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Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Hello new rug.

Goodbye old rug.

There are those few rarities that habitual Craigslist trollers like myself don’t expect to bump into on the c’list, one biggie being the legendarily elusive vintage Moroccan Beni Ourain rug. Finding one of these for a bargain feels about as possible as a unicorn farting out Kofod Larsen chairs while throwing wadded up hundred dollar bills at your face. So, when a post for a ‘white wool rug’ with a ‘subtle abstract design’ popped up, I hurriedly emailed the seller as well as a few friends and then sought out the wisdom of the internets to confirm if I was crazy or if a unicorn just knocked on the door.


I went. I saw. I bought for $150.

Not quite the perfect unicorn, but maybe this rug is like a Llama with a carrot strapped to it’s head showed up and was like, ‘hey, here’s a coupon book for all that stuff you like and a nice sandwich.’ I’m not really sure what exactly this rug is, but I like it like I like sandwiches. A bunch.

This puppy sits about 8′ x 12′ and is in great vintage condition – super thick, softly wooly and nicely hand woven. The pattern coloration of umber, ochers and black was an unexpected surprise, but luckily I’m a big fan of browntown. Considering all the uneasiness and anxiety the other colorful antique rug stirred up in me, this hot piece of minimalist tribal action slid into the room so easily that it’s almost like it’s always been here.

On an unrelated note, I finally hung up and slammed a pencil cactus in this giant geodesic planter I grabbed at the flea over a year ago. No big deal really, this huge planter has just been sitting awkwardly on the bedroom floor for most of that year…so…great job me.

*Slow design.

I also switched out the leather butterfly chairs for my black rocker.

The Eames rocker is a better fit for sure, but the coffee table is still is waiting to be exchanged and the fireplace is still calmly waiting to redone. Why? Because I’m a lazy jerk who buys rugs.

The seventies are exploding up in here. Hey now.

Time’s come to reign in this 70’s textured wackiness and bring out the industrial modernist shiny minimal bits. Plants would help as well, but I gotta start doing some real renovation projects instead of slapping a rug band-aid on everything. There’s just no willpower or energy in my body to start some big messy time consuming projects right now. I’m pooped.

Bring it on, longer days and more sunshine! Let’s do this. Let’s rip stuff out and renovate! Or maybe go source stuff on Craigslist? Shut up, lazy part of me.

What’s strange is that Craigslist has really been a wasteland of nothing but beat up Ikea chairs and gross stained mattresses for months now and then suddenly it was like, oh hey, good stuff and BOOM-rug and then BOOM-rug again and oh, what now? BOOM-rug in your face. I’ve been some kind of rug magnet and for whatever inane reason, I can’t manage to seal the deal on anything else.

At. All.

Besides rugs.

The big rug experiment has gotten pretty stupid at this point and now I’m feeling officially burnt-out on fibers and rugs and textiles in general, despite the fact that I just picked up another rug like some kind of goddamn hypocrite rug addict.

No more rugs. I’m done. This one’s a keeper.

I swear.

And this time I mean it, possibly.


Monday, March 12th, 2012

Bowie wants you to know that I got some pillows and they happen to be perfectly sized for naps.

Now leave him alone. He’s exhausted.

While the world watched the Oscars, I was busy buying vintage kilim pillows on eBay. Just like the stars! That’s what celebrities do.

Check out that anorexic¬†Turkish crux style action up above. Apparently the crux ain’t just for the Swedes anymore.

This pair may be my new favorite thing, being all sassy and such with their southwesternish style charm.

Some of the last batch of kilim pillows I ordered up have since moved on to new and more exciting homes, so obviously this restocking was vital and deeply necessary. So vital that there’s still a few more on their way here from Turkey.

Go big or go home.

That might be too aggressive for a pillow themed motto.

By the way, I got that new couch and it is glorious.

It may be a keeper…for now. The sofa switching situation around here is the stuff of your and my boyfriends nightmares (this makes sofa number ten or so? In four years?).

With the addition of the new sofa the den has subsequently been going through a slow makeover that needs some massive wrapping up. Shocking that neglect and ordering pillows on eBay hasn’t somehow made that happen, but hey, one more neutral pillow is one more step closer to done. Now who wants to help me move a five hundred pound marble coffee table?

I know. I KNOW.

Sometimes retired Muppets get turned into ugly pillows and sometimes I buy them. So what. I don’t care.

Somehow the love I feel for fiber art has grown so immense that it needed to be portable. This sucker has dreadlocks and probably witnessed countless unimaginable horrors in the 1970’s. You hate it! And it’s perfect.

Bowie is so depressed. Probably because he’s the exact same color as the couch.

What a nerd.

*For folks curious about what eBay sellers all these kilim pillows keep coming from, it’s honestly a big mix with no particular favorites. Usually I go for a pattern that catches my eye and has Buy It Now or free/combined shipping. If anything, just keep an eye on the shipping costs since those international fees add up incredibly quickly with these mofos


Thursday, March 1st, 2012

As alluded to earlier, I’ve been continuing that experimentation with rugs thing by picking up this vintage kilim for the guest bedroom off Etsy for a sweet $75.

Handmade and thinly flat woven, this sassy rug has a nicely worn texture and great asymmetric pattern in a neutral deserty palette that seamlessly fits in with everything else around this place.

Duh. Of course. All things browntown are welcomed with here with open arms.

Unlike the other colorful rug I’m continuing to struggle with in the living room, this one is a definite keeper and will likely end up in the go-to rotation of props I enjoy using for styling stuff.

Too bad this blanket just ain’t working and the bed is still is a mess. I’ll eventually regret that bit of laziness seeing that internet photos live forever and occasionally come back to haunt you.

Oh well. That’s still one sexy ass rug.


So brown. So very beautifully brown.

Hey dogs? Please don’t destroy it, you crazy unpredictable beasts!