August 19th, 2011


It’s mother-effing fauxdenza* time.

We could flashback to the rough beginning of this particular fauxdenza via the power of HYPERLINKS or maybe just scroll down for a refresher.

OK. Let’s get our DIY on.

* Trademark via Anna at D16 & blatantly used here ad nauseum.



Dimensions: 10′ long x 13-1/2″ deep x 33″ tall



8  –  Applad Doors (15 x 18″)
4  –  Akurum Wall Cabinets (30 x 18″)
8  –  Integral Hinge (2 pack)
2  –  Akurum Suspension Rail


1  –  Wood  (14′ L x 15″W x 1″T) *I used Afrormosia


Circular saw
Tape Measure
Screws + appropriate anchors
Steel Wool
Fine Sandpaper
Danish Oil
Feed n’ Wax
Clean Rags

This poor, strange living room wall…

There was once a pipe shelf. Then I got bored with that. Then nothing for a bit. Then a floating storage credenza sounded good. Yup. Fauxdenza.

The whole fauxdenza thing boils down to just installing Ikea kitchen cabinets way, way too low. Since the tops of the wall cabinets aren’t meant to ever be seen and are all uglified, making some sort of aesthetically pleasing top becomes necessary. But first, installation.

The Akurum suspension rail system is designed to levely hang Akurum wall cabinets very simply. Of course, to install the rail you have to choose appropriate wall fasteners for your walls. For our plaster walls, screws into studs plus heavy duty anchors worked perfectly.

I test mounted the cabinets to see what the plumb/level situation was going to be when confronted with our old plaster walls.

Obvious shocker. Old plaster walls are really uneven.

The walls are wonky, but the other installation hurdle was that creepy giant non-functioning heater thing. Not only did it ugly up  the place, it’s location blocked the centered installation of the loooonnng fauxdenza.

So we removed the internal bits, framed out the wall, patched and painted it up (although, finding matching molding and large floor grates are still an issue).

Old house + plaster walls = Gappity gap gap

The last cabinet had a pretty large gap since the plaster wall took a sudden curve.

To correct the gap, first we shimmed the rail with some broken paint sticks from Home Depot, because that’s how we roll (unprofessionally). It was clear that the initial shim was nowhere near deep enough. We tested out how deep it had to be by sticking those little furniture foot pads onto the rail (unprofessionally).

Turns out, the last cabinet needed over an inch of the wackiest shimming you’ll never, ever see.

With the extreme shimming resolved and stuff hanging level, hiding the enormous new shim gap was the next quandary. The simple wood top I had planned on installing had to continue and wrap around the sides of the cabinets to disguise the monstrous shim gap.

For the newly expanded wood wrap, it felt best to find a better grade hardwood than I could grab at Home Depot.

With some brief googles I found Peterman Lumber, a local mill/lumber yard that specializes in domestic and exotic woods. They have wood wood, you know, wood you take seriously. Wood that won’t take crap from no one, no how.

Tight budget in mind, I settled on a 14 foot long piece of Afrormosia, which is an excellent and – cough* cough* – cheaper teak substitute. Fauxteak.

At about 15 inches wide by an inch thick, the piece I picked ran about $100 and looked purtty.

We used a handheld circular saw to cut the wood down to size. No fancy woodworking, no miters. Just simple straight lines.

I traced along the front edge of the cabinet door onto the wood sitting on top of the cabinets and pressed flush against the wall. No brainer, no craziness. Cut on the traced line for a superb custom fit.

Each joint, as well as the edges, got a quick sanding to knock down any unevenness and smooth things out.

The rest of the wood got prepped with a once over sanding using super fine steel wool. Pretty much, I went with the same process that I use to restore vintage furniture to treat this new wood. Slap on a few coats of Danish oil and a few coats of Feed n’ Wax and…


That untreated wood darkens up and looks incredible.

To attach the wood, I predrilled a few holes through the inside of the cabinet frames and screwed into the bottom of the wood to secure it; of course, do not go through it completely. It only takes a few strategic screws to set the wood solidly in place, all fancy looking.

Initially, I had planned on using the Ikea Strecket handles and tested them out a bunch during the cabinet installation. Once the wood went on though, the handles suddenly looked way too fussy and got nixed.

Having no handles on the doors has been fine. The cabinets are high enough that I can comfortably grab the bottom door edge to open things up without any awkwardness.

Done and done.

