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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009



I picked up this vintage phone bench which is marked “Made in Yugoslavia” at the local Angelview Thrift.

We don’t have a real land line phone (we just use our cell’s) but hey you could still sit and chat here. It’s giving me a ghetto Hans Wegner vibe.


Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Not like I really need any more lamps, but I picked up a few more.

I found this vintage 60’s pair of Asian-y regency underpainted glass cinnamon colored lamps. I don’t know how I feel bout them now that they are in the house. At seven dollars it seemed like a deal since I LOVED the color of the painted glass, but I still hate the weird base. You know, I just liked that they were a pair and that the color was so luxe. They do sort of blend with my teak headboard.

I put some linen drum shades (still wrapped in cellophane so I can return them) on the lamps to see how they look but I think these need taller black shades and the pair should sit on a long console against a white or pale gray wall…ugh. I can TOTALLY imagine them in a room. Just not this room.

I think I may copy the guest bedroom and do a pair of pendants and paint the wall dark. BTW, I’m loving the dark wall in guest bedroom.

Then I bought another lamp that I wish was part of a pair.

It’s 70’s, it’s brass, and it’s got a Plexiglas lamp shade with brass details.

I splurged a bit at $30 but I think it’s super modernist glam and brassy sexy. Love it! I have no idea where it will go.


Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

I picked up a few other thrifty things this weekend besides my Josef Albers lithograph. Including these three pieces of studio pottery above. I will own every sloppily made piece of amateur pottery I find!

I picked these four little containers for a $1. Shame, shame – I know my ignorance is showing, but what is going on above the words?

I also grabbed this creepy pair of salt and pepper cats. The salt/pepper comes out of their eyes and they have no limbs and rope tails – yikes. They also have a sticker that says ANVA.

Another quartz cluster…I’m repeating myself, but I love crazy minerals.

Vignetting for scale…whatever, I thought they where fun together. There’s no point to this picture.

And then I got some lamps…but you’ll have to wait ’cause I’m a lazy hoe.