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Yard Work

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

The yard has been accumulating weeds and trash…I thought that by doing nothing at all to the yard some magical native plants would grow and make things beautiful. No such luck.

We chopped all the weeds down. ALL OF THEM. Everywhere. Stupid bastard weeds.
I hope the summer desert heat destroys everything in sight so we can start over in the fall. The exterior of the house is upsetting. Its going to take SO much money and work to get it halfway decent, and I hate gardening.

The front yard. Actually looking a hell of a lot better than it did a few days ago – the weeds were (embarrassingly) about chest high for about a month. Then theres that planter box. YIKES is about all I can say.

This is the side yard…with some nice rods holding up the fence. Just imagine a little patio with a fire pit…I know its hard. Then there is what used to be the “dog run”. This is a weird spot behind the garage and next to the fence. We pulled out all wood, trash, dog hair and crap and used the old rods to hold up the fence. Ghetto.

The backyard. Well…it needs some work. I’m not really sure what to do with it.

The stupid driveway. Looking like something out of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. NICE fence!

I hate the exterior and see no hope. Its HUGE and barren and we live in a desert climate. Unless I win the lottery (which maybe I need to start playing) or a chunk of cash in Vegas this weekend (happy b-day to me!) I think its going to look like this for awhile. Someone please recommend my house to a landscaping show…were I don’t have to pay…and I can be a bit of a control freak…and they won’t show my fat butt on TV…


Thursday, February 28th, 2008

We need a driveway.

Oh, and landscaping.

The muddy pit is just not
trés magnific. Most the people I approach (or annoy) with never-ending house questions point to gravel (its cheap, its easy, its fantastic), I’m leaning towards something like this:

(via: desire to inspire)

I love the slabs of floating concrete with the grass running through them (as well as the lovely cement walkway). While the above house is much nicer and more mid century than ours, I think something along these lines might be workable for the extrodinarily long driveway.

Something about an all gravel driveway seems so rural to me…like super hill-billy style. Texas tea, gingham, and chickens running around kind of vibe. There will most likely be a lot of gravel around in the planters and along paths, but used as an accent as opposed to a feature. Like this:

(via: desire to inspire)

We will be attempting to put in a gate somewhere along the driveway for privacy and the illusion of security. Something with nice horizontal slats of wood like the deck pictured above. Simple, minimal, clean lines without any hill-billyness. The house looks pitiful enough with its cinder block walls and foreclosure landscape, theres no need to add to the problem.