The Great Rearrangement

October 21st, 2010

Marvel at the power of human beings moving things. Things like coffee tables.

Remember this one from Craigslist? BOOM. In the den now.

The giant Burly Beast? BOOM. Living room.

It only weighs about 500lbs. I think I blew a gasket and The Boy has a shiny new hernia.

Still need a new mantel.

What about lights? You might have noticed the new Craigslist bubble lamp made its way into the bedroom.

But what of the lucite/gold motherf*cker?

BOOM. Guest bedroom.

Which means the Sputnik had to find a new home…

BOOM. Back to the den.

See that? How I made that circle back to the den? Those are blogging skills.

As you can see we moved some stuff around, moved other things to storage and are testing out the new arrangement. So far? Good to go. Weather and schedules have been a little nuts, so exterior projects have been put on hold. Which gets me all itchy for change and then the interior takes the brunt of my crazy.

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  1. Grumble Girl on 10/21/2010:

    It’s all looking pretty divine, lady… now, rest up a little before you kill yourself.

  2. HousePet on 10/21/2010:

    i like the burly beast in the living room bettern than the den. all the changes you made look great. way to go!!

  3. Marco on 10/21/2010:

    I really like the symmetry in the master bedroom and the lamps hanging on the night tables…and the plant! Which is the name of that plant? I want one too !!
    What i don’t like…the TV in the bedroom…to me in the bedroom you’ve to sleep or…do something else 😉 not watch the TV .
    Great job!

  4. Tamoto on 10/21/2010:

    looks good!changing stuff around is fun, esp if you love all your stuff but just want a new context. sputnik looks cool in the den, your rooms gonna look sweeeeeet with womby…

  5. jennifer on 10/21/2010:

    haha! you’re amazing.

  6. Emma Jay on 10/21/2010:

    I like the portrait of Lindsay Lohan in the den…

  7. Coletta on 10/21/2010:

    Where did the low round coffee table go that you use to have in the living room? I liked it much better.
    The new on in the den is way too high. Your gonna hyper extend your knees when you try to put your feet up on it!

  8. misa on 10/21/2010:

    morgan, i love your blog with every fiber of my being, but it’s puppy time. we need a puppy post.

  9. The brick house on 10/21/2010:

    The puppy still isn’t living with us, only comes for visits. He will soon – but first you must suffer through these back log of posts!

  10. Angie on 10/21/2010:

    I love, love your guest room, did I tell you I love your guest room? Well I do, it looks so inviting, I have a small TV in the bedroom also sometimes I like to watch the tune in bed.

  11. the vintage cabin on 10/21/2010:

    Could you change it all back to how it was before just so I can compare? Let me know when it’s all put back. Thanks!

  12. Jason | These Roving Eyes on 10/21/2010:

    1) I love you.
    2) You have nice shit.

  13. BOOM! Those are some super special blogging skills and you possibly have a future in as seen on TV sales. BOOM! (love it!)

  14. Nick on 10/21/2010:


  15. Joy on 10/22/2010:

    I’m loving a lot of the new changes, especially sputnik in the den and lucite/gold in the guest bed. That coffee table in the den seems a bit out of proportion (too tall). I hate to say anything negative when I get so much enjoyment out of your blog. Well done overall!

  16. AMANDA on 10/22/2010:

    I hate to say it…the burly beast look so beastly in the den. I’m a little broken up about it.

    everything else= freakin perfect

  17. maya on 10/22/2010:

    double BOOM!
    everything’s double in my life….

  18. Ryan on 10/22/2010:

    Like all the changes, but the choice in the den. I feel the table is to high or such a low couch. Im not sure. But all looks great.


  19. Dan on 10/22/2010:

    Nice swapfest! It’s good for the soul. I NEED a wide angle lens.

  20. Fat Cat on 10/22/2010:

    Oooohh nooooo ! Not the walnut coffee table ! The burl monster totally sucks in comparison.
    Yes, I feel very strongly about your round living room coffee table. Can’t you consider giving it another chance ?
    Otherwise, good job !

