March 12th, 2012

Bowie wants you to know that I got some pillows and they happen to be perfectly sized for naps.

Now leave him alone. He’s exhausted.

While the world watched the Oscars, I was busy buying vintage kilim pillows on eBay. Just like the stars! That’s what celebrities do.

Check out that anorexic Turkish crux style action up above. Apparently the crux ain’t just for the Swedes anymore.

This pair may be my new favorite thing, being all sassy and such with their southwesternish style charm.

Some of the last batch of kilim pillows I ordered up have since moved on to new and more exciting homes, so obviously this restocking was vital and deeply necessary. So vital that there’s still a few more on their way here from Turkey.

Go big or go home.

That might be too aggressive for a pillow themed motto.

By the way, I got that new couch and it is glorious.

It may be a keeper…for now. The sofa switching situation around here is the stuff of your and my boyfriends nightmares (this makes sofa number ten or so? In four years?).

With the addition of the new sofa the den has subsequently been going through a slow makeover that needs some massive wrapping up. Shocking that neglect and ordering pillows on eBay hasn’t somehow made that happen, but hey, one more neutral pillow is one more step closer to done. Now who wants to help me move a five hundred pound marble coffee table?

I know. I KNOW.

Sometimes retired Muppets get turned into ugly pillows and sometimes I buy them. So what. I don’t care.

Somehow the love I feel for fiber art has grown so immense that it needed to be portable. This sucker has dreadlocks and probably witnessed countless unimaginable horrors in the 1970’s. You hate it! And it’s perfect.

Bowie is so depressed. Probably because he’s the exact same color as the couch.

What a nerd.

*For folks curious about what eBay sellers all these kilim pillows keep coming from, it’s honestly a big mix with no particular favorites. Usually I go for a pattern that catches my eye and has Buy It Now or free/combined shipping. If anything, just keep an eye on the shipping costs since those international fees add up incredibly quickly with these mofos

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  1. allison on 03/12/2012:

    What kind of couch is that now? It looks familiar. And what did you do to the Chesterfield couch??

  2. New couch? Noooooooo! I loved your chesterfield 🙁

  3. Becky on 03/12/2012:

    Thank you Morgan for keeping your blog just what it claims to be, not a lot of rambling on about your crazy pork loin encrusted leek apple mash breakfast or something.

  4. Erica on 03/12/2012:

    You are hilarious, I just thought you should know! The Muppet pillow line had me!

  5. kurt @ design furnace on 03/12/2012:

    sometimes ugly muppets get turned into pillows ! :0 morgan you do have a wonderful way with words.

  6. Nick on 03/12/2012:

    You are prett much dominating the kilim pillow market right now…..these are amazing as usual

  7. annie on 03/12/2012:

    i love the muppet pillow!

  8. Jackie on 03/12/2012:

    Poor Bowie.

  9. THE BRICK HOUSE on 03/12/2012:

    Allison : the new sofa is an Arne Norell form the 70’s. It’s gorgeous.

    The chesterfield was just sold during the One Kings Lane design blogger sale that just wrapped up. Tootles Chester!

  10. Susan B. on 03/12/2012:

    You are a very funny person – that’s one of the reason I really enjoy you blog.

  11. Florian on 03/12/2012:

    Yes! Yes! YES!!! The Chesterfield is gone, it’s GONE!

    I think Bowie is depressed, because the Muppet Zombie is saying mean things about him behind his back.

  12. Heather on 03/12/2012:

    So I need to know what you plan on doing with your old sofa. Please. I need a new sofa so bad! When might you get another sale going on here? Do I get bonus points for having a fiancé who used to live in Hemet? I’m super surprised that anyone cool lives there, by the way.

  13. Kelly on 03/12/2012:

    I can’t believe you got rid of the Chesterfield, but I do love that pillow! Am also sorry I didn’t come to your thing in LA this weekend. Sad face.

  14. THE BRICK HOUSE on 03/13/2012:

    Heather, it’s gone away…to the east coast maybe? No more chester 🙁

  15. Rachel Schindler on 03/13/2012:

    I found your blog through tumblr. Love your style. Can’t wait to read more.

  16. Melissa de la Fuente on 03/14/2012:

    so. frickin. awesome. I was all worried about how to get a coat back from the thrift store at Alt. and you managed to get a COUCH back. Awesome. 🙂 So very, very cool….

  17. Heela on 03/14/2012:

    The title “pillow action” only brings to mind my black lab humping her purple furry pillow when she was little. HAHAHAHA….

    sorry, you can erase this comment if it was TMI. Dogs crack me up. They are just way high on the awesome scale compared to us humans 😉

    I like the new brown couch. I saw one similar at a thrift store in Seattle. It was the MOST comfy ugly-a** couch EVER and I wanted it SO bad but the hubby was like “NO”. I always see stuff I like but couldn’t get on your blog. I am super jealous.

    *but* I DID finally get around to ordering a black low rod base from Modernica for one of my vintage Eames shells. I’ve been salivating over that base ever since i saw it in one of your room tours. Now I have my OWN!!! It’s funny how crazy happy furniture makes some people. Then I got all crazy and devoted a whole post on my blog to that base. I’m so loving that chair right now…. 🙂

  18. Oh for eff sake, really??!!! you seriously do strike gold. sensational rug.

  19. Anna - Canoe Design on 03/22/2012:

    Great selection of images and pillows.
    Not sure what it is with dogs and their pillow addictions. We have an italian greyhound and she is obsessed with this sheepskin pillow we have on our sofa. She love burying her head in it or sprawling out in it. Funny little creatures they are!

  20. Eva on 06/29/2012:

    Loved the post, could be because I never watch the Oscars, could be because I have an obsession with kelim pillows and just got 4 for a great deal, could be because I move the couch around the living room more than my husband can bear.
    Love your work.

  21. heidi on 07/13/2012:

    I LOVE that orange muppet pillow. did you get that on ebay as well? didn’t see it under muppet pillow…would I, could I find it under rya, fiber, textile? what is it called? thanks 🙂

  22. Kilim Pillows on 11/27/2017:

    What a beautiful dog! Bowie found best one to sleep on it.

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