October 20th, 2010

Check out the power of traditional print media.

The little article we did awhile ago about the house found its way to Liz, who was a previous owner of The Brick House about a decade ago. She stopped by to share some pictures of their time in the pad and tell stories as well as solve mysteries. I guess there used to be an ivy trellis over the driveway and tons of huge mature hedges. Where did they all go? Who knows. Another mystery for another owner.

So, Liz is cute as a button, hilarious and blogs as well as has some awesome taste. In example:

Check it out! She brought a house warming gift (?) (I’m not sure what you would call it, since we’ve been here and she is the previous owner) but it is AMAZING. While she modestly declared it was a re-gift and she had a pair at home, I just don’t give a crap, because it was incredible and I LOVE IT. Love love love. My family and The Boy can attest, I never LOVE gifts (because I am an asshole – that’s how my family describes it), but the streak is broken. I loved it. Unironically.

The Lytegem Lamp designed by Michael Lax in 1965 was recently reintroduced by Lightolier and is super great design. I’m loving the persimmon/gunmetal color combo and feel like it might need to live in the master bedroom. Check out that packaging. Why can’t everything be this nice?

It was great to have Liz over and I’m glad we got her seal of approval in our efforts to make this place awesome. Come back anytime, and don’t be nervous – I swear we aren’t killers. SWEAR.

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  1. the vintage cabin on 10/20/2010:

    What an awesome thing all this shit is! You got to meet an old Brick House dweller + she’s awesome + she has great taste + she brought you a gift!? Those hokey old local newspapers are still kicking the interweb’s ass as far as bringing people together. Screw eHarmony, right?

  2. Elizabeth on 10/20/2010:

    I am so happy you love the lamp!! It was the least I could do. I have the lamp’s twin right here by my computer. It’s a great little light. I guess it makes sense that we have the same taste in lamps. After all, we have the same taste in houses! It was so amazing to be able to walk through the amazing house that was once my home. You (and The Boy) were so kind to let me snoop. Let me know the next time you are in my neck of the woods. You can come see my new boring house. I can’t express how ecstatic I am to be a small part of such a cool story. Seeing the house was awesome. Meeting a cool new friend is even more awesome.
    PS Thank you for not being ax murderers! PHEW!

  3. Dan on 10/20/2010:

    I ALMOST bought the exact same lamp for my desk on ebay, but got outbid! What a strange encounter, I’m glad you all got along well! I knew I respected her when she did that portrait of the captain on her nailz.

  4. Fat Cat on 10/20/2010:

    Isn’t it possible to wall-mount Lytegem lights ? Maybe you could use it as a bedside lamp ? It would probably go well with a certain chair…
    It’s a very touching story, you meeting a previous owner and she turning out to be such a cool dude…Hooray, for the power of the local newspaper !

  5. jon on 10/20/2010:

    omg- the lamp is awesomeness. and the packaging!! want…

  6. tracy on 10/20/2010:

    such a great story. love. (how’s the pup?!)

  7. weekdaycarnival on 10/20/2010:

    She is wellcome to our place anytime cos she brings so awesome presents;)

  8. monika@lifemadesimple on 10/20/2010:

    The lamp is amazing! And how wonderful it is to meet someone who was living in your house before?? Sounds great!

  9. Juliab on 10/20/2010:

    Isn’t it funny how complete strangers seem to buy you the perfect gift, when people who should know you inside out (family/friends) usually end up giving you something that you wouldn’t buy in a million years. How great to meet previous owners of your house. Love the lamp.

  10. Marco on 10/20/2010:

    What an amazing lamp! Love it!
    I have an addiction for lamps and i really can say that this one is super cool! the box too…don’t throuw it away! Is almost as nice as the lamp 🙂

    When i found this one, original, for few euros on ebay years ago i almost cried! 🙂

  11. Sue on 10/20/2010:

    What a great story and such a nice person. Love the lamp, I may have to put one of those on my Christmas list!

  12. Lynne on 10/21/2010:

    Was Liz the poser for that print? It looks just like her! Very cool light….I’m jealous….AGAIN!

  13. Tonia on 10/21/2010:

    How cool is that to meet a previous owner? The lamp fits right in with your decor. One question, has the new pooch come home yet?

  14. The brick house on 10/21/2010:

    No new pooch yet. He comes over for visits but is still gestating a bit with his mom. Soon!

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