For about $300, some labor and some problem solving, we custom-built a ten foot long floating credenza that adds tons of storage while being perfectly scaled and custom fit on an awkwardly long and barren entryway wall.

Being both super customizable and easily constructed, the fauxdenza seems a clever DIY solution for a wide spectrum of storage conundrums. Plus it looks sexy doing it, which never hurts.

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  1. Tonia on 08/19/2011:

    Fabulous as normal! I have a wall that’s doing about absolutely nothing….I’m considering doing this same thing.

  2. Kerry on 08/19/2011:

    Sheesh! That’s pretty damn impressive.

  3. Dan @ Manhattan Nest on 08/19/2011:

    HOLY SHIT IT LOOKS AMAZING. Morgan. Seriously. Every time with you. The wood wrap? Killer.

    (I just put up one of these last night. It is shorter and as of now far less glamorous than yours.)

  4. maya on 08/19/2011:


  5. lucy on 08/19/2011:

    shit. it looks amazing. i love it. i am so going to make one of these in the medium term future.

  6. ModFruGal on 08/19/2011:

    Sweeet. Nice job. Now, what to fill it with?

  7. alex sunday on 08/19/2011:

    you’re a mother-effing genius.

  8. Javier on 08/19/2011:

    I am not sure what trendy slang the kids are using nowadays, but that is DOPE!!!

  9. Lesley on 08/19/2011:

    May I please steal this idea? My husband wanted to make a floating credenza “from scratch”, but this seems so much better!

  10. Chelsea J on 08/19/2011:

    Sweet! I loves it.

  11. SFDC on 08/19/2011:

    So excellent.

  12. blythe on 08/19/2011:

    this is awesome. and i am so glad you are back!

  13. rebekahcb on 08/19/2011:

    gorgeous! and so clever!

  14. Heather on 08/19/2011:

    wow. Amazing! I was just telling a friend about the fauxdenza craze (she needs on in her new place, for sure). Now I can send her pictures of this gorgeous examples!

  15. Adrian on 08/19/2011:

    this is sooo effing beautiful! sooo excited that the blog is off hiatus. i don’t know whether you’re going to keep the fauxdenza’s top clean of things…. buuut secretly hoping youre going to vignette the shit out of it.

  16. littelred on 08/19/2011:

    groovy! now talk to me about the unit behind the sofa…LOVE IT 🙂

  17. Hanne on 08/19/2011:

    Wow! It looks really good. What a nice touch with the wooden top. Like!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. Richard Vickrey on 08/19/2011:

    I’m an old fart and I think it looks great! Your solutions are remarkable.

  19. Jody on 08/19/2011:

    Stunning! Like DH and I keep saying….. “in the next house”

  20. Colin on 08/19/2011:

    That is gorgeous. I love a good Ikea hack. Do you think it’s deep enough for clothes storage? I’m considering installing one in my bedroom to function as a dresser.

  21. sarah on 08/19/2011:

    sexiest storage ever

  22. TX Sarah on 08/19/2011:

    This is my favorite inexpenza/cabikea/pretenza on the webs.

  23. It looks great! We are working on something very similar for our bar area with IKEA cabinets too. We’ve measured out the space and just trying to finalize what look and storage options we want. It really is a great solution for strange spaces.

  24. mike on 08/19/2011:

    HOLY CRAP she’s blogging again!! You ever see the movie pump up the volume with christian slater? he was a pirate radio dj out of his parents basement and all the high school kids would wait up late and listen to him and rebel against their parents and counselors and the man. You’re christian slater…well kind of, but with cooler ideas and projects and we have been waiting on you to return to the blog waves. Fauxdenza turned out amazing, nice job. Talk Hard.

  25. Lauren @ chezerbey on 08/19/2011:

    It’s gorgeous (and totally practical next to the entry)! I too want to see how you vignette this bad boy. We’re still futzing around with ours.

    I haven’t heard of Afrormosia, but will definitely keep it in mind for future projects…

  26. Mo on 08/19/2011:

    I’m off to get my Besta (DVD, just under 8″) cabinets today. I need super narrow because I’m putting my fauxdenza in my hallway. Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing and happy weekend.

  27. karolina on 08/19/2011:

    Beautiful. 🙂 If you ever get tired of reaching for the bottom of the door, you could add some push latches that are part of the Besta system. They’re fun.

  28. ann on 08/19/2011:

    i really really missed you.

  29. heather on 08/19/2011:

    Love it! also i think my house is held together by home depot paint sticks!

