September 30th, 2010

I’m not sure how to start explaining this mash-up of stuff.

Well, it all started with that temptress Craigslist, which I’ve been perusing for fun and for profit. Just kidding, I need to finish off the master bedroom. I recently bought a fourth butterfly chair frame and then sped off to Ontario to pick up this Modernica Nelson Bubble Lamp (Medium Saucer) from an electrician who had it leftover from a big install job. Brand new, still in the box and at 25″ wide this thing is a beast. Normally it retails for $329, and I am a tad bit ashamed to admit it, but I broke the $100 rule and paid $125 for it.

Come on. It’s brand new! It’s huge! I talked him down!

I know, it’s also a little bit of an expected classic choice, but I love love love bubble lamps in bedrooms. See, even Maya has one and I want to be cool like Maya.

Look at that furry bed.

The overhead fixtures around the house are going to play a game of musical chairs. The lucite and gold baby from the bedroom will go to the guest bedroom and then the sputnik will go to the den and then the den light will go nowhere since its just from Ikea. Shazaam. It’s like a whole new house.

On the way home from craigslisting I stopped by Salvation Army and picked up this cute little ceramic owl lamp. Why? I don’t know. I have zero spots for him to go. I also grabbed a sweet vintage gray wool blanket in PERFECT condition and this crazy long faux fur monstrosity. I was thinking I could use either for this headboard project I’m planning on making, or to make a coat for Iggy, or maybe just drape myself in for winter. For $5, it was totally worth picking up both and deciding later.

Fur on your bed or fur on the ground. Furry fur fur fur.

What! It’s too hot to even think about fur.

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  1. Dan on 09/30/2010:

    I’m like really really jealous of both the bubble lamp and the owl lamp. And the lucite and gold lamp. And the sputnik lamp. Pretty much all your light fixtures, it’s irritating. Why you gotta do me like this, Morgan?!

    Please make a coat for Iggy (and a gold chain collar with a money symbol-shaped nametag). Pretty please.

  2. helloshiella on 09/30/2010:

    gezus. a furry head board? that sounds So.Sexy

    you are so good at this craigslist-ness. pls write a post on how you magically talk these people down (include key words) because i cave, am too nice, and just agree on price… even with a smile.

  3. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/30/2010:

    I magically talk them down by being kind of stubborn. Lord know I’m not charming. Plus I just ask and don’t worry about being offensive. People will usually go for it or meet you in the middle.

    My only secret is having the willpower to walk away. I called him Sunday, asked him to lower the price and he said no. He emailed me today and caved – not as much as I would have liked but enough to make it worth it.

  4. Tim Young on 09/30/2010:

    I saw and was very tempted by that bubble lamp. I love those things.

    I recently found this site that sells Noguchi designed paper lanterns. Have you seen it?

    Some affordable, like $100-$200 range, and some really expensive, like a grand.

  5. Brick and Brack on 09/30/2010:

    That owl lamp is adorable.

  6. Jon on 09/30/2010:

    I’m huge proponent of fur and wool, but linens from a thrift store… you will send those through the atomic wash cycle, right?

  7. the vintage cabin on 09/30/2010:

    I’ve bought linens from the thrift store for almost my entire life and have yet to get herpes, crabs OR bedbugs from anything. I’m ashamed to admit that I even buy things if I really love them even if there is a small stain that looks like it could be poop.

    Nice finds! I’ll let the bubble lamp slide, just this time, only because it was bought second hand. If it was new, I’d have to stop following you on Twitter right away. 😉

  8. Fat Cat on 09/30/2010:

    I confess I prefer the owl lamp to the bubble one! I am a total sucker for cute chubby owls… (btw – would you consider international shipping?)
    But I am still amazed at the deal you got on the Nelson lamp. So what if doesn’t pass the 100 $ rule ? A find like that won’t come up every day. Although in your case, I seem to remember another Nelson find for like 5$…

  9. Sarah on 09/30/2010:

    i covet the owl lamp. to excess. it’s charming. who cares where it will end up. it would make me smile een if it were stored on a closet shelf and i saw only incidentally, once in a while as i was hauling out a stinky hamper or stashing linens or whotnot

  10. Cait @ Hernando House on 09/30/2010:

    That bubble lamp is fabulous! And I never say fabulous. Shazzam. You made me say fabulous.

    Can’t wait to see what you do with the faux fur and wool blankets! I totally second Dan’s suggestion/request!

