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Friday, July 11th, 2008

A few things on the current “to do” list are giving me a little bit of trouble. Namely the front door hardware, and the direction the pink bathroom is going to go in. I’m on the hunt for some inspiration……cheap delicious inspiration…

I saw these on EBAY…and stupidly forgot to bid on them (they sold for only $15.51) . What a really great pair of vintage door escutcheons that I would have loved to use on my front door. How do you even pronounce that word – escutcheon?

Anyhooooo…I really want to address the front doors lack of hardware. The reality lock box is still hanging on the cheapo home depot brass entry knob, making the Brick House look abandoned. Also check out the nice plate instead of a deadbolt.

The big problem is that stupid giant hole. I have to get something with an escutcheon or a back plate to cover it up. This is proving to be difficult in my price range which is about $150 – $200.

Here are a few options I’m thinking about:

5th Avenue Combo Pack

Satin Nickel finish with a 5th Avenue knob : $208.24

Schlage Century Door Entry Set
Satin chrome finish with the Orbit Knob :

Deadbolt Lockset Double Cylinder Knob by Omnia
Satin Chrome : $223.30

* I don’t think this will even work to cover the holes, I can’t find the dimensions…aaaahhhh.

If anyone knows of a good cheap mid century style entry lockset that will cover all the stupid holes in my door, let me know…I’m desperate.

For now I’m just going to cry about it. I can’t seem to find something that meets all my door measurement criteria and will be affordable and stylish. Stupid money and my lack of it.