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Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

I never would have thought that I’d find a little friend for the giant pear terrarium. But look-y who walked magically into my life after a trip to Revival Thrift in Palm Springs.

What a cutie for $3.

I really need to get to planting some succulents or something in my empty pair pals. Its been one of those projects on my to-do list that just never seems to get done. I’ve been really busy sleeping and just working hard at being a lazy dirt bag…just take a look at the half primed house and unfinished bathroom.

Pear terrariums aren’t really ranking high on my list of crap that needs resolving.


Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

I picked up a set of vintage pool balls at the thrift store for $5. The set is missing the nine ball which means that all my hopes are dashed for a retro style pool bash. The full set of the balls won’t fit in my glass dish…

Balls. Hehe.

Iggy likes them. He won’t stop licking them.


Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

I found a couple of paintings at the local Hospice Thrift recently (like I need anymore f*ing paintings). They were painted by the same artist “Lilie” who appeared to be quite prolific.

There had to be about 15 paintings all by the jaunty Lilie in a number of different styles and subject matters. I spotted sailboats, still-lives, architectural renderings, and wacky abstractions. I picked my two favorites – the abstract patterned mid century ceramic still-life and the oddly proportioned bushy goatee man portrait.

Old Lilie must have died and the paintings shuffled over to the Hospice thrift store. Its always exciting for me to see a group of paintings done over the years by a single amateur painter. I guess its also a little sad that her retrospective is at the thrift store.