May 9th, 2011

Since I love to stay hip and timely with the larger culture, I just finished watching the entirety of Twin Peaks. (Admittedly about twenty years late on that phenom, but hey, Netflix was really insistent that I’d enjoy it – and I did! But no Netflix, I don’t want to watch Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail or 151 episodes of Wings no matter how many times you insist.)

While watching Twin Peaks I totally became enamored of the unfussy small town interiors with that smidgen of surreal doom David Lynch pulls off so well. It’s all in the details, like the diner wallpaper and the log lady’s log and the crazy hotel and this wacky 1970’s chunky wall hanging pictured above.

Don’t be scared Bobby – just look at that cool fiber art thing. It’s great!

Inspired by this little fiber piece of Twin Peaks, I’ve been hunting around for images of 1960’s and 70’s abstract woven wall hangings in residential settings. Instead, I keep bumping into more extreme hotel and art installation versions. In particular, The Parker in Palm Springs has a plethora of giant tapestries and weird wall hangings throughout the hotel. Looking through their collection makes me sort of desperate to find one for above the fireplace or in the den or maybe for the living room wall where the pipe shelves used to be.

Officially, I’ve been obsessed with these things for some time but haven’t found that “perfect” one. I’ve scoured thrift stores, estate sales, ebay, flea markets, Craigslist and have come up blank. Possibly it’s that whole “if you’re looking for it, its not around” conundrum which equals frustrating bizzness.

Eva Hesse brings it all arty style while The Wearstler does it up super fancy with some Shelia Hicks.

Trust. This particular stuff ain’t cheap or skulking around the local Salvation Army.

Speaking of Shelia. Taking it to the next level.

Oh yeah. This type of piece is more my speed. Oh wait – Studio 111 sold it to The Ace Hotel. Poopers. If you visit The Ace be sure to check it out in all it’s glory near the entrance to Kings Highway. This sucker is massive and amazing and deserves a second look over.

Also. Rock wall. Yup. Thinking ’bout it.


Sold and sold. Boo.

This baby was just on ebay and this Patricia Smith wall hanging can be yours at Object USA. Both are very cool, but I’m really looking for something way more chunky and way more horizontal.

Yummers. This is the kind of perfect piece that I’ve been jonesing after. I like the color palette and the chunky texture – my only complaint is that I wish it was a little wider.

Also, totally not for sale. Crap.

Maybe I need to stop really aggressively looking and then one of these things will magically surface. I know they tend to be a whole lot of look, but there is something kind of charming and unusual about these weirdo wall hangings that I super enjoy. Kind of like Twin Peaks.

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  1. KEEHN4N on 05/09/2011:

    Did you see Tavi’s post on the interior details in Twin Peaks? Obsessed: http://www.thestylerookie.com/2011/04/shes-full-of-secrets.html

  2. Florian on 05/09/2011:

    Whoah! They are bloody fantastic. I’ll have the chocolate and oatmeal entestines, thank you. Please wrap it up, I’m taking it with me.

  3. Lunaluna on 05/09/2011:

    Aw come on, get your thinking cap on. A girl with your obvious creative talent could come up with something equally if not better than the above. Bamboo canes, unwoven salvation army rugs… know where I’m going. After your rope wall dividers we’re all on our seats edge waiting for what’s next. And I say this not lightly, I can spot a crap d.i.y project a thousand miles off but it’s your kind of obsessive perfectionism and vision make it art. So there.

  4. Lunaluna on 05/09/2011:

    Um…that should read ‘…which makes it art’

  5. J&J on 05/09/2011:

    I just had a vision of my parents house…they had one of these. I think my mom had made it in one of her art classes. That along with orange graphics on the other walls. Growing up with an architect for a dad and an art teacher for a mom led to some fun and interesting house decor, especially in the 70’s.

  6. tara on 05/09/2011:

    I say make it yourself!!! make it! make it! make it!
    dying to see the results. because obviously you have nothing BUT time on your hands.

  7. L on 05/09/2011:

    Hear, hear!! Second Luna’s second post wholeheartedly. Especially the last sentence. You, Morgan, could/would make a magnificent fiberart wallpiece, to suit YOUR aesthetic and available space.

  8. L on 05/09/2011:

    p.s. You made that cool chandelier, didn’t you?

  9. erin@designcrisis on 05/09/2011:

    Take some of that there extra rope and weave it into a shaggy lump of awesomeness. I know you can.

  10. rivka on 05/09/2011:

    I vote with everyone else… you could make one yourself!

  11. Samma on 05/09/2011:

    Too simple for what you’re craving I’m guessing. But cheap here in Atlanta

  12. The brick house on 05/09/2011:

    Oh hells no. I wouldn’t even know where to begin making one of these. I’d much rather go with the vintage version.

