November 2nd, 2010

I picked up a pair of butterfly chair frames off of Craigslist to help round out the growing collection of sexy Hardoy bad boys living at the house.

These two make six total (not counting the two vintage folding ones I bought a while back, but those are for camping). The Boy was a little confused as to why I want more exterior chairs. I just can’t get enough! I’m a butterfly addict.

Too bad they came with the most ill-fitting slings ever…which also happen to be F-to the-UGLY. All the non-matching slings are destroying my aesthetic sensibilities.

Oh well, all the covers will eventually be replaced with some sort of exterior mesh babies like these Indoor/outdoor Vinyl Weave covers from Circa 50, I’m thinking the black slings will look ultra swanky. At $50 – $60 a pop I’m going to need to save up some cash (or sell some vintage stuff floating around) to support my butterfly habit.

Sorry for the less than exciting unstyled fire pit photos. I’m trying to hide a top secret ultra cool project that we have been working on outside. Hopefully it will be revealed soon. Ohhhh, the tension, the anxiety, do you feel it? It’s killing me.

Butterfly Chair Photos. ACTIVATE.

Yeah, middle age white guys like them. So should you.

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  1. Marco on 11/02/2010:

    WOW! Really nice! 🙂
    If i had a garden, and if wasn’t so fuc*ing cold outside, I would go for some butterflies too 😉 I specially like the white one…super chic!
    Nice finding!

    I can’t wait to see to mysterious outside new project 🙂

  2. Ryan on 11/02/2010:

    Did you get these from a sweet old lady in Oceanside? I almost bought all the ones she had but then decided I should buy groceries instead. Look great anyways.

  3. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/02/2010:

    Nope, I got them from a nice young lady in Riverside. Picked them up on my way to Corona. Traveling traveling.

    Were there a bunch in Oceanside?

  4. Brismod on 11/02/2010:

    They will be fabulous in black. You can never have too many butterfly chairs either. x

  5. alex sunday on 11/02/2010:

    yep, i agree – no limit on the number of butterfly chairs. is the outdoor project the pool?! i hope so.

  6. Natalie on 11/02/2010:

    I have to admit I’ve never actually sat in a butterfly chair living in England where deckchairs are more the thing in the few short months we have when you can sit outside. Sometimes you find a good deckchair which is comfy, but the comfort never lasts for very long. Are butterfly chairs actually good to sit in? Perhaps they could be the answer to my summertime dilemma…

  7. johanna on 11/02/2010:

    I LOVE those chairs, and I LOVE your blog! Lamps are one of my passions and you have such good taste in lamps! Thank you for all the inspiring posts.

  8. Erf on 11/02/2010:

    Dog and Butterfly.

  9. Tonia on 11/02/2010:

    It’s amazing how classic these chairs are.

  10. Sue on 11/02/2010:

    I love the butterfly chair, I have 3 now and am always on the hunt for more! Are the ones that fold up for camping vintage?

  11. tx Sarah on 11/02/2010:

    You are a mastermind. You suck the college-dorminess right out of these bitches.

  12. Tamisha on 11/02/2010:

    Yeah, I love the look, but think they suck to sit in for any length of time. Grossly uncomfortable. Must we sacrafice comfort for design?

  13. Inez on 11/02/2010:

    loving the idea of black butterfly chairs. and you are right the ones you have right now have fugly fabric. hope to see some pictures of the secret project.

  14. the vintage cabin on 11/02/2010:

    the fabric reeks of kumbaya on that flowery mofo on the end. you need to calm this posse DOWN! nice score though. they’ll look wonderful when they’re all monochromatic. these chairs look best when segregated rather than having them mix and mingle…

  15. kristina on 11/02/2010:

    ARE YOU PUTTING IN A BOMB-ASS STOCK TANK POOL? i sure hope that’s your secret project.

  16. jamie on 11/02/2010:

    hate you. <3

  17. AMANDA on 11/02/2010:

    I’ll take the entire freakin outdoor scene with the firplace, butterfly chairs, and bear skin rug. Thanks for the inspiration…now off to craigslist the new outdoor furniture I just bought.

  18. Charlotte on 11/02/2010:

    I have loved these for years, but here in Germany you can forget about getting vintage Hardoys for under 200 EUR a pop…at least I haven’t found a source yet. They look great!

  19. Meghan on 11/02/2010:

    A. where did you get that sweet Airstream photo, I will quit my job and move there.
    B. Is that James Taylor?
    C. Nice Chairs.

  20. Jose Antonio on 11/02/2010:

    I’ll be more than happy to help fund the project and take some of the stuff you have in storage off your hands. Etsy it up again. I live in Chicago so let me just say that selling your stuff on Craigslist would be lame.

  21. Inez on 11/02/2010:

    ooh la la will you be selling on etsy? if so you got a buyer waiting for that fab brass trunk 😉
    well only if that is part of your sale. you have wonderful taste so im sure you will have plenty buyers.

  22. rivka on 11/02/2010:

    Sorry to be off topic…but I saw this and thought of you. WOW…gorgeous


  23. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/02/2010:

    Funny, I was just at Orange last week and was DYING over all the amazing things I would never be able to afford.

    They have the best stuff.

  24. Sheila on 11/02/2010:

    Haha! What is it about these chairs and large dogs?! Ours love them: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25254510@N02/4043794991/in/set-72157622537473341/

    Actually, we all love them. We’ve had them at our family cottage for over 20 years. The covers desperately need replacing after years of UV exposure, but they still rock. Now I must begin the quest to find some of my own…

  25. Carol on 11/03/2010:

    Hmmm, does the secret project have anything to do with wetting the old whistle? The fire pit still looks great, have you guys made anything else with the welder?

  26. Ryan on 11/03/2010:

    YES! The lady had 6 of them. The covers needed to be re sewn or purchase new ones but at 35$ each and willing to deal on the set I should have bought them all but I’m trying to pace my spending habits. Also with no real room I would just keep them in my stock pile of crap. If I find her number ill forward it to you.

  27. Jill on 11/03/2010:

    Sitting in mine right now, thinking how I wouldn’t mind another – they’re pretty comfy. I scored mine for $14 at the sally ann, but the red canvas cover is faded and a little frayed. Easy to replace at least- that’s another reason to love a butterfly – no reupholstery!

  28. Mamaholt on 11/04/2010:

    I hate to say this, but we had about 10 of them in various wild colors around our pool when I was growing up. That’s not the hate part. Here’s the hate part…my mom got sick of them and THREW THEM IN THE RIVER that ran behind our house. This was in the early 60s. People were a lot more fkdup about that kind of stuff. She also removed the Paul McCobb Planner Group tags from our twin beds because she thought they looked tacky. Mom, mom, mom.

  29. Jes on 11/12/2010:

    My mom bought me one about 15 years ago. I hated it because the cover was horrendous! I mean pinky-beige with pastel santa-fe type designs. I’ve been turned off to the chairs ever since. But now I’m starting to like them again.. I think.

  30. janine robinson on 12/03/2010:

    my mom had two growing up, and now i have one of them. always hard to find covers that fit well, but they are out there. i just buy the cotton ones and let them disintegrate with time in the sun until someone finally drops through the middle. they look great anywhere, literally!

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