January 31st, 2012

Been feeling this weird need to own more rugs (that are not cowhides) and have stalked a few via Craigslist and eBay without much success for the last few months.

Apparently, rugs are hard?

Well, they can be incredibly costly when considering larger sizes like 9’x12′, so you better be pretty into investing some cash into rugs. Sadly, most the rugs I find tend to be either totally trashed or oddly sized or just u – to the – gly on all levels. When I saw this rug listed about three months ago on Craigslist (fairly close to my house) I immediately liked the worn-in threadbare quality and semi-persian / semi-kelim / semi-whatever vibe it had going for it. Plus, it was super HUGE.

Per usual. Emailed. Spoke a bit to the seller. Seller then vanished.

These things happen a lot.

About a month later I saw this thing pop up again at three times the original price and was surprised, but not shocked – since these things also happen a lot. Of course, it languished on the ‘list and over the following months would occasionally pop up and I would stalk it and send a random email here and there and offer the original price we had originally agreed on. Of course I continued to be shot down.

But I am tenacious animal.

After like the seventh relist or something crazy like that, the rug was listed again at a reasonable price and I tenaciously sent my little email again – and finally – arranged to pick it up.

Viewing it in person? Not as awesomely handwoven and perfectly vintage as I hoped or believed it was going to be from those tiny Craigslist thumbnail pics.

These things? They also happen a lot.

We did the negotiating dance and got the price down and I gave into rug ownership.

Now that I’ve gotten this puppy home and fulfilled my whole ‘maybe I should get a rug’ impulse, I’m finding myself totally on the fence about this whole getting a rug thing. I love seeing and using awesome rugs in other peoples homes and enjoy the layered texture and great bit of pattern they bring, but perhaps somewhere in this minimalist heart there’s no room for a solid patch of antiquity. Then again, I kind of love the way it changes the space and plan to pair it with my marble knoll coffee table and a freshly white fireplace. With those additions considered into the grand scheme, I can fully imagine it would be moderened up while still adding the right amount of texture to the space. For now though, I won’t commit to lugging that 1000 pound beast of a marble table in here until I feel good and sure about things.

I’m waffling. I’m a rug waffler.

The rug remains an undecided living room visitor or possible option for the den. Everyday I sleep on it in hopes of finalizing a decision and everyday my mind swings back and forth from rug! to NO rug!

These are the hardest most soul searching questions one must face at some point. Duh.

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  1. kim on 01/31/2012:

    oh – i don’t think there’s any question – it looks good. it looks similar to the salon/sling chair look you recently posted and that was beautiful. i say this rug’s a keeper.

  2. Meredith on 01/31/2012:

    I found your blog through a interest post and was wondering if i may ask where you got the small sheepskins you use as chair pads. Have been looking for something similar. I tried to search and see if it was in an older post but didn’t find anything. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Christa on 01/31/2012:

    It looks good but it could be better. Hence your fence sitting. I’m a minimalist too. Whenever I add pattern to my decor, I get edgy. It’s gotta be exactly the right pattern, and with so many to choose from it usually takes a few tries before I find the perfect one. My sense on the one you got is too much red for you and not enough variations in the shapes. You want a rug that is mostly darks and lights.

  4. Kathleen on 01/31/2012:

    I like the rug. I think a little texture and pattern add dimension to a room. I’m looking for something similar for my house. Except no red. It’s hard fining rugs with no red in them.

  5. Carla on 01/31/2012:

    I am sorry to say that I don’t think it is the rug that is the problem. (Although I agree that there might be a better one out in this old world of ours.) I think you have too much furniture. And the beautiful daybed is the culprit. A bit out of scale, no?

  6. Dan @ Manhattan Nest on 01/31/2012:

    Oh, Morgan. This rug. This is a nice rug. KEEP KEEP KEEP.

    My experience is that my rugs were totally against instinct, too, at the beginning. And then I learned to love them. And now I want more and more rugs that I can switch out for the seasons or something fancy that fancy people do in their fancy houses. (now if only I could get Max to feel the same way about my rugs.)

  7. Erin | Holtwood Hipster on 01/31/2012:

    Had to see what others were commenting because my first impression was that I liked it. But then I too started waffling… I too think it is a little too much red. To me, it’s not the pattern, but the color. You’ll crack this nut. You always do.

  8. modernhaus on 01/31/2012:

    A Persian? What’s next, drapes???
    I like it. It’s not totally you. So what? Even if it was PERFECTLY you, you would still end up changing it out in a few months anyways. Relax and enjoy it until you find something else. That room is your design lab anyways. To bad it’s so big…it would look spooktacular with the Norell in the den.