  13. Mila on 05/09/2011:


    my friend, Elizabeth Anyaa, is an amazing artist. She felts wool into a modern version of vintage wall art. they’re incredible in person…not sure if the above link will work here, but I’ll give it a try

  14. tracy on 05/09/2011:

    oh sheila! so glad to see a resurgence. we received a sculpture of hers as a wedding present. swoon. keep searching. its out there.

  15. Suzy8track on 05/09/2011:

    Now I’m inspired to make one myself! Thanks for sharing those lovely images!

  16. Jules on 05/09/2011:

    No way would I make one. Those hangings look deceptively simple, the kind of thing that would leave you broke, despondent, and tangled up in felted wool.

    p.s. You’re the first one to ever appreciate my rock wall fireplace.

  17. Shanna on 05/09/2011:

    You might want to search for hanging rug kits from the 70’s. I have actually seen those kits at estate sales and garage sales. I will grab a couple if I see them this summer and then send them your way. Most are of the rusty orange variety. I will keep you posted on how the search goes.

  18. Gaidig on 05/09/2011:

    Some of these are great, and some remind me of the Yarngina. I’ve seen this kind of thing with a number of people in the various crafting communities I am a part of. Once you start being really interested in something, you start to lose perspective. Sometimes, once obsession hits, you’ve got to step back and take a real look at your rabbit hole.

  19. my little apartment on 05/09/2011:

    that Sheila Hicks installation still kills me. and funnily, I found it in one of The Wearster’s books when I was interning for her.

    you can totally make something this crazy/amazing.

  20. anne on 05/09/2011:

    o yes, I think it would be really cool if you came up with a diy tutorial for us on this one. I wasn’t a fan of your burl coffee table, but this I totally dig (for some reason I totally see the two together tho). Thanks for the educational post. I would have saw something like this and loved it but won’t buy it for fear that I’m some weirdo who’s the only one to appreciate it. But now I can name drop names like Sheila Hicks and Ace Hotel. Btw I recently visited Ace Hotel because of your post. Loved it! And I got a Kings Highway t-shirt to boot.

  21. Erika on 05/09/2011:

    I’m totally inspired by this post!

  22. bean on 05/09/2011:

    My favorite wall hangings by far are in the Trina Turk showroom in L.A. Her clothes aren’t my thing, but Barbara Bestor designed her rad showroom and I would live there if I could. http://www.bestorarchitecture.com/commercial/trina_turk_la.html

  23. Curator on 05/09/2011:

    For heavens sake make one!!!!

    You’re very creative, and its very easy to weave, even without a loom. There are plenty of dedicated websites and blogs for weavers of all levels, and you’d get so much satisfaction from producing exactly what you had in mind for your home. Most importantly though, they are cheap and quick to make.

  24. JT in LA on 05/09/2011:

    Two words: Claudy Jongstra. http://www.claudyjongstra.com/
    Freakin’ GORGEOUS (and expensive – boo).

  25. Angie on 05/09/2011:

    Not my thang, I use to like these but all I can think of now is the dustmites that live in these things. Eww.

  26. Jessica Tremp on 05/09/2011:

    You are ace!

  27. Mel on 05/10/2011:

    Mmmm… Bobby Briggs.

  28. jef on 05/10/2011:

    You should see the VERY large woven piece of beauty in the shoe salon in the downtown Dallas Neiman Marcus store. I swoon over it every time I visit there. Yum!

  29. jef on 05/10/2011:

    Funny that it was so easy to find a link to a pic of the Neiman Marcus piece.

  30. Laura on 05/10/2011:

    There must be oodles of how to books and pamphlets from the 70s out there. I wove a 8″X10″ on wooden stretcher bars or a picture frame in just those colors from a magazine article. You used an Afro pick (comb) to tighten each row as you went. It was to be larger but I lost interest or had too many kids. I am no artist, but it made me kind of look like one. It survived as a sort of “doily”/table mat for many years before I think I donated it to Goodwill, dust and all, in the last decade.

  31. tangogirl on 05/10/2011:

    Eva Hesse “arty style”….not quite!

  32. Richelle on 05/10/2011:

    I’ll definitely keep my eyes peeled at the thrift/estate sales for you!

  33. Tonia on 05/10/2011:

    It’s called macramé and from what I understand it’s very simple to do. I’ve seen a few from time to time when I’m out thrifting. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

  34. Charlotte on 05/10/2011:

    I have a real soft spot for these too, although I have a sneaking suspicion that my husband might not share my love for these, haha.

  35. Tracey on 05/10/2011:
  36. Jen on 05/10/2011:

    Uhgg… You know I heart you but THOSE? Are freaking F-U-G-L-Y.

