Side Yard Fence

October 27th, 2010

The side yard fence is continuing to slowly disintegrate. Hello neighbor! Who still refuses to contribute funds for the fixing.

It’s been a major agenda item to fix the side yard fence for some time, but first there was a heat wave, so working outside = yuck. Then it rained and drizzled for weeks on end, so again = yuck.

A side effect from all the rain is all this unwanted grass. I like my yard dead and dusty. The weeds are going nuts everywhere else. Gotta get planting…at least a little.

I have been taking the dogs out to play on the new lawn, since it will probably die or be dug up by the time we get landscaping. Iggy loves the lawn but refused to get within ten feet of Number Three (who we are tentatively calling Bowie). Wuss, that dog weighs like one pound!

I want to replace and move forward (towards the street) the fence that connects the side fence to the house. A good solution to keep costs down, keep it private and break up the front profile of the house would be to do a wide plank slat fence. While looking around for  inspiration on wide plank fences, I recalled Stephanie Bartron’s work and really liked this take on the wide plank fence above. Problem is, I couldn’t get a very good image of it so I included three angles of the same project.

Now I just need Carpenter Craig to come out and help with some fence building. If you are reading this, I think next week works for me…

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  1. Tonia on 10/27/2010:

    Do you need me to send some bamboo your way? LOL no just kidding.. I have the same issue with my neighbor and it looks like he his not going to change his mind.

    I love the direction you’re thinking of going for your backyard. Number 3/Bowie and Iggy will be friends soon. Iggy just wants to make sure he’s going to stay for a while, since previously he would visit and leave. bty I like the name Rambo for hime better. 🙂 what do you think?

  2. Carol on 10/27/2010:

    Do you ever look through your blog and pat yourselves on the back for how much work you guys have done on your house? I was just checking out your old sketchup entries and the results to date are pretty amazing. Good job. Good for you. Amazing. Also, Bowie works. Or you could go for the rhyme and call him Ziggy – but maybe that’s where you started.

  3. Dan on 10/27/2010:

    BOWIE OMG I’m like really jealous you nabbed that first. Why? All will be revealed tomorrow, but no, I did not get a pet. But someday. Bowie. Well I guess that’s out. (btw, my Dad’s cat in college was named Aladdin Sane… fun facts.)

    love the knotty goodness of the fence, it’s going to look beautiful!

  4. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/27/2010:

    Dan, I totally did it on purpose. No wait, I’m not psychic…or am I?

  5. Creature of Habit on 10/27/2010:

    I dunno….. look at that little face. He looks like a Rufus to me. My friend’s dog is named Bowie, he’s a black and white Border Collie. I think your little guy (who I love! Iggy and my dog sound EXACTLY alike) looks like he might be a Jazz Man. Marching to his own beat.

    I love the fence ideas!

  6. captain kk on 10/27/2010:

    wow.. i love the sb garden. it looked familiar somehow. i hadn’t seen that garden before, but felt like i knew the design if that makes sense. i realised i had recognised the designer behind it once i clicked through & saw the garden she designed for the bestor house & realised i’d seen it in one of my fav books, bohemian modern. anyway i love roseview & los feliz gardens.

  7. tx Sarah on 10/27/2010:

    My friend’s dog is named Bowie.

  8. Eric @ flavorspaces on 10/27/2010:

    Love the last pics with the plank fence. It would look great too, all you have to do is get that neighbor on board.

  9. Cheryl on 10/27/2010:

    I adopted a cat from Craigslist because his name was Bowie. He definitely lives up to the name.

  10. ModFruGal on 10/27/2010:

    Bowie! I love horizontal plank fences…neighbor is a douche. Make sure all the ugly bits and fasteners are extra obnoxious for that side.

  11. misa on 10/27/2010:

    i have a really fat orange and white tabby cat named david bowie. when i’m yelling at him i call him david anthony bowie.

  12. ben smithson on 10/27/2010:

    We’re saving up to replace the ghetto chain link fence (we have a Cliff May rancho – in Dallas), and we’re definitely leaning toward the horizontal plank style. I look forward to seeing what you guys do!

  13. john on 10/27/2010:

    I love all that you have done to your house, and I am looking forward to your yard projects too.
    The horizontal planks look nice, but it may get a little stuffy back there without any breezes flowing through the fence slats.
    Of course, you are currently getting some unwanted breezes due to the missing slats in your current fence. It sounds like you may just have to deal with the fence yourself. Not all neighbors have spare cash for such projects, and even fewer ever see such things as a priority until they are completely broken (we did not even bother asking our neighbors to share the cost when it came time to replace the fence).

  14. modernhaus on 10/27/2010:

    Morgan! Give my friend Ryan at Falling Waters a call-he specializes in Mid-Century landscape/xeriscape and I’m pretty sure he can give you some free help in exchange for the exposure…he’s like, the hot young thing of San Diego’s landscape design community and has won tons of awards.

  15. Bethany Joy on 10/27/2010:

    we lost our wood fence in a monsoon storm two years ago. our foreclosed neighbors obviously didn’t split any cost. We rebuilt a cedar one, but I want to paint it black or do something nicer with it. who the eff knew fences were so pricey!

  16. Sarah on 10/28/2010:

    So just stumbled along and found your blog and I think I may love you. 1) If I ever have two dogs I too would call them Iggie and Bowie (except maybe not Bowie cos a friend called dibs on calling her current non-existant daughter Bowie… but dibs doesn’t carry over species, surely?) and 2) mid-century furniture decor. I stopped talking to my fiance for a whole road trip cos he mentioned that he hated mid-century furniture. Since that day I have craftily been sneaking pieces in… doesn’t even notice! I would die for your sideboard/telly holder… I just recently lucked out on a similiar one…. would have nearly completed my un-noticed decor hijacking!!!
    Apologies now for my future lurking…

  17. Tamoto on 10/28/2010:

    Funny I was thinking Ziggy (as in stardust) but then I thought Ziggy and Iggy is too too. but Bowie is cute…

  18. Aidan on 10/29/2010:

    Looks like the fence is yours (good side faces out), so yeah, you can ask the neighbor to help, but likely the previous owners of your property put up the fence and if you want a fence = you foot the bill. Plus, didn’t you say you live in a divey hood? I doubt your neighbors have the kind of cash to blow on a wood fence (those suckers are spendy).

  19. The brick house on 10/29/2010:

    We are no replacing the whole fence, just the front facing the street. We are repairing the broken fence and need to replace the posts and reinstall the boards. I just wanted like $50 – $75 to help with the repair costs, and the guy owes us $100 already. I wouldn’t expect him to half a new fence, just contribute to repair.

  20. gad1n10 on 10/30/2010:

    I’m curious as to why your neighbor owes you $100.00? Also, why would you feel he should have to spring for repairing ‘your’ fence?

  21. The brick house on 10/30/2010:

    Because it’s a shared fence and his trees are what’s pushing it over.

    We are doing all the labor to fix it and now paying 100% of the repair. Our other neighbors split the cost on fixing the other side fence – it’s a pretty standard deal…

  22. Susan on 10/30/2010:

    Pay for the fence and paint the opposite side hot pink or something that the neighbor will hate…just a thought ;o)

  23. Patrick on 10/31/2010:

    Wow just found your site. Very nice. I just bought a new house and wanted to do a pipe entertainment center. And yours popped up in a google image search.

    About the fence. I did one at a previous house i had with off the shelf stuff from the home depot. you can find images of it here.

    The horizontal slats are cement siding. I wove them around galvenized conduit placed at random angles. Totally easy and cheap.

  24. Carol on 11/03/2010:

    My friend’s son’s name is Bowie.

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