  30. Mrs. Petrie on 08/19/2011:

    So perfect for the space. Love it.

  31. Mr. B on 08/19/2011:

    Rockin’ ‘faudenza’!!!!

    But I’m still kinda coveting the *real* credenza at the back of the couch . . .

  32. Raymonn on 08/19/2011:

    Wow! I still can’t believe this turned out so awesome. This is my third time reading the article. You think I’d believe it by now, right.

    Simply awesome.

  33. Logan on 08/19/2011:

    Fooled ME, I thought it was teak for sure. Good job on this thing Morgan, looks SHARP. p.s. I love Peterman, they carry nice stuff.

  34. Julia @ChrislovesJulia on 08/19/2011:

    Totally “pinned.” Gorgeous.

  35. Peggy on 08/19/2011:

    Beautiful. Simple. Elegant. Inexpensive. Genius. Good suggestion from @Karolina on the push latches. And, as with Lauren @ chezerbey, I’m looking forward to seeing how you put your talented stamp on populating that beautiful fauxteak surround. I noticed that there is no longer a doorstop on the wall. Will you be replacing that or have you come up with a more aesthetic solution? Thank you for sharing your ideas with the rest of us. Love, love, love your blog!

  36. Matt on 08/19/2011:

    Love it, turned out so great. Awesomely dramatic on that wall in the best way. And I can relate to the aggressive shimming… wonky walls are no fun.

  37. Rickety Rick on 08/19/2011:

    Liking it…

    Have you considered wrapping the whole damn thing, not just the top and sides? It doesn’t have to be 13.5″ deep, just enough to round up the bottom part. Since you know how to roll, you can probably ask Peterman Lumber for Afrormosia scraps. But this would require installation of door handles. Oh well.

    The only thing I would change is joint. I would have preferred miters. But this is fancy wood work for simple girl like you.

  38. John Hedge on 08/19/2011:

    Nice job, it turned out great! I can’t wait to see how you accessorize it! What a long piece! I’m going to make one for my hallway too!

  39. Heather on 08/19/2011:

    Looks great! Now, my my first instinct would be to leap my ass up onto that thing. How strong is the mounting system – could it bear the weight of an adult?

  40. That looks amazing!

  41. Chris Cush on 08/19/2011:

    Jeez I’m in the middle of doing the same thing. My fauxdenza is still sitting on the floor though because Ikea ran out of wall hanger rails for my cabinets. And I had the pipe shelving too. Are you me?

  42. James on 08/20/2011:

    Awesomeness as usual….I miss the pipe fixture, but this is a step in the adult direction..well done

  43. Susan B. on 08/20/2011:

    Looks great!

  44. Susan B. on 08/20/2011:

    Looks great!

  45. Mamaholt on 08/20/2011:

    Jeezuz fuck that’s rad. I want it.

  46. Mamaholt on 08/20/2011:

    PS SO glad you’re back. I was sad that you were gone.

  47. Tito on 08/20/2011:

    Where did you buy that large a sheet of Afrormosia?

    Great job by the way!

  48. Monika on 08/20/2011:


  49. Number 10 on 08/20/2011:

    Hell’s yeah! Makes me want to on my “doing gloves” and build some crap right now.

  50. shit, that is just want i want for my new family room. ok, you’ve done it. i’m going to have to try that one. awesome.

  51. Tracy on 08/20/2011:

    That looks wonderful … and the amount of storage you now have is amazing! Drool …

  52. julia wheeler on 08/20/2011:

    dayum! lookin’ good, lookin’ good! p.s. i want your entryway runner!

  53. Robyn on 08/20/2011:

    I seriously hate you. And love you.

    I cant wait for you to vignette that shit up and post some pictures. I think its spectacular!

  54. teresa on 08/20/2011:

    it looks perfect! i love it! i have an incredibly long open wall that is begging for one perfect fauxdenza. one day it will happen. want pics?

  55. peggy on 08/21/2011:

    You are correct – that is SEXY! Love, love, love it. It took a while, but I am now over the pipe shelf. You and the boy are my heroes once again.

    I love that you left the handles off, love the minimal look. Love how the wood wraps down the sides. Just beautiful. Can’t wait to see you style it. I would love to see your funky ceramic collection on it. If you’re not going that route, can you just play and take a picture for me?

    Also, what is that gorgeous thing directly across from it, behind your sofa? Did you make that too? Can you and the boy get the Cleveland right away? Honestly, I think the two of you should have your own show on HGTV.