  37. fine little home on 05/11/2011:

    bean, the trina turk piece is exactly what i was seeing in my head when i saw the rope wall morgan made!
    so yes miss morgan you can make one yourself, you’ve already started it. now you just need to add some fiber ; )
    oh and as a person of the twin peaks era/locale i am so freakin’ thrilled that it is still being loved by folks. if you’re ever in Seattle i’d be happy to give you the twin peaks tour and get you some cherry pie and a cup of joe ; )

  38. bianca of terri planty on 05/11/2011:

    dude i have two rad books on fiber art that i gotta lend you. also my grandmother has one of these glorious things in her home, along with a bunch of other super bad ass vintage moments i know you would dig. ugh. if only we had the option to learn fiber art back in our art school days. what were we thinking messing with oil paint. BORING.

  39. THE BRICK HOUSE on 05/11/2011:

    I really can’t imagine making one. I get to nit-picky and hate everything I make. Bianca knows.

    Also Bianca, your grandma is the most stylish lady around.

  40. Mr. Modtomic on 05/11/2011:

    Gotta say, I’m with JEN on this. These seem to be a Love or Hate item. When I look at them I see a down on it’s luck, trailer park, mange riddled dog…in the rain…that I can smell from over here. But that’s how art is, right?

  41. helen on 05/12/2011:

    Creepy mutating q-tips oh god…

  42. Paul on 05/12/2011:

    So I’m casting my vote with everyone else and I think it’s been decided: you have to make one of these. I’m sure it will turn out to be exactly the one you want.

  43. Melissa on 05/12/2011:


    did you need some kind of permission to post the pictures from Twin Peaks? I want to post pictures from old movies (print screen), but I don’t know whether or not I am allowed to..? I would so appreciate your help! 🙂

  44. jason on 05/16/2011:

    The huge wall hanging in the link below is fantastic
    It sold at the Midcentury Modern show in London yesterday and was clearly a tad more than your $100 rule anyway

  45. Anne on 05/18/2011:
  46. Chelsea on 05/19/2011:

    my parents totally had shiz like this hanging in our house as a kid. I’m fairly certain they were crafty things someone had made or some random thrifted thing my parents picked up.

    my friend’s mom makes crazy knitted versions of stuff like this and I’ve always wanted one.

    ps- I have such a long-standing love affair with Twin Peaks. I’m stoked to hear that they’re on the netflix queue these days.

  47. Larabrite on 06/09/2011:

    I have to watch twin peaks at least once a year or I forget that the world was once magic and crimes weren’t solved in 40 minutes not including ad breaks, haha. My mom totally had one of those wall hangings when I was a kid, I remember getting chased around the house with a wooden spoon for taking it down and playing with it in the garden – magic carpet anyone? 😉
    I wonder what happened to that wooden spoon, it was full of russian folk artsy joy and wonder…

  48. kate on 06/17/2011:

    I love that you somehow combined two of my loves into one post.

  49. Marissa on 07/02/2011:

    These look super familiar. It was early/mid 80’s I think. I had a part time job weaving for two ladies in Pasadena/South Pasadena. They wove these poofy, textured, hairy, wall hangings and sold them to interior designers.

  50. Shanna on 08/12/2011:

    I hope you get this comment soon. Another blog I read, she is Arkansas, is having and estate sale of her grandmother’s stuff and they have at least two of these yarn wall hangings. Her name is Shara and her blog is mydealoftheday.blogspot.com. I left her a message telling her I “knew” someone via blogs that might be interested. She has a post up with links to pictures of stuff at the estate sale that is how I found out about the wall hangings.

  51. Joellen on 01/25/2013:

    I am selling mine! Check it out on eBay seller ID jjinbocas.

  52. Olga on 02/25/2014:

    They are, dare I say…hideously beautiful!

    “I know they tend to be a whole lot of look, but there is something kind of charming and unusual about these weirdo wall hangings that I super enjoy….”


  53. Olga on 02/25/2014:

    I used to watch Twin Peaks, but never took notice of the interiors of the homes. Then I saw one in one of those new esurance “save on insurance in 7 1/2 minute” commercials.

    It’s the one where a middle-aged black man is sitting on an old tube TV from the 70’s, bragging about how he saved on that “flat screen” TV. And the there’s a large gorgeous one hanging in the background on the wall.

    Now I’m thoroughly obsessed. Shoot.

  54. Victoria on 08/05/2014:

    I’ve been trying to find out who the artist is for that wall hanging at the Parker in Palm Springs. Do you know who the artist is?

  55. Twin Peaks on 03/21/2015:

    These photo looks really really awesome. Shall check out some of your other posting.

    Awesome 🙂

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