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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

I picked up a pair of butterfly chair frames off of Craigslist to help round out the growing collection of sexy Hardoy bad boys living at the house.

These two make six total (not counting the two vintage folding ones I bought a while back, but those are for camping). The Boy was a little confused as to why I want more exterior chairs. I just can’t get enough! I’m a butterfly addict.

Too bad they came with the most ill-fitting slings ever…which also happen to be F-to the-UGLY. All the non-matching slings are destroying my aesthetic sensibilities.

Oh well, all the covers will eventually be replaced with some sort of exterior mesh babies like these Indoor/outdoor Vinyl Weave covers from Circa 50, I’m thinking the black slings will look ultra swanky. At $50 – $60 a pop I’m going to need to save up some cash (or sell some vintage stuff floating around) to support my butterfly habit.

Sorry for the less than exciting unstyled fire pit photos. I’m trying to hide a top secret ultra cool project that we have been working on outside. Hopefully it will be revealed soon. Ohhhh, the tension, the anxiety, do you feel it? It’s killing me.

Butterfly Chair Photos. ACTIVATE.

Yeah, middle age white guys like them. So should you.

Side Yard Fence

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

The side yard fence is continuing to slowly disintegrate. Hello neighbor! Who still refuses to contribute funds for the fixing.

It’s been a major agenda item to fix the side yard fence for some time, but first there was a heat wave, so working outside = yuck. Then it rained and drizzled for weeks on end, so again = yuck.

A side effect from all the rain is all this unwanted grass. I like my yard dead and dusty. The weeds are going nuts everywhere else. Gotta get planting…at least a little.

I have been taking the dogs out to play on the new lawn, since it will probably die or be dug up by the time we get landscaping. Iggy loves the lawn but refused to get within ten feet of Number Three (who we are tentatively calling Bowie). Wuss, that dog weighs like one pound!

I want to replace and move forward (towards the street) the fence that connects the side fence to the house. A good solution to keep costs down, keep it private and break up the front profile of the house would be to do a wide plank slat fence. While looking around for  inspiration on wide plank fences, I recalled Stephanie Bartron’s work and really liked this take on the wide plank fence above. Problem is, I couldn’t get a very good image of it so I included three angles of the same project.

Now I just need Carpenter Craig to come out and help with some fence building. If you are reading this, I think next week works for me…

Palm Springs Stalking

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

The past few days have been jam-packed. Work work, friends, work, thunderstorms, work…ugh. I’m exhausted.

I met up with Bianca and friends at their campsite in Joshua Tree to check out this music thing at Pappy and Harriet’s and celebrate Bee’s birthday. It was awesomely fun even though felt totally out of place at the Manimal event.

In the morning I headed back out to Palm Springs to meet with a new client about a very cool house – which I can’t wait to show you guys – it rained off and on, was 100 + degrees and like 100 percent humidity so things were a sticky mess. While I was leaving and getting ready to meet up with Bee and the crew I took some inspiration photos of exteriors around town. Driving around slowly and shooting out my car window always makes me feel like a super creep.

I love this entrance. I bet you guys have seen it before – looks like one of the agaves bit the dust.

I actually got out of my car for this one. Sothebys was having an open house and I desperately wanted to go in and check it out. I felt a little weird since NO ONE was around and then got a text to head out and meet the kids at The Ace.

Stormy all day. By stormy I mean really sunny with sudden torrential downpours. It was frustrating weather.

I was needing some inspiration for a fire pit set up I’m thinking about and saw this fresh addition at The Ace. Love the shallow pan with the tri-legged stand.

Here is the surrounding rock circle and pool with a lush lawn that was not for walking on.

After doing a quick walk-a-bout around the hotel property we headed out for some shopping. I bought nothing but did see…


Which led back to The Ace where I got something really cool.

After months of waiting I finally got a terrarium! The last time Bianca came out we found this weird plastic container thing the said “Morgan” on the bottom which she promised to make into a terrarium and give back to me. I love it, it has a nude couple on a lounger and an air plant. It’s perfect!

Here is me receiving my gift as shot by Bee’s long time lover – Eric. Does it gross you out when I say lover? It grosses me out. Now that is how I am referring to all significant others for extra awkwardness. Oh, and because I’m on my completely weird incognito fetish kick, Biancer decided to block out my identity with hearts. That’ll do B. That’ll do.

Bianca has an etsy shop Terri Planty were she sells her planted creations and a blog about the process of making them. I need to find a spot for my new baby.