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Exterior Painting! Part DEUX

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

I attempted to use the Martha Stewart inspiration photo and translate it via “amazing” Photoshop skills into a paint color mock-up.

Then I bought more color samples…I’m at about 21 now…

Nothing was right. As I was organizing my shoes after my little vacation in Palm Springs I saw the perfect colors! I knew I liked this color combo.

I went to Lowes and had them color match my old stinky shoes. Poor lady at the counter looked a little weirded out about having to touch them. Apologies ma’am.

Tried them out and liked them but the gray was a tad bit too dark. (In the left photo those three colors on the far left are the color matched samples from the shoes). So I had her lighten the converse gray by 75% and 150%.

I like them both and I really think I like the black trim. I think I might go with the lighter color but it seems a bit pink in the bright sun. The shoe sample of yellow is awesome – I can’t wait to throw it on the front door – GLOSSY style.

What do you guys think – which one – and is the black trim weird? The boy thinks I’m nuts to paint gray cement a lighter gray…

Exterior Painting

Friday, August 29th, 2008

I’ve been fantasizing about painting the exterior of the Brick House.

I love the look of this house – form that Martha Stewart article – and really want to copy it.

After 3 trips to Lowes for paint samples and 16 colors…

I’ve got 16 failures.

This is so disappointing. I really suck at picking exterior colors. Now I don’t even know if this is the direction I want to go in…any recommendations for mind blowing exterior color combos for this house?

Porch light(s)

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

The Boy surprised me by taking down our ratty exterior porch lights and installing the small FADO pendants while I was at work. I’m glad he did it since the front porch fixture had a fun surprise – an old hornet nest! I would have probably freaked out and fell off the ladder…good thing he kept a cool head and realized that there were no hornets in there, well except a few dead ones.

I didn’t get a chance to get before photos of the above craptastic fixtures installed- but I think you can infer how awesome they looked.

*Back porch & front porch

Here are the new FADO globe lamps installed. Impressively round.

*Back porch & front porch – extreme close-up action.

This may be the first exterior change we’ve made since moving in. The exterior is in sad shape, so extremely sad that when the police stopped by to check on a complaint about a transient woman roaming around on our front porch (which turned out to be ME checking out our new porch light with my painting clothes on – jeeezzz how embarrassing) they thought the place was abandoned and were pleasantly surprised to find people actually living there – in style.