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The Great Rearrangement

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Marvel at the power of human beings moving things. Things like coffee tables.

Remember this one from Craigslist? BOOM. In the den now.

The giant Burly Beast? BOOM. Living room.

It only weighs about 500lbs. I think I blew a gasket and The Boy has a shiny new hernia.

Still need a new mantel.

What about lights? You might have noticed the new Craigslist bubble lamp made its way into the bedroom.

But what of the lucite/gold motherf*cker?

BOOM. Guest bedroom.

Which means the Sputnik had to find a new home…

BOOM. Back to the den.

See that? How I made that circle back to the den? Those are blogging skills.

As you can see we moved some stuff around, moved other things to storage and are testing out the new arrangement. So far? Good to go. Weather and schedules have been a little nuts, so exterior projects have been put on hold. Which gets me all itchy for change and then the interior takes the brunt of my crazy.


Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Check out the power of traditional print media.

The little article we did awhile ago about the house found its way to Liz, who was a previous owner of The Brick House about a decade ago. She stopped by to share some pictures of their time in the pad and tell stories as well as solve mysteries. I guess there used to be an ivy trellis over the driveway and tons of huge mature hedges. Where did they all go? Who knows. Another mystery for another owner.

So, Liz is cute as a button, hilarious and blogs as well as has some awesome taste. In example:

Check it out! She brought a house warming gift (?) (I’m not sure what you would call it, since we’ve been here and she is the previous owner) but it is AMAZING. While she modestly declared it was a re-gift and she had a pair at home, I just don’t give a crap, because it was incredible and I LOVE IT. Love love love. My family and The Boy can attest, I never LOVE gifts (because I am an asshole – that’s how my family describes it), but the streak is broken. I loved it. Unironically.

The Lytegem Lamp designed by Michael Lax in 1965 was recently reintroduced by Lightolier and is super great design. I’m loving the persimmon/gunmetal color combo and feel like it might need to live in the master bedroom. Check out that packaging. Why can’t everything be this nice?

It was great to have Liz over and I’m glad we got her seal of approval in our efforts to make this place awesome. Come back anytime, and don’t be nervous – I swear we aren’t killers. SWEAR.


Thursday, September 30th, 2010

I’m not sure how to start explaining this mash-up of stuff.

Well, it all started with that temptress Craigslist, which I’ve been perusing for fun and for profit. Just kidding, I need to finish off the master bedroom. I recently bought a fourth butterfly chair frame and then sped off to Ontario to pick up this Modernica Nelson Bubble Lamp (Medium Saucer) from an electrician who had it leftover from a big install job. Brand new, still in the box and at 25″ wide this thing is a beast. Normally it retails for $329, and I am a tad bit ashamed to admit it, but I broke the $100 rule and paid $125 for it.

Come on. It’s brand new! It’s huge! I talked him down!

I know, it’s also a little bit of an expected classic choice, but I love love love bubble lamps in bedrooms. See, even Maya has one and I want to be cool like Maya.

Look at that furry bed.

The overhead fixtures around the house are going to play a game of musical chairs. The lucite and gold baby from the bedroom will go to the guest bedroom and then the sputnik will go to the den and then the den light will go nowhere since its just from Ikea. Shazaam. It’s like a whole new house.

On the way home from craigslisting I stopped by Salvation Army and picked up this cute little ceramic owl lamp. Why? I don’t know. I have zero spots for him to go. I also grabbed a sweet vintage gray wool blanket in PERFECT condition and this crazy long faux fur monstrosity. I was thinking I could use either for this headboard project I’m planning on making, or to make a coat for Iggy, or maybe just drape myself in for winter. For $5, it was totally worth picking up both and deciding later.

Fur on your bed or fur on the ground. Furry fur fur fur.

What! It’s too hot to even think about fur.