  56. Jackie on 08/21/2011:

    Stunning. I love it.

    Oooh, Peggy. Good idea.

  57. Susan on 08/21/2011:

    It rocks. And I love that you still use ‘wonky’.

  58. Anna on 08/21/2011:

    BAM! Nice!

  59. dearborn apartments on 08/22/2011:

    This is impressive! Can’t imagine myself doing the same thing. Thanks for this post.

  60. Dayna on 08/22/2011:

    Props to you. It looks incredibly awesome!

  61. katie on 08/22/2011:

    i’m going to be a total ruiner and say i liked the shelf system you replicated from the parker… visually, it worked the space better giving you height, and it seemed a more grown up option vs. an ikea amalgamation. but that’s just me. people here seem to dig it. and i can still enjoy the shelve when i watch em!

  62. beci on 08/22/2011:

    this is actually pure genius. and just the thing i’ve been looking for for my own vacant lounge room wall. thanks a billion.

  63. emilie on 08/22/2011:

    Glad you’re alive! I was waiting to see how that fauxdenza was going for you before trying my hand on it. Your honesty about your DIY is always refreshing. I have a slope ceiling that leave me with a 40 inches heigh “wall”…I think the fauxdenza will be the perfect solution and now I know there’s gonna be a hell of a shimming job to do. THX

  64. Lunaluna on 08/22/2011:

    Oh you! You are my inspiration….

  65. Suzy8track on 08/22/2011:

    Wow! This looks amazing!

  66. Florian on 08/22/2011:

    Sheesh, over 60 people totally love the thing, and there’s me again not really liking it. I’m sorry (seriously). I think you did a great job, you know? Stuff’s all straight and shiny and shit, but somehow… I miss the shelving unit. I get the thing about needing to hide shit, but the shelving was so much more interesting.

    Ugh! I’m all negative and feel awful about it. Shouldn’t I post, then? I don’t know.

    I feel, either the thing should be all wood or all white, I feel it should be lower or higher. I don’t like the dimensions of the doors. Somehow it just feels wrong to me. (Sorry).

  67. Wow, love it great use of space and it’s up off the floor makes cleaning so much easier wonderful idea would work in any style home thank you for the share Annie

  68. fine little home on 08/22/2011:

    it’s so funny that this is the post for today because we’ve been making some fauxdenza’s and just good ol’ credenza’s for the hubbies office space. we used ikea BESTA units and then cut some thick bamboo plywood for the top(not so cheap sadly) and also some glass on other pieces. it looks great but yours look super fab and for half the price girl! you rock as usual!

  69. jennifer on 08/22/2011:

    so great!

  70. Kim @ Yellow Brick Home on 08/22/2011:

    I have so much love for this whole thing.

  71. LZ on 08/23/2011:

    This is SO much better than the pipe shelf! The visual space it creates is fantastic. I used BESTA units in our dining room… great place to hide all of our crap 🙂

  72. Laura on 08/23/2011:

    gotte damn…
    can’t wait to see you dress it all up with art/pottery/thrifties/

  73. Fat Cat on 08/23/2011:

    Killer comeback ! Looks fab !

  74. Eliza on 08/23/2011:

    it’s beee-oo-tiful (as usual). good job. sometimes janky-ass shims don’t need to be seen. love the wood/stain you chose for the top/sides!

    i’ve always liked fauxdenzas. i’m waiting for an appropriately large wall to enter my life, and then i will thoroughly fauxdenza it.

  75. Jenny Daniels on 08/23/2011:

    Looks great & funny commentary. Congrats!

  76. ella on 08/23/2011:

    DAMN! That’s awesome!

  77. abby on 08/23/2011:

    duuude, gotta say, this was even more effing excellent in person. you are one talented mofo. also one very excellent hostess.

  78. big-dewey on 08/23/2011:

    Morgan I’m glad you’re back!

    Nicely done for the dollars invested, I like the natural wood with the white doors.

    I know it’s always dry out there in the desert, hopefully you won’t have to learn about seasonal dimension changes in lumber, especially long solid wood pieces like your credenza top. A more dimensionally stable choice for big pieces like that is MDF or ply, veneered with the wood of your choice.

    I’ve got a sense that you would be a pretty good carpenter. Why not invest a few bucks in power tools, I think you ‘d be quite pleased with the kinds of things you would be able to produce.

    big-d sends nothin’ but love

  79. Reva on 08/23/2011:

    this is sex. good to have you back.

