March 14th, 2011

We just got back from a quick business trip to Phoenix, so get ready for some boring Arizona related bizzness up here on the bloggity. Don’t worry, I’ll try to power through it.

Firstly, OF COURSE I went thrifting but more importantly what made it back home? Sort of unexciting stuff. We had a super duper tiny rental car so no giant treasures could make it back with us – which I have to admit, completely broke my heart. I sulked and pouted and was in psychotic distress to leave a few things behind that I’ll post about later on…

What a dirty tease.

Textiles are small and foldaway so I bought a few pieces including this wall hanging and a pretty rad macrame piece that I’m currently attempting to untangle. Whoops.

I love this bad boy and hung it immediately in our weird hallway, total score for $1.50.

This was another weird textile weaving thing that I’m not quite sure what to do with. I love the graphic pattern and nubby texture.

I have it chilling on the dining table for now, but it seems a tad strange there…like what is the function?

Not really a complete runner. Cute little weaving though in need of a better space.

I also grabbed this portrait painting of this amazing girl – check out that sweet-ass sweater and bowl cut. How could I leave her behind? I know my art choices are nothing if not controversial, but trust me, I’d way prefer something wacky, handmade or unique to some tasteful poster. I love looking at things people have made out of love and by hand that just have enough wrongness to make them right.

I also grabbed a chunk of Desert Rose, which seemed appropriate for where we’ve been and where we are going…

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  1. Ryan on 03/14/2011:

    Love the great finds. Wish you had a large moving van to bring it all home. But there always next time. The runner is my favorite. A very nice touch that fits well on the table.

  2. tina slocum on 03/14/2011:

    I’m loving the textiles and your unique painting collection~
    sweet ass sweater indeed!

  3. Dan @ Manhattan Nest on 03/14/2011:

    Your thrifty finds are always fun! The desert rose is so pretty!

    Re: the weird textile weaving thing—one of my commenters said recently that “being pretty is a function in itself,” or something to that effect. It’s my new favorite mantra and justification for buying shit. I like it, and it looks good on the table! My uncle who collects antique rugs always has a rotating collection of tiny little orientals in the center of their tables. It does a nice, unexpected job of corralling table-y things.

    California map didn’t last in the kitchen? YES I’M A STALKER DEAL WITH IT.

  4. Marlene on 03/14/2011:

    I can not wait for the day someone leaves a comment saying “oh sh*t. that’s me rocking that sweet ass sweater!”

  5. meemsnyc on 03/14/2011:

    I love all your terraniums. So cute.

  6. THE BRICK HOUSE on 03/14/2011:

    Dan – You noticed. It was too big! I need another spot for it or to let it meet a new owner…

    Totally using “being pretty is a function in itself”. I’ve been getting all Donald Judd in my head lately but might need to just chillax a bit and have some layered clutter.

    Marlene- I dream of that day, hope and dream.

  7. Ilissa on 03/14/2011:

    Great finds!

    Funny, I just got back from Phoenix too! I tried to go thrifting, but came home empty handed. (Clearly my talent needs cultivating!) Any tips on spots I should check out next time I am there?

  8. jennifer on 03/14/2011:


  9. monika@stylemadesimple on 03/14/2011:

    The wallhanging is amazing! Another great score!

  10. jenny | aubrey road on 03/14/2011:

    the wall hanging looks awesome and i’m jealous.

  11. bawkbawk on 03/14/2011:

    THAT WALL HANGING IS MY DREAM. drop me a line when youve had enough of it, thanks! aha

  12. Tami on 03/14/2011:

    That’s the second Dorothy-Hamill-wedge-hairdo-portrait you’ve scored. A collection in the making?

  13. Amanda on 03/14/2011:

    The wall hanging is the best freakin thing that you have pick up yet…

  14. Florian on 03/14/2011:

    THERE are the terrariums!

    I was wondering how they are doing. Are those still the original plants or have they been replaced by something younger, fresher and more attractive, sort of like aging Menudo members?

    That weaving thingummy seems to be a floormat, it’s function to be thrown to the floor and trodden on – while being pretty, of course (several possibilities for metaphors – just can’t decide on one). Couldn’t it go in one of the bedrooms? It seems to match the pattern and colours of your bedspread.

    The brown is definitly spreading. I knew that sofa is dangerous!

  15. I’m with Ryan – I like the runner but not on the dining table. Is there a side table where it could go? Great finds though. As Jennifer says – SCORE!!!! 🙂

  16. Anna @ D16 on 03/14/2011:

    That back-lit, out-of-focus, Chihuahua head manages to overshadow everything.

  17. lizzie on 03/14/2011:

    i love that textile…your style is brilliant.

