April 15th, 2012

The New York Times recently featured artist Doug Aitken’s home in Venice, California and I’m crushing on it so very hard.

It’s torturous.

Considering that it’s been a good long while since I’ve felt that deep gnawing tingle of a hardcore house crush, I had completely forgotten how creepy it feels to suddenly catch myself randomly daydreaming about a total strangers home.

Please stop seducing me, Doug Aitken’s house.

Also, please stop making me want piles of these Constance Holt Bolivian frasada pillows and all of Jamey Garza’s leather furniture so goddamn bad. I can’t afford this stuff. I CAN’T.

Despite being deeply obsessed with everything Bolivian textile now, I still haven’t woken up as a person who can afford to run over to Heath in LA and grab a shitload of $400 pillows. So, I’m spiraling into madness and spending dumb amounts of energy looking to source affordable Bolivian blankets and such. The reality of the sheer volume of time that’s been dedicated to this endeavor would terrify and concern folks.

Good thing all that concentrated effort has amounted in exactly squat.

On the bright side? At least I know what my next six months are dedicated to finding. Thanks again, crazy brain.

I need so much Garza Furniture in my life (to fill up that deep dark needy furniture shaped hole in my heart).

Go ahead and quit trying to tease me with that sassy little poppy leg and peek of perfect leather. I get it, chair. I like you.

You win.

Wood. Windows. Rails. Work it girl.

We just started moving ahead with some big landscaping projects (like a custom gate and steel planters and so much DG) and I keep returning back to this simple little outdoor area with it’s casual succulent and cacti plantings. I’m totally going to so casually plant desert type plants all over my yards. I’m going to do that so hard.

Hell yeah I am.

Also, did you know that this house is also a musical instrument? Yup. Apparently.

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  1. Marion on 04/15/2012:

    Magical !

  2. Elle on 04/16/2012:

    Wow, incredible.

    But your place is my house crush. Can I come and live with you? 🙂

  3. Erin | Holtwood Hipster on 04/16/2012:

    First off- I’m with Elle. Are you at all creeped out that we all spend inordinate amours of time daydreaming about your house? Secondly- holy hell. What is that air plant pendant thingy hanging in the kitchen? I like need it- somewhere… I don’t know where. Lastly, we love “crazy brain” because something tells me you will find a way to produce those bolivian textile pillows in a way none of us even thought possible. No pressure…

  4. Christa on 04/16/2012:

    Air plant toupées! I never knew such a thing existed before.

    Can’t wait to see what you do with your landscaping.

  5. annie on 04/16/2012:

    thank you for filling the brick house sized hole i had in my heart. i love seeing new posts by you.
    the musical instrument house is bitchin’. with the air plant pendant, can they live that close to a direct light source? because i just killed like three, nope four, of my tillandsias.

  6. jeannette on 04/16/2012:

    modern has always needed an organic ethno artisanal touch. those bolivian pinks and oranges, wow.

  7. Suzy8track on 04/16/2012:

    Holey Moley! I’m in love with that groovy kitchen! I must find out more about that hanging plant / light in the kitchen!

  8. Kathleen on 04/16/2012:

    I’m all a tingle with anticipation from your tease landscape project mention! Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to.

  9. Lesley on 04/16/2012:

    Can you tell what is going on with the kitchen walls? Is that tile all the way up? In three different patterns (or same pattern, different scales?)

  10. THE BRICK HOUSE on 04/16/2012:

    It is tile all the way up, two scales of the same pattern. So nice.

  11. solange on 04/16/2012:

    About bolivian textiles, you can find some things here:

    (I just bought yarn from them, can`t say much about the textiles)

  12. Lesley on 04/16/2012:

    Okay this is off-topic, but remember: Don’t go pee in anyone’s bushes, especially in Hemet!

  13. Ann on 04/17/2012:

    Thanks for posting this! I love this house-the musical tables and stairs, hidden door- all of it! Truly unique.

  14. Amanda on 04/17/2012:

    LOVE that kitchen!! Thanks for posting!

  15. Kevin on 04/17/2012:

    That brutal, stairwell planter thinger in the mirrored something or other indoor/outdoor eyeball orgy from the first picture is a total dream.

  16. The first picture with those sneakily bold modern planters is amazing. I need to do that. I love all these windows…and is that a plant/light hybrid thing-a-ma-bob? So cool!

  17. carrie olshan on 04/18/2012:

    i can’t take those pillows! last week I wrote about the constance holt pillows and i’m avoiding going in to heath because i know i.can’ grrr. they would look so lovely 10 deep along my grey sofa…sigh.

  18. caroline on 04/20/2012:

    ooh, I love that kitchen.

  19. kerry on 05/01/2012:

    Does it have to be Bolivian? Can you fake the pillows with some nice guatemalan textile? I get mine from here

    but you can usually also find some on ebay. You might be able to find some in a tamer color set.

  20. Nina M on 07/02/2012:

    Aah, love this house and your blog! Great inspiration in here:-) I’ve borrowed one of the Doug Aitken-photos to my blog

  21. Laura on 01/04/2013:

    Oh you think youre insane? I am also obsessed with these gorgeous textiles, and I had also spent moths trying to source them, also coming up with squat.

    But when I get an obsession, I get an obsession. In November I actually dragged my poor husband all the way to Bolivia (from the UK..) in search of them. In La Paz, 4000 metres up the Andes (braving the most terrifying aircraft landing of my life) I found the buggers. I was a pig in shit. I also realise why they are almost impossible to source…they are uber heavy, and customs look very supiciously upon big boxes from Bolivia. Despite this, I am now the very proud owner of 25 bolivian blankets. they are drop dead gorgeous. Beat that for obsession…

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