  9. eliza on 01/31/2012:

    i LIKE it. oooh, gorgeous textured vibrant but not loud rug, if morgan doesn’t treat you well, you can totally cry on my shoulder. or my living room floor. no, no, i don’t mind at all.

    that having been said, if you care about my vote, my vote says ‘keep it!’

  10. Louize on 01/31/2012:

    oh how I understand you… I just bought a huge handmade kilim in Morocco, it is gorgeous, I love it, and it is still rolled up in a corner because it just clashes with my minimalistic me!

  11. Jen on 01/31/2012:

    I like the rug very much, but I thought you had issues with your doggies and rugs? I remember because I have the same issues and live in fear every time I buy a nice rug. We’ve been reduced to one nice Persian and the rest are machine washable.

  12. emily henderson on 01/31/2012:

    you are crazy. it is awesome. or sell to me. I already want to party in your house more – which is my indicator of whether i like a space or not. ‘Can i party there’ methinks to myself. ‘Yup’ i say. yup. But sit on it (figuratively) and if you can’t handle it, sell it and buy something you can. But i for one, love it.

  13. L on 01/31/2012:

    Gorgeous rug.
    Color not good with gorgeous leather daybed.(And maybe it’s the angles — but yes, there seems a lot of furniture in that living room).
    Hair pulling time.

  14. ian on 01/31/2012:

    I have been shopping for a persian rug too for the past few months on ebay or craigslist. found a few nice ones but keep getting outbid, oh well. there’ll be more rugs available tomorrow. I love yours. i’m looking for something a little worn and vintage too.

  15. Lunaluna on 02/01/2012:

    Ok here’s what I have. A few months back after constantly wowing over every beautiful home with mid-mod / design furniture and perfectly worn persians I got into that obsessive gottahaveit mode. I’m scottish though and am not going to through my hard hoarded cash on something I don’t LOVE, So I did a test, I bought a very cheap ‘persian’ rug at a flea marked for a laughable price, It had a beautiful silky texture and was thin! It lay on the floor for months. I liked they way it ‘defined the space’ as they say in the mags, I liked the soft feel underfoot. The sticking point was the colour (red/orange mostly) and the pattern (all swirls + stuff). In the end I decided I didn’t LOVE it and took it away. All of a sudden the space looked wierd, bereft, cold. Soooooo being the being I am I took it to a new level – I DYED it. I took a dark greay dye and filled the tub (it would fit in the washing machine – at first). Dunked in the carpet and watched the magic happen. The problem was, wadya do with a sodden, persian, dyed, rug, in an apartment, with no garden, in the middle of winter? Hang it above the bath tub? So I tried stuffing it into the machine again. Wet it was slightly easier but I did have to brace myself against the wall and push it in with my feet! Anyway, the result was a deep, dull, dappled russet color which made it appear AGED. Much better, I’m a lot happier with it – at least until something that I LOVE comes along

    Your rug is lovely just as it is, I love the pattern – not at all swirly – I love the faded thing it has going on. It might take getting used to but I think the space is better for it. Would like to have seen a wider angle of the whole room.

  16. Danielle on 02/01/2012:

    I LOVE this rug! We have one VERY similar to this. I was torn in the beginning about whether to purchase it or not. I thought it was maybe “to Persian” but decided for the price I couldn’t go wrong. Although I feel ours is a little small for our room, so it may get moved eventually to the bedroom. I have learned it’s hard to balance with the red. The persian/kilms are my favorite with minimalist decor. I do agree with the above comments that the problem may be with the daybed. The colors just clash a little IMO and design wise the daybed is a little too modern for the rug. I found with ours whites and woods work best with it. Dark browns seem to be fine too. That red is just a little hard to work with but I think the rug makes the room. I would keep it. You tend to lean toward danish design (right now) and I think it woks perfectly with it! So get that marble table in there! BUT if your are set on keeping that (fabulous) daybed there, I would consider a different rug in the long run. Just me 2 cents 🙂

  17. erin@designcrisis on 02/01/2012:

    You are waffling about a fabulous antique heriz? No. No more waffling, I say. I think you need that bit of softness, especially if you paint the fireplace white and put in the marble coffee table — which, by the way, will look amazing.

