August 1st, 2012

Ever since we brought home a galvanized livestock tank with starry eyed ambitions of converting it into a pool, I’ve been peppered with emails about the progress and inquiries into the possibility of posting a DIY.


Two years and counting and we still haven’t done any of that.

Yup, we never installed a filter system or really attempted anything beyond relocating the tank to the still unfinished side yard.  But, all of that neglect doesn’t mean we haven’t used this baby over the years. Summers are hot in the desert. Duh.

Since the pool it isn’t filtered, we use a skimmer net to clean out random chunks of debris that occasionally land in the water and when that water gets cloudy from use, we dump it into the yard and refill with fresh stuff. Typically this dump and refill happens about every three or more weeks depending on how much we use the pool or neglect skimming it.

Some day I hope to finish the project up, but for now, a soak, a float or a quick splash keeps us plenty cool in the summer. Oh, and if your jonesing for a more complete tank pool project check out this post via The Cabin House.

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  1. Mr. Modtomic on 08/01/2012:

    Here in St. Louis…well at least on the south side…we call these Hoosier Hot Tubs. Hoosier means something a little different in the St. Louis area than in the rest of the U.S. and although generally used in a derogatory way, has been co-opted by some south side hipsters to an extent as a self effacing self description.

  2. Lunaluna on 08/01/2012:

    Who’s are the zombie feet? 🙂

  3. the brick house on 08/01/2012:

    Lunaluna: mine. Instagram + shade = blue chubby toes.

  4. miriam on 08/01/2012:

    We have a similar setup, but we dump a couple of cups of bleach in the pool every morning–it really keeps the sliminess factor off the sides and bottom of the pool and the water lasts longer.

    The sun breaks down the chlorine which is why you need to add more every day. I think it might also help with the mosquitoes and other yuckies who don’t like the chlorinated water.

    Just be sure not to add bleach for a day or so before you empty the pool so it doesn’t get into your soil or whatever.

  5. Dan on 08/01/2012:

    Ive been checking your site for a long time and have clipped many things from it for inspiration, ideas (i even freakishly went back and read the archives) and i just have to say I love it and the photos above are incredible, just beautiful.

  6. PintSize Starter on 08/01/2012:

    Been dying for an update! Thanks.

  7. eden on 08/01/2012:

    How do you get in and out? Maybe it seems deeper to me than it really is…

  8. the brick house on 08/01/2012:

    Eden: it’s only about 30″ deep by 10′ round.

  9. Shayna on 08/01/2012:

    Hey, thanks for the shout-out! I forgot to mention in our post that we also use an AMAZING and super cheap (aka around $12) “solar” pool cover that we bought on amazon…looks like blue bubble wrap. It heats up the top 3-4″ and then we stir it all up and it’s not too chilly.

  10. cathy on 08/01/2012:

    We used to have a wood barrel hot tub (the kind that looks like you should be stomping grapes in it). We didn’t want to use chlorine or bleach to keep the water safe. The other alternative (which we used for years) is to use bromine tablets. You buy a plastic dispenser, load it up with the bromine tabs, and it bobs on the surface of your tub as it keeps the bacteria and stuff away. We’d drain the tub from time to time; I wouldn’t recommend using the old water on anything edible, but it’s fine for most ornamentals. The bromine tablets and the dispenser ought to be available at a hot tub/pool supply store. You can also get thin, waterproof foam that can be cut to size. If you cut a piece (or two and tape them together), they’ll also float on the water’s surface, but will keep bugs and leaves out.

  11. louise and nivaldo on 08/02/2012:

    Looks like fun to us. Love your site!

  12. Creede on 08/02/2012:

    Funny you should mention it. I just spotted this one on a job I was working at. I like the combo of the ofuro/outdoor shower.

  13. J. Coffin on 08/07/2012:

    I can not to wait to get one of these next summer. I check all the time to see if they ever go on sale. I am not sure if there is a peak season for live stock equipment! It has been so hot here this summer in Michigan. I need one! Not to mention they are beautiful.
    You don not have zombie feet!

  14. local tourist on 08/10/2012:

    I’m assuming a livestock tank is less than a full sized above ground pool (about $1k) ?

  15. Alicia on 08/11/2012:

    I know this is a totally selfish thing to say, but I hope you never finish decorating. I enjoy your blog, your style and your wit so much I can’t bear to think of it coming to an end!

    P.S. Those aren’t zombie feet! Those are cute bubble gum toes!

  16. Tanja Dögg on 08/11/2012:

    Beautiful 😀

  17. J. Coffin on 08/14/2012:

    I love your blog, and I am sure you are busy! So could you maybe give me a great blog or site to spend my time until your next blog post?! Nothing I find seems to fill the gap.

  18. furpants on 08/16/2012:

    get out of the damned pool and write a post already. please?

  19. looks great. cant wait for summer to come back so i can crank up our 60’s pool and a G&T

  20. Absolute Condos on 08/29/2012:

    Looks like fun to us. Love your site!

  21. John Henson on 03/12/2013:

    Great stuff. How much does the water heat up in the desert summer? Do the sides of the tank get too hot to touch?

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