April 12th, 2012

I sort of styled up the fauxdenza…oh look at that…almost a YEAR later. That woman is aghast at how long it’s taken.

Better late than never?

Still need to throw some plants up in there, so let’s all meet back here in a year and see if that worked out.


*Also, check out my favorite new ebay kilim pillow. Sassy.

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  1. audrey on 04/12/2012:

    I heart your style.
    Just discovered your blog a short while back and scoured through the history. It’s nice to see how much your style has grown and refined – it’s inspiring!

  2. Jessica on 04/12/2012:

    Ha! Unexpectedly huge LOL at “that woman is aghast.”

  3. Jules on 04/12/2012:

    I love the fauxdenza so much more than the pipe shelving. Do you?

  4. The brick house on 04/12/2012:

    I like this so much better.

  5. cheefai7 on 04/12/2012:

    Which realiable ebay store/seller to buy the kilim pillow? thanks

  6. Marcia on 04/12/2012:

    Where on earth did you get that portrait?

  7. Fat Cat on 04/13/2012:

    Love your style AND your sense of humour ! And yes, please share your ebay source for those fantastic kilim pillows.

  8. Simone on 04/13/2012:

    I love your fauxdenza, way better that the pipe-shelving, I did really like the brass trunk you had to go with it. I also really like the big photograph, the only thing you don’t make reference to.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  9. The brick house on 04/13/2012:

    I buy from a bunch of different sellers on eBay, I don’t have one go to. I wish I had a single source – make it easier than te endless scrolling.

  10. The brick house on 04/13/2012:

    Oh, and the big photo is one of Laures from college. I’m storing it my house for a bit? We went through all her old prints and I’m borrowing this one.

  11. Suzy8track on 04/13/2012:

    That portrait of the woman aghast cracks me up every time I see it! Place is really coming together! Love the kilim pillows

  12. Stacey on 04/14/2012:

    Looks great…. as usual. I also love all the orange pops of color in the pillows on the gray sofa — my favorite color combo. I’m sure by next year it will be all new and just as fabulous!

  13. giant gay penis on 04/15/2012:

    I love Laure’s photo there.

  14. süsk on 04/16/2012:

    I too love when the Agahst Woman makes an appearance. That painting is comedy GOLD.

  15. BrodieSabine on 04/16/2012:

    Aghast, indeed! Love it.

  16. Grumble Girl on 04/25/2012:

    That woman is totally clutching her pearls.

    Looks awesome, lady – all of it. Splendid!!

  17. JW on 01/29/2013:

    I know I’m late to the party, but who makes the grey couch in the photos? I’ve searched your site to no avail. Thanks!

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