  80. Vicki on 08/23/2011:

    Sweet jesus. You effing redefine DIY. Never fail to impress.

  81. Nicholas on 08/23/2011:

    No matter what kind of credenza, be it legged or legless, be it purchased or DIY, it will always look great in any room with long wall.
    Well done!

  82. THE BRICK HOUSE on 08/24/2011:

    DAMMIT. One day I will get threaded comments and answer people directly.

    I love how it turned out and thanks everyone. I need to figure out how I want to style it up – probably pretty minimally.

  83. michelle on 08/24/2011:

    holy crap. amazing.

  84. Ryan on 08/24/2011:

    Where did you purchase the wood? Seems like it would have cost more then it did.

  85. Adam on 08/24/2011:

    this is a pretty neat way of putting something like that together. i like it, really.

    i am wondering, though, what you ended up doing with the shelves that had been there previously (which i’m replicating in my own space). did you disassemble them or move them elsewhere?

  86. The brick house on 08/24/2011:

    I took them down and sold them to Emily Henderson. Check out her show on HGTV, you can still see them in her studio.

  87. The brick house on 08/24/2011:

    Ryan, like it says in the post I went to Peterman Lumber. It was surprisingly affordable and the low cost played a huge factor in the final choice.

  88. Bethany Kartchner on 08/25/2011:

    Fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing it.

  89. Angie on 08/26/2011:

    Oh my, no you did int! Gurl, you are amazing, AMAZING!! F’ the old pipe shelves I missed so much, this is FABULOUS!! Seriously looks great, WOW!!!!

  90. Frau Haselmayer on 08/27/2011:

    I love it! And I love Fauxdenzas in general!

  91. Angela on 08/27/2011:

    Just brilliant! Wow! How did you come up with that solution?

  92. Tami on 08/28/2011:

    Incredible, as usual. Good to have you back!

  93. scs_68 on 08/30/2011:

    Stunning! Nice job.

  94. jh on 08/30/2011:

    That looks super. Love the way the white cabinets sort of melt into the wall, trimmed up by the darker wood. Fabulous!

  95. Libby on 09/08/2011:

    This is SO rad! Love it.

  96. Benedita on 09/11/2011:

    It certainly looks lovely, but Afrormosia is a poor choice of wood. It is CITES list as a threatened species, but illegal logging goes on in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Congo. Greenpeace anticipates Afrormosia will be logged to extinction in the next 10 years.
    Build responsibly. When buying tropical woods select FSC wood. (There is no FSC afrormosia.)

  97. Nadine on 09/11/2011:

    Excellent! I’m going to call you for advice one of these days! 🙂

  98. Claudine on 09/14/2011:

    Thank you so much for this! I made mine with legs and african mahogany!

  99. Something Gorgeous on 09/15/2011:

    OMG that looks amazing. Well done!!

  100. Charmaine on 09/15/2011:

    Wow! I love it! I never would’ve thought of wrapping the wood down the sides, but it totally classes it up/doesn’t look like it came from IKEA.

  101. Fabiana on 09/20/2011:

    holy shit!!

  102. adam on 09/21/2011:

    Love the design – great job on it, but that non-functioning heater thing… That is probably your air return. You need it for your furnace to work efficiently. You might not want to cover it up.

  103. Adrienne on 09/21/2011:

    Hi…I am building something similar to hold TV and audio and record player…even records can fit inside these cabinets. However I live in Orlando and can not find wood planks similar to Afromosia, or any that are 15″ wide, and that I can buy 10′ long piece. Can you recommend another wood type that is sold in 15″ wide pieces? Something on the cheaper side? What about veneered plywood…stained to a walnut color? Thanks so much for your advice. …(Love all that you do in your home).

  104. Kaye on 09/22/2011:

    I love the Fauxdenza; so classy; but to tell you the truth I love your writing style more! It’s enjoyable to read; it’s colorful, original, and has a ton of energy flowing through your imaginative adjectives like “uglify”.:-) I’m not young either; I’m a 64 y.o. Grandma! Really adorable!

  105. Kaye on 09/22/2011:

    I love the Fauxdenza; so classy; but to tell you the truth I love your writing style more! It’s enjoyable to read; it’s colorful, original, and has a ton of energy flowing through your imaginative adjectives like “uglify”.:-) I’m not young either; I’m a 64 y.o. Grandma! Really adorable!

  106. Traci on 09/23/2011:

    Do you think it’s strong enough to put a large, say 42 inch flat screen tv on it?

