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Musical chairs

Friday, June 5th, 2009

I moved the pair of Bertoia diamond chairs from the living room into the master bedroom to modern things up a bit…well and because they got pushed out of the living room by the new butterfly chair and orange lounger.

The Bertoia diamond chairs replaced this pair of Brown Jordan chairs. So, to keep track…the bedroom before is above with the more regency style chairs.

Then the Brown Jordan faux bamboo chairs ended up moving to the kitchen breakfast bar to replace the Bertoia side chairs

Which then had to be moved out to the patio…

So to recap, a little diagram:

Living room—-Bertoia Diamond—Bedroom—Jordan Brown Faux Bamboo—Kitchen—-Bertoia Side—-Patio

Wow that was lame! And for another equally lame recap:

I have many chairs and only one butt. (-/ = chair, 3 = butt)

-/ -/ -/ -/ -/ -/ > 3

I’m just super addicted to chairs – its like crack. I gotta get my fix.


Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009


My first Kilim from Ebay finally arrived. At least this time it doesn’t smell like stale cigarette smoke.

I think I really like it, although The Boy walked in and said, “are we going Southwestern style now?”

Hmmmmm. Maybe.

Fantasy Auction Room

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

If I had something that resembled “real” money and could even finagle my way past security into the Wright Important Design Auction I’d design a tasteful and very expensive living room.

First I would anchor it with the Nelson Sling Sofa…my dream sofa…

Estimate: $4,000–5,000

I’d need a lovely rug to go with the sofa. Morroccan it is!

Estimate: $5,000–7,000

A fun coffee table could POP off the dark rug. This custom persimmon Paul Laszlo table could work.

Estimate: $5,000–7,000

More seating of course. A pair of William Lescaze armchairs from the Brooklyn Museum of Art have a nice history.

Estimate: $5,000–7,000

Where is all the drama in this room? Oh, here we go. BAM – Gio Ponti chandelier

Estimate: $25,000–35,000

I need some occasional tables to scatter about and brighten up the room. These geometric travertine 70’s tables may do.

Estimate: $5,000–7,000

A 70’s table lamp to go with my 70’s tables? Yes. Arredoluce contrast lamp.

Estimate: $2,000–3,000

I need ceramics accessories. Bruno Gambone

Estimate: $2,000–3,000

and Guido Gambone

Estimate: $1,000–1,500

But where would all my fancy collectibles and books go? The Breuer adjustable bookshelves would do just fine.

Estimate: $20,000–30,000

So all in all, if I got a good deal and only spent the opening bid price I would have spent $74,000 on a living room…thats not even done. I still need a few pieces of art, more accessories and an actual house for it all to go in.

I can’t get this stupid BOLD to go away.