  18. Sara on 03/14/2011:

    Your table runner looks to me like a muslim prayer rug. So cool and looks soft. Most machine-made ones they sell are pretty tacky. I’d buy this one from you fo’sure.

  19. Emily on 03/14/2011:

    I love the portraits in your home. They’re the perfect amount of creepy and they’re all so well suited to the rooms you’ve put them in.
    The captain is my favorite though that handsome chap in the dining room is quite charming.

    Where’s the new girl going? I picture her in a bathroom for some reason.

  20. rivka on 03/14/2011:

    You could make a great pillow with that nubby textile thing.

  21. Maureen on 03/14/2011:

    Love checking out your blog and your finds, your DIY stuff, etc. Really love your terrariums. My 2 cents is maybe it’s time to start dialing back the creepy stranger portrait acquistions? One or two and you’re just getting your kitsch on…but when they’re in every room you start to radiate a mausoleum vibe. Don’t you feel like they’re watching you?!?! Just saying. California map was most excellent. Hope it resurfaces.

  22. Jen@BloggersAbode on 03/14/2011:

    Next time hit up the Thieves Market in Cave Creek. Totally worth it. And if the CA map is really up for a new owner? I’d be interested. Thanks.

  23. Katie on 03/14/2011:

    Oh my, I LOVE that wall hanging. Can’t even imagine what left-behind treasure got you pouting after that. I’ve done the same many times with plane trips to Texas when leaving things behind, although I will endure the security guards bomb testing lamps and bookends that they consider strange and dangerous-looking.

  24. Samara@metalistajewelry on 03/14/2011:

    I love the wall hanging and I can’t stop thinking about your ceramic lamp.

  25. Amanda on 03/14/2011:


    I just noticed Bowie in the background. Where’s Waldo.

  26. bianca of terri planty on 03/14/2011:

    sexy sexy finds. and your terrariums are looking happy too.

  27. ilovermont on 03/14/2011:

    I think that the little runner is actually a prayer rug, but I think it would look best on the floor than on the table. Just my opinion.

    I love your blog btw!!!!

  28. Fat Cat on 03/14/2011:

    I have to agree with Anna… Although the wall hanging is a truly awesome score !
    I also would like to compliment you on your great eye as regards paintings. Most people (including me) wouldn’t even have glanced at that wacky portrait. Your ability to see beauty where others only see rubbish is truly admirable. And I’m not taking the piss here. Seriously!

  29. Husband on 03/14/2011:

    Dear Ms. S.,

    Do you have a good method for cleaning the textile rugs and wall hangings? I always buy them when i see them for cheap, but sometimes they need to be cleaned and I am worried about shrinking them or something. Thoughts?

  30. Nadja on 03/14/2011:

    I love the art you have collected! The personal touches really bring everything in your home together. But I miss the “poo man.”

  31. Ashley Weber on 03/14/2011:

    drop some hints to this girl living in phoenix! i need some new thrift stores- mine are dry!

  32. monica on 03/14/2011:

    ZOMFGPONIES!!1! that wall hanging is almost EXACTLY like the one my Mom had in the house when I was growing up. I’m having serious childhood flashbacks!

  33. THE BRICK HOUSE on 03/14/2011:

    Bowie is crazy for the camera – like a teenage girl or something. I can’t get that dog to stay out of pictures. He just creeps in…

  34. MINGA MARS on 03/14/2011:

    like the wall hanging, but not feeling the runner at all. the desert rose is beautiful though.

  35. Caitlin on 03/14/2011:

    “…where we are going?” – does that mean a move is in progress?!

  36. Sara on 03/14/2011:

    Love the “pieces that have just enough wrongness to make them right”, statement. I have an ever-so-slightly-odd female nude embroideried picture that I have never been able to throw it away!

  37. kate on 03/14/2011:

    Crossing my fingers you get tired of that first textile wonder so I can buy it off of you. I got this insanely rad book at the library called “Textile Structures” from the 60s – lots of good shit like these, some crazy weird questionable stuff.

  38. THE BRICK HOUSE on 03/14/2011:

    Caitlin – oh no, we aren’t moving, I guess I just meant travelling from one desert to another…

  39. SB on 03/14/2011:

    Hate the wall hanging – didn’t like them in the 70’s and like them less now…very tacky!

  40. Ashley Weber on 03/15/2011:

    i disagree SB- that wall hanging is the shit and it looks terrific with your style of mid century.

  41. Erin on 03/15/2011:

    Why the new obsession with brown?

  42. THE BRICK HOUSE on 03/15/2011:

    New? I’ve always had a lot of brown town going on. It’s like all brown and gray and black and white, either incredibly sophisticated or bleak. I lean sophisticated.

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