. The auction house took a chance and for the first time offered up a huge modernist estate that appealed to, what I’m completely assuming, was a younger and more aggressive crowd than is normally in attendance.

The local mcm dealers came out to represent and apparently all the dealers are dudes. Which seems weird? Male heavy auctions force me to represent with my lady-ness.

And lady bits.

Along with a thousand other things, I’ve been hoping to run across a smallish simple cabinet to replace the danish secretaryย (barely seen HERE) that had replaced the tension shelf in the den. Yeah. Fickle. I know.

Anyway, I spotted this simple teak cabinet during the auction preview and it appeared to be a good fit for the den.

The simple design, small scale, masculine tone plus lockable storage was sort of just what I needed. I’ve got stuff to lock up. Like ceramics.

Anywho, auctions are terrifying.

Everything happens very quickly, which is confusing to begin with and then compounded by adrenaline fueled terror. But, when things got rolling, there seemed to be just a few serious bidders that included myself and about five guys – like this dude who won a few things I eyeballed very seriously, i.e. THIS and THIS. Not that I’m jealous.

[I am]

Jealousy aside, I did come home with a few nice pieces and for now, I’ll be holding onto this little chest and probably updating the art and rug and other bits of the den in an ouroboros style of fickle decorating that never ends.

So, in summation…

Auctions are fun and terrifying.
I got this cabinet.

Otherwise, billy balls are my favorite ball style plant.



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  1. FURIOUS on 08/31/2011:

    Lady bits. Billy balls. A great piece of furniture. Glad your back blogging, lady.

  2. Florian on 08/31/2011:

    I love those flowers, too. I had no idea what they are called. Now I like them even more!

  3. cassie on 08/31/2011:

    love your blog! my boyfriend and i just bought our first house.. its completely empty right now cause of the general brokeness after buying said house. Anyhow, your blog is huge inspiration for us (well me) so just wanted to say thanks, for your witty, clever and generally hilarious blog

  4. Suzy8track on 08/31/2011:

    Billy Balls! As soon as I saw them I was curious! Nice score with the cabinet!

  5. L on 08/31/2011:

    Swell find; congrats on the lady-balls it took to attend a “real” auction! (I’ve bid & bought at country auctions, but would shake in my boots at an “auction house” place).

    Am assuming the cabinet came under your usual $$$$ limit; even if not, it’s lovely.

  6. Suzy8track on 08/31/2011:

    By the way…I lose it every time I see a photo of the gasping woman!

  7. Lord Mang on 08/31/2011:

    Didn’t you go to art school?

    Don’t even try and say those pictures look good hung like that.

  8. The brick house on 08/31/2011:

    Didn’t you learn to read?

    Don’t even try and say that you aced basic reading comprehension.

  9. Amanda on 08/31/2011:

    LORD MANGled balls. I’m just sayin.

  10. heela on 08/31/2011:

    I love the paintings. I love it all ๐Ÿ™‚

    Can I find billy balls at an arts and crafts place like Michael’s…or maybe even at Target? I don’t want the fake stuff though…I want an actual dried plant. My mother has a basement full of dried silk flower arrangements (half of them still in their boxes!!). My ONE rule: NO FAKE FLOWERS!!! lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. heela on 08/31/2011:

    obviously, I meant my mom has a bunch of silk flower arrangements…they are already dry when they come off the assembly line, no need for any drying. LOL

  12. John on 08/31/2011:

    Ok, where was the auction… ? I wanna go. I went to a car auction with my dad before, but it would be nice to bid on stuff I’m actually interested in. Did that cabinet come all sexy like that or did you make it that way with the way you restore and refresh vintage wood?

  13. THE BRICK HOUSE on 08/31/2011:

    Heela, these were real – I got them at the flower mart in LA. Not sure where else they are available – I’m usually not much of a flower person.

  14. billy balls. my new favorite too.

  15. lianae on 09/01/2011:

    been dying for a danish secretary desk me!

  16. Tonia (@ChicModern) on 09/01/2011:

    I’m in love with the new piece. I’m scared of auction myself, regulars can be a little intimidating to say the very least.

  17. Christine on 09/01/2011:

    I bought a danish bed frame off craigslist from that ocmodern guy and picked it up at his house which was also his showroom. It was a pretty incredible house. Not more incredible that yours of course, but still incredible.

  18. Pippa on 09/02/2011:

    Ahh Craspedia Globosa! so pleased to see a little bit of aussie goodness on your blog!
    I love your work and are trying to achieve similar results with my own home. Australia has some great mid century designed furniture, Fler, Featherston, Parker, TH Brown I could go on!
    Pippa ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. heela on 09/02/2011:

    haha, i just noticed the two crazy lazy dogs in pic #2. They are too cute. I want them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Alicia on 09/03/2011:

    i want those balls. in my life. they come in green too! im going to skip to the flower market right meow.

    pet the pups for me. they get me every time. are they friends now? or is bowie still a hussy to iggs?

  21. peggy on 09/04/2011:

    Love the white vase the billy balls are in. Please contact me if you ever want to sell it.

  22. Lord Mang on 09/06/2011:

    What have I missed?

  23. Josie on 09/25/2011:

    awww! It’s so funny, since I practically grew up going to autcions so they don’t scare me at all, but I can totally see them being intimadating since everything really does happen insanely fast! but I love them. my dining table was $5 from an auction and all it needed was a little cleaning up and it’s gorgeous! congrats on your find – its LOVELY!

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