    Also, as the very biased owner of far too may persian rugs, let me add that they are the most forgiving things in the world. Spilled a bottle of wine? No problem. Dogs puked all over it? Can’t even see it. It’s not too red (dare I suggest that it’s rust?). Keeper.

    I agree that the daybed is the problem. Sorry. You can always sell it to me…

  18. I’m the same when it comes to rugs – I like them but they clash with my minimalist style…they have to be perfect for the space, and that’s not easy to accomplish, especially on a budget..
    Try living with it for a while, and then it’ll come to you whether it’s a keeper or not 🙂

  19. Christine on 02/01/2012:

    Oh, I understand. I have been obsessively stalking persian and turkish rugs for months on eBay. It’s hard to find one with the right mix of colours, and that doesn’t fall into the swirly granny category. Like, can we talk about the overabundance of pink and orange in these carpets? But I have the same affliction as Dan, I want ALL OF THEM. Plus, Erin is right, those things are so forgiving, it’s amazing. I have a solid colour one in the living room and a persian in the dining room, and the solid one looks filthy as soon as there’s one cat hair on it, while the persian always looks perfect.

    Anyway. All that to say, KEEP. It’s geometric, it’s perfectly worn, it’s relatively neutral. And yes, move that daybed!

  20. Alison on 02/01/2012:

    You have found the rug of my dreams. Seriously – I have been looking for a rug exactly like that at a reasonable price for years. So, I think you should keep it, but if you decide to get rid of it, call me. 🙂

  21. gayleen on 02/01/2012:

    I think it looks great! But then again I own so many persian rugs I border on hoarding. So much better than the west-elm-lattice-navy or orange-trend that is all over pinterest right now.

    Love your blog, so glad I found it!

  22. Shannon(8foot6) on 02/01/2012:

    nice rug!

    um, i think it would be funny to post ‘nice rug’ and nothing else… but you might not get it…so

    i like your rug

    why is this making me laugh?

    i like the pattern, but its really bright rust…dye it?

  23. Dvora on 02/01/2012:

    I can’t believe nobody has said it yet, so here it goes: the rug ties the room together. Seriously, no Lebowski fans?
    Now that’s out of my system I can say I like the rug, but don’t love it. Just feels like there is a bit too much going on. It does add warmth though…

  24. Tracy on 02/01/2012:

    LOVE the rug.

    BTW, did you ever get the stains off the table? If not, use Comet. I’m not kidding. You scrub with a wet cloth and comet, and then you rinse with cold water, and then polish with the wax or marble polish of your choice. Don’t forget that marble is also used as flooring, it can take it.

  25. amanda lenore on 02/01/2012:

    The rug looks great! Love the pattern and it is perfectly worn. A keeper, for sure.

  26. Lily on 02/01/2012:

    I will buy that rug from you right now (or today, or tomorrow) if you don’t want it! I have a lot of red and blue in my home so Heriz rugs tend to work. I can understand though that it might feel a little off with a palette of neutrals. It’s a beauty though.

  27. pam kueber on 02/01/2012:

    rugs are good. very very good. so are pinch pleat curtains. but i bet it would be a cold day in hell, or wherever it is in the desert that you live, before we see pinch pleat curtains on your windows.

  28. Anna on 02/01/2012:

    I lurve it. I want something similar for my living room and/or bedroom. Not sure yet.

  29. Susan B. on 02/01/2012:


  30. Joy on 02/01/2012:

    I think the rug looks great! This is not meant to be a criticism whatsoever: I believe that if you reconsider your furniture arrangement and pare down on one or two pieces, the rug will be undeniably cohesive. Whatever you decide to do, I hope you’re happy with the outcome!

  31. Sarah on 02/01/2012:

    I’m for the rug, I think it adds warmth that modern can sometimes lack… 🙂

  32. Sarah on 02/01/2012:

    however if you are anything like all the rest of us, it will move and migrate and morph into several different rooms and shapes over the years, its design bones are good and strong so it will change as you change your mind … The joy of decorating!

  33. Monika (MB Captured) on 02/01/2012:

    I like the rug, although I can relate to the ‘rug, no rug’ debate. I say keep the rug for cooler months (as it has beautiful warm colours) and take it away in summer and freshen up with bright colours. I find this works and gives me ‘rug-balance’- Xx

  34. Jamie on 02/01/2012:

    I like it. After the addition of the daybed, the rug keeps the room from looking like a museum exhibit of modern furniture (not that there is anything wrong with that look). The addition of some pattern and texture is lovely.

