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Thursday, May 8th, 2008

I have a problem.

It is a really bad addiction to shopping at thrift stores that now has progressed to flea markets and vintage shops.

My boy is trying to intervene and say ENOUGH with the bad art and weird accessories. But I just can’t stop myself! We live in a retirement community and where theres old people – there is AWESOME vintage stuff for cheap!

I LOVE bad art – amateur paintings, needlepoint, paint by number, ect…the weirder the better! Its the thing I look for first and the thing I love the most. Heres SOME of the collection – waiting to be hung…

Here are a few of my recent finds…

GRRRRRR! This pair is from the Hospice thrift store – $2 each, and theres a third deer needlepoint as well.

This lovely lady is from Angel View Thrift – and at $12 I really paid more than I wanted – but damn shes hot and HUGE!

Summers coming and since I hate ceiling fans and I need to move the air around…new old fans!
$10 at the vintage store and $2 at the Hospice Thrift respectively. These babies pppuuuurrr – they are quiet but powerful and work like champs!

Salvation Army – 50% off sale – so $4 for the big vase and $6 for the set of dishware – I’m not sure what they are for – but I love the graphic!

A pair of Kruger Metal tulip chairs – bought from a weird old lady at a store that was either a vintage store or a dump? Splurged at $100 for the pair talked her down from $140.

Flea Market – Sculptra Donut Phone – $20, and this lovely secretary, which will be converted into a bar – $40.

This lovely lamp has a marble base and is in great shape. $7 at Angel View Thrift. I love the slenderness of it and its HEAVY.

The real big score was this:

Bullet Planter!

I’ve been hunting for one of these for a year! I never won one on Ebay and never could afford the vintage store prices. I found this beauty by accident at a antique store for $10. The lady couldn’t believe I wanted it. She had it sitting with a bunch of junk on her back porch.


These are just a few of the things I’ve picked up after the move. I love our new town!