October 3rd, 2011

Finally got me some fiber art!

Too bad it’s super vertical and no good for the fireplace.

I was trolling Etsy (after they contacted me about doing a Get the Look Decor feature on their bloggity) and found this long jute-y dreamboat for only $30.

Yeah. Chunky and oh so brown town.

Just the way I like my textile art.

Love the little hand sewn copyright symbol and Don Freedman signature bead.

Oh, the 1970’s. You were so great.

Don Freedman designed a bunch of kooky textile art for Interlude in the 70’s and 80’s (which was published SIMULTANEOUSLY in the US and Canada, as if you even had to ask).

Fancy, indeed.

Handmade with jute and a few wooden bars, this fiber wall hanging is perfectly beefy with just a hint of musty.

It’s airing out though.

Loving all that thread work on the back.

Bowie really likes it.

I really like it.

It’s living in the guest bedroom for now.

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  1. Sarah on 10/03/2011:

    That piece is crazy! Love it. What a great unique find.

  2. Paul on 10/03/2011:


  3. Anna @ D16 on 10/03/2011:

    I’m really surprised that I like this, but I do. A lot!

  4. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/03/2011:

    It’s pretty amazing.

  5. Marion on 10/03/2011:

    wow super nice !

  6. onehsancare on 10/04/2011:

    Do I really need to point out how much like intestines . . . full intestines . . . with potential blockages and leakages this can remind one of?

  7. Blandwagon on 10/04/2011:

    Well, congratulations and everything, but I have to agree with Onehsancare. It looks like you have Chewbacca’s digestive tract on your wall.

    Sorry, but it totally does. I can only assume that this Don Freedman character works for Jabba the Hutt.

  8. The brick house on 10/04/2011:

    Super awesome intestines that poop out amazing!

  9. The brick house on 10/04/2011:

    I mean, you didn’t think the post title was just an odd coincidence, right?

  10. Susan B. on 10/04/2011:

    Fiber…ugly! And believe me, that was considered ugly in the 70’s – and I was there.

  11. L on 10/04/2011:

    Is that the same Don Freedman who was also an “alternative” cartoonist?

    Am trying to figure out a way to verticalize that piece for your fireplace. No luck.

    Cool, though.

  12. Suzy8track on 10/04/2011:

    Call me crazy, but I love it! This is the 70s fiber art at its best! Nice find!

  13. Joseph on 10/04/2011:

    Do you really want your guests to wake up in the morning to the sight of THAT?

  14. Magrat on 10/04/2011:

    Of course Bowie likes it. It looks like dog turd on a string. No hard feelings, but it does.

    Greetings from Germany,

  15. Ahsan on 10/04/2011:


    you’ll get over it in a few days. and i hope you burn it hehehe…

  16. Diana on 10/04/2011:

    Hang it backwards? so pretty from behind.

  17. jeannette on 10/04/2011:

    it looks like an icon of the great god chihuahua, which bowie clearly groks.

  18. Lisette on 10/04/2011:

    Love it!! Congratulations on your find – it’s great!

  19. bianca of terri planty on 10/04/2011:

    i am so fn’ jealous. that looks like a beautiful vagina art piece. so so so so jealous. 🙂

  20. Liza: Chair to Spare on 10/04/2011:

    I get lot’s of good stuff for $30, it’s my magic number, congratulations!

  21. Tonia (@ChicModern) on 10/04/2011:

    *sigh* How is it that you find the really great stuff so often?

  22. 2226Modern on 10/04/2011:

    Umm…no, no, NO! That thing is hideous and apparently musty. Gross. $30! Seriously. Hmm…you’ve been throwing some curveballs lately.

  23. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/05/2011:

    You naysayers are crazy. Just wait. One day…some awful day…you’re going to be desperate for crazy 70’s wall hangings.

    Fiber forever!

  24. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/05/2011:

    Isn’t anyone bored with standard accepted modernism? I want some funk in my junk.

  25. Dan @ Manhattan Nest on 10/05/2011:

    The funk in your junk is why I love your blog. Don’t listen to the player haters. That fibery beast BRINGS IT.

    I wish my house could accept crazy fiber art, but I think it would just look nuts surrounded by weird victorian wall moldings n shiz.

  26. Dan @ Manhattan Nest on 10/05/2011:

    Also, I just LOVE your duvet cover! 🙂

  27. modernshizzhaus on 10/05/2011:

    Do you think Don still owns the rights to the name “Interlude”?
    A better modern business name I never heard. Also, I’ve just learned that fiber art is “published” rather than made. Gives it kind of a worldly, bookish vibe doesn’t it.

  28. Caroline on 10/06/2011:

    it’s amazing. too many different kinds of awesome. LOVE.

  29. Lauren on 10/06/2011:

    Girl, that is clearly a triangular patch of pubic hair sitting on top of a round, hairy vulva sitting on top of an asshole. I don’t know how anyone can see anything else.

  30. The brick house on 10/06/2011:

    Sexy. That’s what I like in my art. Sex appeal.

  31. julia wheeler on 10/06/2011:

    this is so effing rad and i kind of hate you. but i love you for, “super awesome intestines that poop out amazing!”

  32. Dayna @kaleidoscopebrain on 01/04/2013:

    omg, I am so in love with that piece. If you ever feel like selling it, PLEASE tell me!! You always find such amazing textile art and I’ve been looking forever and can’t find anything! any secret tips… ??

  33. Jerry Trevino on 10/10/2014:

    Looking for information on a piece we found at a garage sale a few years ago, we were going to place it in garage sale as well. Found Tags that : Don Freedman – 1981 item # 6-019 tag for “Baby Oak” I can’t find any information as of yet. Can anyone help? This was made for an individual in Frankford Illinois. Has a tag: Prize #12-1863-00 Thanks for any help.

  34. Tracy on 12/19/2016:

    I am looking for information on Don Freedman’s design number 094. Can anyone point me in the direction that I should go? I haven’t had any luck ad yet.


  35. Joey on 02/03/2017:

    These negative comments are crazy! No appreciation for vintage or handmade pieces! I have multiple pieces in my home from Don Freedman! Get so many compliments on them! Ignore all of those “yucks”! 🙌🙌🙌

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