  35. Billy on 02/01/2012:

    That heriz is gorgeous. Nice score. If you decide you dont want it, i will take it in a heart beat. Lemme know.

  36. Michelle on 02/01/2012:

    I like the rug a lot. The worn parts add character.

  37. Jennifer on 02/02/2012:

    She speaks with truth! Im the ahole she had to contact a bizillion times that posted it a bizillion times. I was too on the fence with it and kept changing my mind. It looks great in your place. You’re a fabulous one-of-a-kind character on a mission. On she goes………

  38. THE BRICK HOUSE on 02/03/2012:

    Ha Ha – found out by Jennifer…who still needs to send me wood pictures. I still want to see them.

    I’m still living with the rug. It’s ok for now. I like the change and still have some arranging to do.

  39. cathy on 02/03/2012:

    I love the rug! I think it’s a great contrast with the daybed. They’re both warm-toned items. Could it be that the (brown) daybed and the (gray) couch and the little wood ottoman are in conflict with one another?
    In lieu of schlepping furniture in and out, what if you took pictures of the room from various angles, printed pix fairly large, and then just used your hand to block out different items to see which item isn’t working? Maybe not, but a lot less grunt work.

  40. Nicola on 02/03/2012:

    Honestly– I think the rug and daybed work just fine together, but the dark fireplace is making things feel a little heavy (although, it looked fine with your previous arrangement). But if you paint the fireplace white and do a wooden mantel like the one in your salon pics (seriously– steal that fireplace), it’ll look great…

  41. Mary @ stylefyles on 02/03/2012:

    I think it’s terrible in that space but would be perfect in mine. Can I have it? I have no money.

  42. Tamoto on 02/03/2012:

    Omg. I almost bought that rug too.I even took it home, the seller was the nicest person on CL. Who let’s you borrow a rug to see if you like it?? But it was too dark for my tiny house. I hope you weren’t too brutal with her:)

  43. Lisa on 02/04/2012:

    I think the rug is really nice, and not too red, but I don’t think it goes well with the daybed. And the daybed seems a bit heavy in front of the fireplace and a bit crowded, but maybe it is the angle of the photo. I would try moving the daybed to another location in the room or maybe to another room and see how it looks. I’m thinking the marble table would look much better with the rug than the wood one.

  44. abby on 02/04/2012:

    heriz dude. mom & dad had this rug growing up but then it got eaten by moths and my mother moped about it for ages and it is awesome and if you don’t want it, i will buy it from you and will have solved my “what the fuq do i get my mother for her bday” problems. 🙂 I love that you can throw a lot of texture and pattern at them and the rug can take it. give in to your wild pattern fantasies.

    if you fast forward through most of that awful The Day The Earth Stood Still remake with Keanu, there is a scene where they’re hiding out at the house near the end and there is a to die for rug and I wanted the movie to stop right there.

  45. Tamoto on 02/04/2012:

    One more thing..I thought the underside of the rug was really pretty and less beat looking. You could start an upside down rug trend. Just sayin.

  46. cchristina on 02/04/2012:

    I love the rug. And I love that the colors might not be perfect because that’s what makes a room feel comfortable and lived in and not “decorated.”

  47. Punctuation Mark on 02/05/2012:

    your space looks great and congreats on your commitment on getting what you wanted the way you wanted it… that says a lot about you! hope you’re having a great weekend!

  48. Nick on 02/06/2012:

    Man, that rug is gorgeous! I’m still undecided about which one I’m gonna pick for my living room, but there’d be no competition if I could bring something like that home.

  49. Ariele @ brooklyn to west on 02/06/2012:

    I love it! I always need more rugs in my life too. Always. That one’s a beauty and I love the worn out patches. I say KEEP!

  50. stephen on 02/07/2012:

    It looks great, and is exactly what you need. Most comments above agree, so go with it. Sometimes you need someone to tell you it is alright, especially when it was an investment. The color pulls together the room for sure.

    I have also been looking for the perfect rug for my living room, and the search is almost at a year now. Great find, and I love the wear to it. You just can’t reproduce that with carpets from West Elm, etc. Go for it!

  51. sean blume on 02/10/2012:

    some great thoughts thank you

  52. you have inspired me to start thrifting adventures!

  53. Stephanie on 02/21/2012:

    I think this new (old) rug adds a sweet dose of cozy & unexpected — but I wouldn’t judge you a waffler if that cowhide bullies its way back in at some point. I’m going to plaster our floors with the damn things myself — the only rugs that seem to stand a chance against man and dog…

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