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Wednesday, December 19th, 2012









Hey. Whats up? No way, really? Yeah me to.

Oh look, it’s some images that have been floating around my instagram over the last few weeks. Some feature Bea, the most featheriest chihuahua in all the land and some don’t. Some feature CAMP products in the works or highlight a few changes around the house. One features old chicken skin face Bowie and I guess they all sort of feature the holiday doldrums. Try and tell which is which. Great job. You win.

Holidays over yet?


Will someone please get me when they are?



Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Either the summer heat or my advanced age is making my brain go all mushy and not have words for writing and making the things coherent and that stuff.

I have things to blog. Serious things.

At least that’s what all these half-finished posts giving me the stink eye seem to indicate.

Go finish yourselves, you stupid judgmental posts! Who needs you, when all sorts of quicker and less wordy things are happening over on that @the_brick_house thing on Instagram.


Hey there, friend.

I’ve been hanging around a couple new places on the internet. Don’t tell anyone.

Here are some links:


Thanks again to all the nice internets and people on it.

I like you.

Enjoy the weekend, but please do it begrudgingly. No one likes a showboat.


Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Check out the power of traditional print media.

The little article we did awhile ago about the house found its way to Liz, who was a previous owner of The Brick House about a decade ago. She stopped by to share some pictures of their time in the pad and tell stories as well as solve mysteries. I guess there used to be an ivy trellis over the driveway and tons of huge mature hedges. Where did they all go? Who knows. Another mystery for another owner.

So, Liz is cute as a button, hilarious and blogs as well as has some awesome taste. In example:

Check it out! She brought a house warming gift (?) (I’m not sure what you would call it, since we’ve been here and she is the previous owner) but it is AMAZING. While she modestly declared it was a re-gift and she had a pair at home, I just don’t give a crap, because it was incredible and I LOVE IT. Love love love. My family and The Boy can attest, I never LOVE gifts (because I am an asshole – that’s how my family describes it), but the streak is broken. I loved it. Unironically.

The Lytegem Lamp designed by Michael Lax in 1965 was recently reintroduced by Lightolier and is super great design. I’m loving the persimmon/gunmetal color combo and feel like it might need to live in the master bedroom. Check out that packaging. Why can’t everything be this nice?

It was great to have Liz over and I’m glad we got her seal of approval in our efforts to make this place awesome. Come back anytime, and don’t be nervous – I swear we aren’t killers. SWEAR.