  21. Karin on 10/22/2010:

    Like, like, like. LOVE.
    Now hit the couch for some downtime before you rev things up again.
    Same goes for us readers. 🙂

  22. Rivka on 10/22/2010:

    Oh. Don’t like that table in the living room. Kinda crazy how that table is more overpowering than the burly beast. That other table is too high in front of the couch and that is bam! first thing you see when you walk in. I do love how you still find things to do to freshen up when you aren’t doing the hard core renovating/painting thing. God, I love your blog.

  23. julia wheeler on 10/22/2010:

    you’re amazing! i can’t wait to see your t.v. show side project, by the way! eek!

  24. Tonia on 10/22/2010:

    Enough about your fabulous crib already, we want to hear about the new furbaby! You could at least give us a pic of when he comes to visit or something OH and one other thing; Your house is so friggin neat, I wanna know what your closet looks like 🙂

  25. maya on 10/22/2010:

    can you call the new pup Rambo?

  26. helloshiella on 10/23/2010:

    i just want you to know that i have a burl table now inspired by you in my living room.

  27. penny on 10/23/2010:

    The boy is very patient with you. I don’t see the point of moving that heavy thing. I think your home is beautiful, except for that table. Sorry, but I think that might be the ugliest table I’ve ever seen. I don’t think it’s simple enough for your aesthetic. Sorry, just my opinion.

    Love, love, love your pottery collection in the dining room.

  28. Brismod on 10/23/2010:

    Your whole place always looks amazing. The pieces you’ve chosen are great in that you can transfer them to other rooms and they still work well. The burl table is incredibly cool. x

  29. Rick on 10/24/2010:

    It looks great to me. I love your fireplace and contrasting log. I can’t bring myself to paint my massive fireplace yet but I’m trying. You have an interesting style. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Kris on 10/24/2010:

    Why are people saying the table in the den is too high? In the last photo it is clearly not that high at all, just the angle in the first photo makes it look higher. Anyway it is fab for having some food with the t.v. watching. Your house looks great by the way.

  31. Erik on 10/25/2010:

    I have to say that I like the round teak table more than the… log thing. I’d buy that table the minute I saw it. And it fits betterwith the butterfly chairs. Sorry!

  32. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/25/2010:

    The table is not as high as it appears, the couch seat and table are about at the same height.

    I like the burl wood table in the living room, it functions better, and I like to mix things up. I still have the round table, but I thought it would be fun to try something different for awhile.

    I hate when rooms get stale.

  33. 11studio on 10/27/2010:

    Love the color of your fireplace….mine has ugly brown brick, and with all of the chestnut woodwork it is all too brown. Could you tell me the color you painted your fireplace PLEASE?? Thanks so much! Love your home!

  34. Fix It Yourself on 10/29/2010:

    Your house looks lovely. I mentioned you on my blog today!

  35. Aidan on 10/29/2010:

    burly beast is 10 kinds of awesome. love your pad.

  36. gad1n10 on 10/30/2010:

    Still don’t like anything about the Beast… wrong for the entire house. But as long as you like it, it’s OK.
    Like the dark wall in the guest room, but the windows need softening. Have you considered a single full panel at each side, a valance across the entire width, and sheers behind?
    Is the bed on that side for flow or (entry/closet) door placement? Did you consider the other wall?

  37. The brick house on 10/30/2010:

    Valance? Blech. I just threw up.

  38. Caroline, No. on 11/04/2010:

    I want the burly thing back in the living room. That looked super fly. *sulks*

  39. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/04/2010:

    You’re in luck. It is in the living room.

    It used to be in the den and was super impractical. I liked it to, but it was not a very user friendly table.

  40. janine robinson on 12/03/2010:

    i move stuff around and around and around. but i love to see how the lines and shapes and textures adapt to each other. it’s a dance. my teenage son, however, loves to make fun of me. someday he will get it!

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