Reader Dilemma

February 23rd, 2011

We’ve tried this reader question thing before and it was a lot of fun, but then I slacked off on keeping up with dilemma requests. No more! I’m a blogger. Look at me blog.

Mia recently wrote in with a rug dilemma. For someone who pretty much only has cowhides covering the floor, I seem to get a lot of rug questions. Also landscaping. Which is strange since there are weeds throughout the entire yard. Who cares! I love to have an opinion and you guys do to.

Without further rambling, here we go.

Mia writes…


I’ve just about saved enough money to buy a Moroccan rug from Moroccan Maryam’s website – but I can’t decide which one to get!  Your taste is awesome so I thought I would ask you for advice! I really love *(#1) – but I think it may be too huge for my tiny living room.

Thanks for your help : )


This is the living room in question:

ooohhh. White floors. Fancy.

This is the Room & Board sofa (in Terra) that Mia is buying to go with the rug:

And here are the four rug candidates she’s chosen:

Here is my take:

My first style choice is rug #1. You are concerned it won’t fit, (and rightly so) but at 63″ it’s only a little over 5′ wide. Now what I would need to know is the width of the room (is it 8′ or 10’?), but what may be a bigger issue is the length of the room. Rug #1 is almost 15′ long. Do you have over 15′ in that room or will you walk right through the front door straight onto the rug? Because front door to rug = hot dirty rug mess.

I know there are a number of rugs available at Maryam’s site, so the first thing to do is to take some painters tape and outline the most appropriately sized rug for the room – in other words, where you want it to go. Obviously you want it to float under the sofa and allow some breathing room in front of the media unit. Measure those dimensions and find a rug that is similar in pattern to #1 and as close to your dream dimensions as possible.

Also, I really like THIS pattern.

I think before you do any buying it would behoove you to do a little bit of measuring work. A bit of pre-planning can save you a bunch of money down the road, since the worst thing to do is invest a bunch of cash in an oversized or undersized rug. Nothing looks weirder in a room than a strangely proportioned rug.

My other question is – where is that sofa going?  Looks like that room is super narrow and awkwardly shaped with lots of broken up architecture. Space planning seems like it would be extremely difficult. Will your current pieces be moved around or moved out? How is the rest of the furniture layout being addressed?

OK, instead of a simple answer to your question I just raised a bunch of issues.

What do you guys think? Which rug should she go for?

House Visit

February 21st, 2011

While I was recently traveling around I stopped by my long time art gallery buddy and old friend Stacy’s place. She and her husband John have been meticulously updating and furnishing their new to them mid century pad and I was psyched to see the tremendous progress they’ve made.

Something I have a deep love for in any home (and is excellent to see in any space) is a big ‘ol incredible art collection. Stacy is heavily involved in the contemporary art world and John has long been an enthusiast and collector. So, as you can imagine, this has equaled a fantastic art filled home. Personally, my favorite kind.

Their new eight month old pupster is a little scruffy muffin butt. She’s incredibly cute and silly, and from what I hear, also an excellent hiker.

Check out that sofa! They grabbed it from Brooks at Specific Merchandise, which is probably one of my favorite retailers around. Specific has these super creative and one of a kind offerings that mix both art and design in all the best ways.

I feel terrible though, they thought I was just stopping by for a friendly visit, but being the design crazy person I am I had to immediately pull out the old camera and take some quick shots. They are so nice for not murdering me for doing so and then going so far as letting me show off their in process digs.

Yes. That chandelier?!

It is insanely insane and amazing. It was custom built by Workstead to fit in the slopping dining space and now I desperately want one.

When I stopped by they were still working on all the exterior bits of the house. They have accomplished a bunch so far, but are still in the planting and finishing touches portion of the landscaping.

While there are still outside areas that are in progress, I was pretty blown away by how things are already shaping up. I can picture how things will finish and fill in and can just tell its such a great comfy space for parties and swimming and music and fire pits. Totally inspiring for our own impending landscaping projects.

Thanks guys for having me over to your place. Can’t wait to come back and see all the progress.


February 17th, 2011

I recently found this Greg Copeland wooden wall sculpture after meeting up with some folks off Craigslist and hitting up a thrift store on the way home. I didn’t quite know what to make of it when I first saw it leaning against a busted up exercise bike – but immediately knew I dug it’s super 70’s crafty funkiness.

The “art” or “piece” or “thing” is temporarily leaning on the fireplace until I find a better – more permanent – installation spot. One day I will have giant vintage moose antlers mounted in its place and a new mantel constructed of the finest rough cut walnut and a bevy of strapping young men to attend to all my renovation needs. Some day…

Luckily it’s signed on the front and has all its COA info on the back. Authentically authentic and such.

Other recent noteworthy finds worth mentioning are firstly, this little chrome and travertine table lamp, and secondly, this full blown reindeer hide. Both found at the same store and both made me feel really lux during my transaction. The crazy woman in her torn pajamas and the guy buying a bunch of old pagers thought I was very posh. I could tell from their bored an impatient stares.

Anyhow, they are chilling in the bedroom temporarily – also awaiting their final install spots.

Buying stuff! Goodwill and Salvation Army respectively. I almost blew out my shoulder carrying the lamp around the store. That thing is HEAVY, but I would not put it down for fear that someone else would spot its awesomeness.