March 6th, 2012

Kathleen Ryan, that lovely lady who traded with me for that amazing fiber piece, has an equally lovely and amazing home in Los Angeles. My big regret is not having a camera handy when I visited her super great and cozy home in Highland Park, but I thought you guys still might like a taste of this place.

Here’s a small peek into her abode via Kathleen’s photos and my awkward instagrams.

Oh, hello Mr. Fiber. Seen here in his original habitat looking glorious.

Also, rug. Ruuuuggggs.

Urban chickens!

She even DIY’d a sweet ass chicken coop that’s way more awesome than anything that has have ever existed in chicken housing.

Kathleen’s a thrifty girl currently pursuing a graduate art degree whilst also fixing up her home one budget DIY project at a time. Of course I love the shit out of it.

So happy we were able to meet up via the wonder of the internets and I definitely want to photograph her home more fully. It’s  killer! KILLER.

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  1. Will @ Bright.Bazaar on 03/07/2012:

    Those graphic, super colourful rugs are catching my eye! Lovely space.

  2. Lunaluna on 03/07/2012:

    Me covet that steel and leather bench!

  3. Tonia on 03/07/2012:

    Love the chicken coop! The rugs love them even more.

  4. ariele @ brooklyn to west on 03/07/2012:

    Love that shingled chicken coop! You’re right, that is totally kick-ass. Plus all the rugs are a-MAzing!

  5. Suzy8track on 03/07/2012:

    I agree…it is killer! LOVE the rugs! the chickens! and everything!

  6. Amy Walters, aDESIGNdock on 03/07/2012:

    Love the black painted door in the bedroom. So graphic and gutsy!

  7. Erin | Holtwood Hipster on 03/07/2012:

    Yeah, the rugs pretty much knock my socks off. That pinky/red one in her office is ridiculous- as is the planter on her dining room table. Definitely wish to see more of this space!

  8. andrea on 03/07/2012:

    The instagrams are great but I think you should return with your camera. It would be visually interesting to see the contrast between the two sets of photos. Medium is the message and all that!

  9. Leah on 03/07/2012:

    love her home! anyone with chickens is ace in my book!

  10. Keren V. on 03/07/2012:

    Would it be absurd to raise Urban Chickens in NYC? I love their colored feathers! Maybe I’ll just have to settle for a photo print of the chicks. Also, please give me that bathtub.

  11. modernhaus on 03/07/2012:

    This makes me feel much better about my motley rug collection. Chickens are the status symbols in our New Economy? The Victory Gardens of the Great Recession? Or just awesome. I just found out my city made it illegal to keep chickens. But not to open 99 cent stores apparently. Because we all know that chickens are at the root of urban blight.

  12. Amber on 03/07/2012:

    I’m glad I can pin this claw foot tub that is a shower too. My husband said it couldn’t be done. Ha jokes on him. Also I’m loving her bright rugs. We just got one that’s similar for our nook. Love it.

  13. nickarmadillo on 03/07/2012:

    Man, I wish I’d had this kind of place in grad school. I was stuck in a dumpy apartment and living on Ramen noodles with katsup.

  14. THE BRICK HOUSE on 03/08/2012:

    I gotta get some chickens.

  15. suzanne on 03/08/2012:

    Does she have a blog? She needs to give us a DIY on that Chicken Coop! good find.

  16. jess s on 03/08/2012:

    How long until the Brick House gets a flock of chickens? That would be ideal.

    Does Kathleen have a blog where I can see more of her fabulous beautiful house? These photos have piqued my interest such that I’m not sure I can live without seeing more and knowing every detail. Let’s start with that perfect teeny little bathroom.

  17. Just Say Native on 03/08/2012:

    I can’t get over the fiber piece. Seriously amazing. I want to steal it off your wall and hoard it to myself!

  18. Charlotte on 03/09/2012:

    Great place which contains all the elements I love…wonderful rugs, kilim cushions, vintage wood furniture with patina, great textures and natural colours…chickens 🙂

  19. that is a seriously cool home

  20. THE BRICK HOUSE on 03/10/2012:

    Kathleen needs to have a blog.

  21. kate on 03/10/2012:

    whoa, amazzzing.

  22. Lily from Birch + Bird on 03/12/2012:

    That bedroom rug is amazing! Love it! And I’ve been wanting to add a chicken coop (and chickens!) for awhile…our city bylaws just approved them…but must admit, I’m a little scared of roosters! Hope that doesn’t mean something Freudian…

  23. julia wheeler on 03/14/2012:

    she definitely needs a blog… this place is super rad. i still can’t believe she parted ways with that glorious fiber art. if i were her i would have definitely cried.

  24. mary on 03/15/2012:

    I just found your blog and I freaking LOVE it!! Totally on my daily read list!!! your dog, your writing and your style are hilarious and comforting and intriguing in the BEST way!!

  25. Natalie (Fashion Intel) on 03/20/2012:

    What a cozy space and a million times yes to the chickens!

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