  11. Suzy8track on 09/30/2010:

    That owl lamp is fabulous! I adore kitschy items! Not a huge fan of the bubble lamp though…probably because they seem to be everywhere and I would prefer to have something unique and different, but it does look great in your bedroom.

  12. Laura on 09/30/2010:

    Can you un-lamp the owl lamp? Screw it apart and call it sculpture.

  13. ModFruGal on 09/30/2010:

    Furry fur fur…yum.

  14. HousePet on 09/30/2010:

    super thrifty! that bubble is going to look so good in your room. and how about that headboard with the built-in bedsides in the furry floor room – wow!!

  15. Christine on 09/30/2010:

    The vintage cabin- I bought a small rug from a thrift store once that my cats loved rolling around on and a couple of weeks later they both had flees. They are indoor cats so I don’t know how else they might have gotten them. Now my husband has banned any non-washable thrifted bedding or rugs from our house.

  16. lyn on 09/30/2010:

    i love all your thrifty finds! what do you search for in craigslist…i’m always trying to find random stuff and putting random words in the search function…what do you use?!

  17. the vintage cabin on 09/30/2010:

    Christine (and any other bedding/blanket/rug thrifters),
    Rule #1: If you buy a rug, get it dry cleaned.
    Rule #2: If you buy sheets or anything else textile related, wash them in hot water. If the poop stains are still there after a good clean, re-donate (or cut out the poop stains and repurpose).
    Rule #3: Bend the rules.
    Also, don’t let anyone tell you wool blankets are dry clean only. Wash them in cold water and hang to dry and they’re perfect.

    Sorry about the rant.

  18. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/30/2010:

    I just go crazy and buy underwear & lingerie at thrift stores and never wash them.

    Just kidding. Maybe…

    No really that’s gross.

    Wash your stuff from thrift stores. That is a given, right?

  19. Sean on 09/30/2010:

    I’m insanely jealous over that owl lamp. What kind of shade do you think you’ll put on it?

    About buying fabric and the like from thrift stores: it’s totally cool. I’ve been doing it for years. I think that most of us think our neighbors are grosser than they really are even though they may seem to be pretty gross.

  20. Mel on 10/01/2010:

    Seriously, even if you didn’t need an owl lamp there is no way you could pass by that sweet face. It’s completely fantastic! Great find.

  21. Lynne on 10/01/2010:

    I WANT THAT OWL LAMP!!!!! Why oh why, can’t my Salvation Army sell cool lamps like that?
    Jealousy, jealousy jealousy!

  22. Carpet Gal on 10/01/2010:

    That’s a heck of a lot of fur! I say go with the fur on the floor, looks cozy and inviting…perfect for the upcoming winter 🙂 Love your owl lamp, only $5? you just couldn’t pass that bargain!

  23. Tonia on 10/01/2010:

    You are just rocking and rolling lady. If you decide to get rid of the owl lamp, let me know. Owls are my weakness.

  24. richelle on 10/01/2010:

    I have that same owl lamp. We didn’t have room for “another” lamp either, but I switched things around and made a spot for it because it is pure goodness.

  25. Kathleen on 10/01/2010:

    Amen to the fur. Fur reals. HA!

  26. allison on 10/02/2010:

    So I have a faux-fur headboard – I was inspired by the bed in The Lives of Others. I love(d) it. One warning: I spend a lot of time reading, sitting up in bed propped against the headboard, and the fur has gotten ugly and matted. I don’t know how to avoid that/deal with the situation, so I’ve just recovered the thing. . . but I’m sure you can find a way. . .

  27. genevieve on 10/03/2010:

    Your bubble lamp is making me both mad and jealous. Not three weeks ago I was ONE MINUTE late to the opening of Goodwill in the morning and there was a large size bubble lamp there for 5 dollars (5!!!!!!!!), and this picker rival of mine who happens to be a TOTAL JERK got it. My blood boils just thinking about it. Nice score!!

  28. Ann W on 12/04/2010:

    NEVER pass up a good lamp. You can always save it or sell it. Do you ever get surprised by all those people staring back at you in the paintings?

  29. Ann W on 12/04/2010:

    Wool blankets that are smelly can be soaked in baking soda over night in the washing machine. Drain, resoak, then wash on cold. I have found the Best blankets from Scotland, England, Iceland at garage sales, thrift stores and ebay for really really cheap. If the satiny binding is ripped or shredded, take it off, you don’t need it. Remember, it doesn’t have to remain a blanket. You can use them for upholstering dining room chairs, pillows, or make dog toys or tree ornaments. If you keep washing a wool blanket in hot water, it shrinks and felts itself.

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