  107. Naylette on 09/28/2011:

    Love, LOve, LOVE IT!!! Amazing work! Your creativity is top-notch, but your problem-solving skills make you a genius! Enjoy!

  108. Jeff Flemings on 09/28/2011:

    Your resourcefulness, design sense, and candor are refreshing and inspiring. Can’t wait to see what you tackle next!

  109. evelyn on 09/29/2011:

    Lovin’ it. I’d be sosososooooo grateful if you could tell me which Akurum cabinets you used? I’m on the Ikea site now, and can’t seem to find any that measure 30 x 18?

  110. cameron on 10/03/2011:

    This person at ‘made by girl’ recently posted the same exact thing and pawned it off as her idea….


  111. Meryl on 10/06/2011:

    You made me whole day.
    I have been KICKING myself for buying those exact cabinets from IKEA and getting them home to realize I had no game plan. They have been collecting dust… Until I saw this.
    Thank you!!!!!

    So brilliant and your writing is fun to read since you probably write how you speak.

  112. Filip on 10/10/2011:

    GREAT! I was looking for a budget original/design suspended cabinet for a while now. But I read this article last Thursday and went to Ikea on Friday. Saturday the carpenter came over for the measures and promised me a quote for the wood finish. I’m looking at some Wenge or Sand blasted Oak options. Will send you some pics if you like.

    Thanks for the inspiration! Great post.


  113. Bauhaus on 11/25/2011:

    So perfect for the space. Love it.

  114. You rock! I have a small entry and this is the perfect solution for storage and good looks! Besides, how fun is ‘fauxdenza’ to say. Crazy, right.

    Warmly Dina

  115. erin on 12/05/2011:

    i love you guys! i am building a monster which combines this and the pipe shelf. thanks for all of the inspiration!

  116. Brian on 12/15/2011:

    Hi, I’m looking to do something similar but have never bought wood from a lumber yard. Were you able to find a single piece of lumber that measured 15″ across or did you glue pieces together? I’m having the toughest time tracking down wood at this width

  117. Alexandra Evjen on 12/19/2011:

    Genius! Simply genius! We have an incredibly long wall in our kitchen that needs a rad cradenza and I haven’t been able to find anything cheap enough that fits the space. I think we’re going to try this idea. Thanks for sharing.

  118. Jessica on 03/19/2012:

    unbelieveable!!! i have been trying to figure out how to do my media console downstairs below our wall-mounted 50″ tv and this blows my original idea out of the water! i love the idea of doing wood on the top and sides. have you thought of using the IKEA Push Latch ($5 for 2) for “handles” so you don’t have to grab them from the bottom?


    thanks for sharing your beauty fauxdenza. i love it (and the word)!!!

  119. FF_DesignStudio on 06/05/2013:

    Nice! now next time cut your wood at a 45* angle to create the “wrapping” effect. 😉

  120. Tip on 06/07/2013:

    We did this in our foyer too – if only I’d seen your wood wrap idea! 100+ year old house, even with newly plastered walls, total crazy crooked. Much swearing ensued at which point I told hubs to do it & promptly walked away. He managed, bless his cotton socks & it looks great but next time must use a rail and wrap the wood. Great job!!!!

  121. Yessica on 06/19/2013:

    Love this! But really please shed some light on the unit behind the sofa.

  122. Custom Mahogany Doors on 08/16/2013:

    To decorate your sweet home you can use Mahogany Doors such as French, Interior, Exterior, Patio, and Hand Carved doors including Transom, Sidelites, and Surroundings.

  123. Amy on 12/06/2013:

    I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago. You have so many great ideas. Please post more! I am in the process of adding a fauxdenza to my den as a media cabinet. Thanks for the inspiration.

  124. 12341234 on 12/20/2013:

    It looks like the vents were covering a floor furnace, not an air return. So it’s safe to cover the vents if the furnace doesn’t work. If the furnace has been disconnected from the gas line you could probably remove it entirely.

  125. Mike B on 01/17/2014:

    I just want to get this straight, every time you open the door you have to reach down to a foot from the floor in order to do so? This seems like a classic case of form over function.

  126. Alli on 05/07/2014:

    I did a quick scan of comments to not repeat…hopefully I’m not…please where did you get the rug?!!!

  127. adel on 08/25/2014:

    Great creative stuff here. Brick houses have some good designs.

  128. Andy on 11/12/2014:

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