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Sunday, September 8th, 2013


Howdy strangers.

No excuses. No explanations. No blogging.

Mostly there’s been nothing interesting house project-wise to share with everyone, so I’ve made an effort to quell the rampant onslaught of self promotion type posts that were piling up around here and boring folks. Lacking for much else content-wise, summer conveniently looked like a good time to log off to focus on work and all sorts of things that remain dully unbloggable.

FYI, Google Reader shut down like a jerk and destroyed the only way I kept abreast of things. So I’ve assumed everyone has stopped blogging.


As of now?

Things are busy and chug-chug-chugging along. The house is full of boxes stacked on top of towers of more boxes stuffed with some other boxes. Sometimes I run into a small herd of roaming dogs in the chaos. Mostly everything looks like crap all the time. I need a work space, i need some help, this website needs a gut overhaul and maybe we need to find a new house.


So hello again.

I’ve got some diy and other posts lined up for the future and maybe they are good? Who knows, I’m pretty rusty at this crap. Also, I need to catch up on wee bit of self promotion here and there. Apologies in advance. Like now.





A limited batch of leather + brass hex pulls as well as a few of the new white Simple Light are now available in the CAMP shop. They’re really nice. Just like your face.



Friday, October 19th, 2012


A little peek of some recent goings-on around here via my Instagram thing.

Kisses till later, boos.



Friday, September 28th, 2012


We decided on a name! The name is annoyingly ridiculous! Apologies in advance! Ok, so what is it?

Bea Arthur ‘Featherfoot’ Beepers

Yeah, well, we mainly call her ‘Bea’ for expediency or ‘Beepers’ when she squeaks or howls. Occasionally we’ll throw out a ‘Featherfoot’ when shes acting like a creepy hippie. She’s spayed, fully vaccinated, flea free and generally incredibly amazing, but we are  now officially crazy dog herding people. For reals.


It’s Friday, otherwise know as the official round up day of the internet, so here’s a little peak at some of the stuff I’ve been rounding up on the old Craigslist.

Of course, I’m a compulsive CL scavenger and save an insane amount of listings while sending a ridiculous amount of pointless email inquires considering that I rarely buy. I mean, really it’s like 5% of the time that everything works out and I find something I want at a good price, drive out and grab it and then somehow don’t get murdered. Anyways, it takes a delicate combination of price, ease, need and willpower for me to follow through and meet up with a stranger to buy their old unwanted crap.

CL is a pain. Mostly. But I just can’t stop chasing that dragon.

Above are a few samples from the past month of my saved CL posts – which total out to be seven things I’m watching and one thing I’m buying. But those are cute things dummy! Why not buy everything?! Well, some are overpriced, some are basically inconvenient, some sellers are unreachable and a special few are constantly reposted because the seller is cray-cray.

Which one made the cut?

Hint hint, it’s not that Lafer sofa and it’s bigger than Bea. Stay tuned? Hopefully it will be in the house? if everything works out?


Have a sweet ass weekend.