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Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Ever since we brought home a galvanized livestock tank with starry eyed ambitions of converting it into a pool, I’ve been peppered with emails about the progress and inquiries into the possibility of posting a DIY.


Two years and counting and we still haven’t done any of that.

Yup, we never installed a filter system or really attempted anything beyond relocating the tank to the still unfinished side yard.  But, all of that neglect doesn’t mean we haven’t used this baby over the years. Summers are hot in the desert. Duh.

Since the pool it isn’t filtered, we use a skimmer net to clean out random chunks of debris that occasionally land in the water and when that water gets cloudy from use, we dump it into the yard and refill with fresh stuff. Typically this dump and refill happens about every three or more weeks depending on how much we use the pool or neglect skimming it.

Some day I hope to finish the project up, but for now, a soak, a float or a quick splash keeps us plenty cool in the summer. Oh, and if your jonesing for a more complete tank pool project check out this post via The Cabin House.


Sunday, April 15th, 2012

The New York Times recently featured artist Doug Aitken’s home in Venice, California and I’m crushing on it so very hard.

It’s torturous.

Considering that it’s been a good long while since I’ve felt that deep gnawing tingle of a hardcore house crush, I had completely forgotten how creepy it feels to suddenly catch myself randomly daydreaming about a total strangers home.

Please stop seducing me, Doug Aitken’s house.

Also, please stop making me want piles of these Constance Holt Bolivian frasada pillows and all of Jamey Garza’s leather furniture so goddamn bad. I can’t afford this stuff. I CAN’T.

Despite being deeply obsessed with everything Bolivian textile now, I still haven’t woken up as a person who can afford to run over to Heath in LA and grab a shitload of $400 pillows. So, I’m spiraling into madness and spending dumb amounts of energy looking to source affordable Bolivian blankets and such. The reality of the sheer volume of time that’s been dedicated to this endeavor would terrify and concern folks.

Good thing all that concentrated effort has amounted in exactly squat.

On the bright side? At least I know what my next six months are dedicated to finding. Thanks again, crazy brain.

I need so much Garza Furniture in my life (to fill up that deep dark needy furniture shaped hole in my heart).

Go ahead and quit trying to tease me with that sassy little poppy leg and peek of perfect leather. I get it, chair. I like you.

You win.

Wood. Windows. Rails. Work it girl.

We just started moving ahead with some big landscaping projects (like a custom gate and steel planters and so much DG) and I keep returning back to this simple little outdoor area with it’s casual succulent and cacti plantings. I’m totally going to so casually plant desert type plants all over my yards. I’m going to do that so hard.

Hell yeah I am.

Also, did you know that this house is also a musical instrument? Yup. Apparently.


Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Kathleen Ryan, that lovely lady who traded with me for that amazing fiber piece, has an equally lovely and amazing home in Los Angeles. My big regret is not having a camera handy when I visited her super great and cozy home in Highland Park, but I thought you guys still might like a taste of this place.

Here’s a small peek into her abode via Kathleen’s photos and my awkward instagrams.

Oh, hello Mr. Fiber. Seen here in his original habitat looking glorious.

Also, rug. Ruuuuggggs.

Urban chickens!

She even DIY’d a sweet ass chicken coop that’s way more awesome than anything that has have ever existed in chicken housing.

Kathleen’s a thrifty girl currently pursuing a graduate art degree whilst also fixing up her home one budget DIY project at a time. Of course I love the shit out of it.

So happy we were able to meet up via the wonder of the internets and I definitely want to photograph her home more fully. It’s  killer! KILLER.