March 1st, 2012

As alluded to earlier, I’ve been continuing that experimentation with rugs thing by picking up this vintage kilim for the guest bedroom off Etsy for a sweet $75.

Handmade and thinly flat woven, this sassy rug has a nicely worn texture and great asymmetric pattern in a neutral deserty palette that seamlessly fits in with everything else around this place.

Duh. Of course. All things browntown are welcomed with here with open arms.

Unlike the other colorful rug I’m continuing to struggle with in the living room, this one is a definite keeper and will likely end up in the go-to rotation of props I enjoy using for styling stuff.

Too bad this blanket just ain’t working and the bed is still is a mess. I’ll eventually regret that bit of laziness seeing that internet photos live forever and occasionally come back to haunt you.

Oh well. That’s still one sexy ass rug.


So brown. So very beautifully brown.

Hey dogs? Please don’t destroy it, you crazy unpredictable beasts!

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  1. Dan @ Manhattan Nest on 03/01/2012:

    OH IT’S ON NOW AIN’T IT?! You know what they say about fighting with fire?

    You’ll get incinerated.

    But you do have a dog with forehead wrinkles. It’s anyone’s game now! Damn you.

    I like your rug. I like it a lot. And that duvet cover…where did it come from again?

  2. THE BRICK HOUSE on 03/01/2012:

    Oh Daniel. I guess so? I already feel defeated.

    You’re safely the favorite with you’re fancy new york lifestyle and fancy youth and fancy man parts.

    Just remember, the best restaurant in my town is Applebee’s and motorcycle gangs run the city. Have some pity on my ‘circumstances’.

    How’s that awesome paint stick door fix technique working for YOU?

  3. Alison on 03/01/2012:

    Yes! Good rug choice! What a CL steal.

    I made it easy and voted for all of you – Blaow! I think that broke the internet.

  4. Jessica on 03/01/2012:

    I don’t vote for anything (other than presidents) and I’m gonna go vote for you.

  5. Lauren @ chezerbey on 03/01/2012:

    I fully support votes for Morgan, as long as it doesn’t knock me out of the top 6 of course. (Sorry Daniel, but the boy wonder needs no further encouragement at this point.)

    Then…next week, SMACKDOWN!

  6. Desi on 03/01/2012:

    I voted. I love trash talking with little follow up.

    Lots of people like underdogs and little dogs let’s hope it works in your favor.

  7. THE BRICK HOUSE on 03/01/2012:


    Let’s hope so…still a little way away from the hitting the top 6.

  8. modernhaus on 03/01/2012:

    Aaaaahhhh! That stupid AT post is all live links, and none take you to the voting form??

  9. The brick house on 03/01/2012:

    Crap! What? I don’t understand

  10. Sarah on 03/01/2012:

    The blanket that isn’t working … I love it! Where did it come from?

  11. modernhaus on 03/01/2012:

    I mean, I’ve been on twice now and I can’t figure out how to vote…everything on that AT post is a live link that just sends you in circles or to your blog. Where the heck is the voting form?

  12. furious1 on 03/01/2012:

    To vote, you must sign in to Apartment Therapy. You got my vote Morgan!

  13. Christa on 03/01/2012:

    Browntown rug is a win. And they match the dogs. Do you provide those “I voted” stickers anywhere? I like people to know I give a damn.

  14. THE BRICK HOUSE on 03/01/2012:

    Sarah, vintage wool camp blanket – thrifted.

    Voting stickers for all!

  15. studioseven on 03/01/2012:

    What a beautiful rug at a very, very good price. I like the fact that it is more monochromatic than many kilim rugs you see.

  16. Lisa on 03/01/2012:

    Totally voted for you. Scheming ways to vote more for you except I wouldn’t want to embroil you in a scandal.

  17. THE BRICK HOUSE on 03/01/2012:

    Thanks guys! Crush them!

  18. John on 03/01/2012:

    Love the vintage kilim, I really dig it with the Fiber art. I got an super neat huge macrame plant holder. I still have yet to hang it up though… Cute puppies, they should work, it would work for me!

  19. onehsancare on 03/02/2012:

    You might have mentioned it before . . . ! Love the rug!

  20. Suzy8track on 03/05/2012:

    I really like the warm 70s vibe you have going on.

  21. Jen on 03/06/2012:

    Your dogs are so cute I almost can’t stand it!

  22. Molly on 03/07/2012:

    Oooh…another great rug find.
    If the living room rug gets vetoed, I’d be more than happy to take it off your hands (for reals)!

  23. Greg on 03/24/2012:

    I love a bare floor….but, now I’m LOVIN that rug….perfect, simple…at any price.

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    What a beautiful rug! And the dogs is so lovely

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