February 8th, 2012

Farewell Lindsey Adelman DIY Chandelier.

It’s not you, it’s me. I swear.

I’m not a one lamp kind of girl.

You are bright and brassy and great, but it was time and you’ve moved on to a better and more exciting life. Let’s stay in touch, OK?

(moment of silence)

Now that that awkwardness is behind us, lets focus on the reality of living for months without a dining room light- a situation that becomes darkly apparent as I repeatedly flip the switch in an absentminded attempt to brighten the room up. The shame of being so dumbly forgetful in that moment rushes over me in a hot tidal wave of crrraaaapppp.

Brutal-palooza via RUE

After the DIY Adelman’s abrupt departure, I started courting some big brutalist chandeliers in a frustrating game where I’m desperate and they all play hard to get. Three great ones slipped away from me on the old eBay for just DOLLARS while the next potential beast was a ‘sure thing’ until the dealer who’d agreed to a certain arrangement sold it out from under me. Coincidentally, during the week I thought the brutal deal was done, I stumbled on the last and final stabby brass monster which I shortsightedly turned down. Since having two of these things seemed way to bourgie?

via Metro Retro

Suck it, lamp. I’m burnt out on chasing the elusive brutal dream.

Break my heart one too many times and I won’t go back. And really, when am I going to get over this brutal phase? Soon? Probably soon.

Nevertheless, H.F.N.D.R.L ’12 (AKA Hunt For a New Dining Room Light) has entered phase two…in which I sort of look around and consider other lights. Edge of your seat shit, I know, but that big ugly hole is mocking me as I endlessly flip the switch in my spooky dining room. Obviously, life is incredibly rough. Boo hoo. I need a chandelier.


Bourgie to the max.

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  1. L on 02/08/2012:

    Did I miss something? What did Lindsey A. do to piss you off?? Or did she just get a better offer (some tv exposure, perhaps?)

    You need a love slave with metalworking skills, I swear.

  2. Erin@designcrisis on 02/08/2012:

    Maybe something by fog morup? Vistosi?

    You’ll find something amazing. You always do.

  3. modernhaus on 02/08/2012:

    AKARI duh

  4. ChaiseLoLa on 02/08/2012:

    I gets better, I swear — I’ve been on the HFNDRL for about 8 months. I used to be ashamed of the ceiling hole, but now, I’ll be damned if I give it up for any old light fixture.

  5. nickarmadillo on 02/08/2012:

    I loved that DIY chandelier! Did it go to a new owner? I’m sure you’ll find something amazing as usual. We just put up our new Lightolier Sputnik chandelier and it’s GORGEOUS.

  6. Ahsan on 02/08/2012:

    The first photo looks like an abstract painting.
    I’d like to call it “Lindsey Adelman’s Hole”.

  7. madeline on 02/08/2012:

    Just entered the land of HFNDRL bought a new house and all of the fixtures are from grosstown. Is it just me or does ebay seem to be a dried up desert when it comes to ceiling fixtures- at least ones I can afford…and aren’t gross.

  8. Suzy8track on 02/08/2012:

    Where did the old chandelier go?? I loved it! Although I can sympathize with your need to change out things after a certain time….otherwise things can ge pretty boring. HOpe you are able to find the chandelier of your dreams for a dream price.

  9. Jenn on 02/08/2012:

    oh no, where did it go? i have a loving home for it if you’re looking for one.

  10. Ashley on 02/08/2012:

    Can I haz your old chandelier?

  11. Rachael on 02/08/2012:

    very Jere looking

  12. Christa on 02/08/2012:

    I think you + blow torch + sheet metal = a highly entertaining DIY Brutalist Light post. Now don’t sue me if you burn the house down.

  13. Susan on 02/08/2012:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen ‘bougie’ spelled out before. Thanks for that.

  14. THE BRICK HOUSE on 02/08/2012:

    Oh, the old lamp is living in the salon Laure and I were working on in Laguna. More pics to come.

  15. Sam on 02/08/2012:

    It’s “bourgie”. Sorry.

  16. Lisa on 02/09/2012:

    A very scorned Lindsey won’t let you replace her that fast. And I don’t blame her one bit.

  17. onehsancare on 02/09/2012:

    You broke up with Lindsey over the dream of a brutalist chandelier who didn’t look twice at you? Girl, I’m thinking you don’t know a good thing when you have one.

  18. Erika on 02/10/2012:

    Oh my goodness! Now you’ve done it. I collect these Brutalist beauties (including the very examples you’ve posted and others- I have 6!) and have plans for one in nearly every room in our SF Victorian flat. But now that you’ve posted about them (damn you!) the (sort of) secret will be out and they will be harder to find. Hahaha (hysterical laugh- cough cough) damn.

  19. Zuzu Petals on 02/11/2012:

    I have the brutalist chandelier on the top left. A young couple sold it to me on Craigslist for 25 bucks! They had just moved into a mid century home in Long Beach and found it in the attic. It still had the original bulb with a confetti-like surface design from the 60s in it. I had it re-wired and cleaned up and it looks fantastic. Oh… and the original bulb still works. Sadly, the bulb is no longer made so when it goes, that’s it.

  20. jd on 02/11/2012:

    love corrine grassini’s pad. first time i saw that spread i was like, “what the… she has three!?” been keeping a (lazy) eye out for one of these for awhile now. i kind of have it in my head for a house i might renovate Upstate. if we ever get around to actually closing, i may have to begin the hunt in earnest. @ zuzu petals, you are torturing me.

  21. beclu on 02/12/2012:

    i may be way off here call me nuts but your lotus lamp would look killer there as opposed to hiding hisself in the hallway!

  22. Curator on 02/13/2012:

    Interesting looking through your blog from the start how your style has evolved. What an incredible journey!

  23. Erik on 02/15/2012:

    I love their brassy feistyness

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