February 15th, 2012

I’m late to the game seeing as Laure and Apartment Therapy already posted about this project, but hey, who can stop me? No one.

The ever talented and fun’tastic Laure recently shot this bright and modern model house in Echo Park built by Sunia Homes, a new company focused on building sustainable and affordable residencies in California. Per usual, I had a super lovely time working with Laure and got to style the house (with Ali’s awesome help) for the photoshoot. We focused on keeping the interior decor inline with Jerome’s desire for the space to feel lived in, relaxed and as similarly unfussy as the materials and finishes used throughout the home.

Above are a few outtakes from the shoot. You can also check out more images on Sunia’s site.


*Anyone spot the stuff from my house? And no, you silly goose, it’s not the Hermes boxes.



February 8th, 2012

Farewell Lindsey Adelman DIY Chandelier.

It’s not you, it’s me. I swear.

I’m not a one lamp kind of girl.

You are bright and brassy and great, but it was time and you’ve moved on to a better and more exciting life. Let’s stay in touch, OK?

(moment of silence)

Now that that awkwardness is behind us, lets focus on the reality of living for months without a dining room light- a situation that becomes darkly apparent as I repeatedly flip the switch in an absentminded attempt to brighten the room up. The shame of being so dumbly forgetful in that moment rushes over me in a hot tidal wave of crrraaaapppp.

Brutal-palooza via RUE

After the DIY Adelman’s abrupt departure, I started courting some big brutalist chandeliers in a frustrating game where I’m desperate and they all play hard to get. Three great ones slipped away from me on the old eBay for just DOLLARS while the next potential beast was a ‘sure thing’ until the dealer who’d agreed to a certain arrangement sold it out from under me. Coincidentally, during the week I thought the brutal deal was done, I stumbled on the last and final stabby brass monster which I shortsightedly turned down. Since having two of these things seemed way to bourgie?

via Metro Retro

Suck it, lamp. I’m burnt out on chasing the elusive brutal dream.

Break my heart one too many times and I won’t go back. And really, when am I going to get over this brutal phase? Soon? Probably soon.

Nevertheless, H.F.N.D.R.L ’12 (AKA Hunt For a New Dining Room Light) has entered phase two…in which I sort of look around and consider other lights. Edge of your seat shit, I know, but that big ugly hole is mocking me as I endlessly flip the switch in my spooky dining room. Obviously, life is incredibly rough. Boo hoo. I need a chandelier.


Bourgie to the max.


January 31st, 2012

Been feeling this weird need to own more rugs (that are not cowhides) and have stalked a few via Craigslist and eBay without much success for the last few months.

Apparently, rugs are hard?

Well, they can be incredibly costly when considering larger sizes like 9’x12′, so you better be pretty into investing some cash into rugs. Sadly, most the rugs I find tend to be either totally trashed or oddly sized or just u – to the – gly on all levels. When I saw this rug listed about three months ago on Craigslist (fairly close to my house) I immediately liked the worn-in threadbare quality and semi-persian / semi-kelim / semi-whatever vibe it had going for it. Plus, it was super HUGE.

Per usual. Emailed. Spoke a bit to the seller. Seller then vanished.

These things happen a lot.

About a month later I saw this thing pop up again at three times the original price and was surprised, but not shocked – since these things also happen a lot. Of course, it languished on the ‘list and over the following months would occasionally pop up and I would stalk it and send a random email here and there and offer the original price we had originally agreed on. Of course I continued to be shot down.

But I am tenacious animal.

After like the seventh relist or something crazy like that, the rug was listed again at a reasonable price and I tenaciously sent my little email again – and finally – arranged to pick it up.

Viewing it in person? Not as awesomely handwoven and perfectly vintage as I hoped or believed it was going to be from those tiny Craigslist thumbnail pics.

These things? They also happen a lot.

We did the negotiating dance and got the price down and I gave into rug ownership.

Now that I’ve gotten this puppy home and fulfilled my whole ‘maybe I should get a rug’ impulse, I’m finding myself totally on the fence about this whole getting a rug thing. I love seeing and using awesome rugs in other peoples homes and enjoy the layered texture and great bit of pattern they bring, but perhaps somewhere in this minimalist heart there’s no room for a solid patch of antiquity. Then again, I kind of love the way it changes the space and plan to pair it with my marble knoll coffee table and a freshly white fireplace. With those additions considered into the grand scheme, I can fully imagine it would be moderened up while still adding the right amount of texture to the space. For now though, I won’t commit to lugging that 1000 pound beast of a marble table in here until I feel good and sure about things.

I’m waffling. I’m a rug waffler.

The rug remains an undecided living room visitor or possible option for the den. Everyday I sleep on it in hopes of finalizing a decision and everyday my mind swings back and forth from rug! to NO rug!

These are the hardest most soul searching questions one must face at some point. Duh.