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Tuesday, December 8th, 2009





I picked up this pair of Original BTC England Hector Pleat table lamps at the Angel View Thrift in Palm Springs.

They totally had me fooled.

The cloth cord, the old style plug, even the tags underneath were skillfully designed to appear vintage. Well, they aren’t vintage, but I still think they’re groovy.

Not Thrifty!

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Discovered a new vintage place called Dazzles (That name. I know. Yikes) with some pretty cute stuff at moderately reasonable prices for Palm Springs. It’s located in an old run down motel and you have to carefully weave through rooms full of some pretty funky stuff. I almost bought a large Franco Albini ottoman for $150 – now I’m regretting not getting it. Where would I put it! Really. At some point you have to say no.

Killer patio furniture and lots of lamps. I’ll be back for sure.

Not Thrifty!

Monday, December 7th, 2009

(The most expensive Angel View Thrift in the world, yeah – it’s in Palm Springs)

At this point the The Brick House is pretty much filled with Thrifty! goodness. The problem we are running into is that there are still a few key pieces missing.

I’m continuing to thrift (seriously, what else would I do with my time) and hunt for those perfect missing things. Now that space is such an issue I’m starting to be very selective about what I take home – but I still find a ton of cool and wacky stuff.

That’s why I want to start a new blog segment called Not Thrifty! (which is pretty much pictures of shiz I find but don’t buy for one reason or another).

Sound fun? Ok, let’s do it bitches.


I know some of you will be sad and jealous that this set is just sitting at a Revival Thrift in Cathedral City. But it’s $425! Just Too Much.

You could get these tiger painted jeans to cheer yourself up. Raaawwwr.

Royal painted knights. Majestic.

I really liked this knot chart. Come on, you could learn how to tie all sorts of knots! Excuse that racist art behind it.

Ohhhh, a Herman Miller Aeron Chair. At a thrift store!

Oh wait, the dreaded Revival consignment – it’s on sale for only $296. Jeeez.

So, I always stop by the crazy Estate Sale Company. It’s good for a nutty look around. I did dig this crazy unicorn embroidery art.

Gold faced monkey sculptures. Dammit – why don’t I have a place for these creepo’s.

Wiggly art! Where have I seen this before? It’s a Alexander Girard pattern. But like super ugly.

I love this bust. She’s so pretentious looking. That dresser was rad as well. Both were too pricey.

Now if this was the right price I would have picked it up. It was a chinchilla fur coverlet. It was huge and snugly soft and totally $300. Man, it’s been so cold lately I was tempted.

This was a cute vintage hand made turned wood lamp. Only $10, but I need another lamp like I need more weeds in my backyard.

Catherine, how dare they call you Monkeyface. Your gorgeous darling.

This was a pretty fun retro ceiling lamp with clear and green beads surrounding it. I bet it would be killer in a retro black and white or green bathroom.

Saggy owl.

This would have been a super modern entry table. It’s on wheels and could use a good bit of cleaning and a steel wool rub down, but I could totally see myself rocking this if we had space.

Giant snail planter. Look out! I love animal planters.

Oh baby, check out this full on 70’s glam mirror coffee table for only $50. Killer with a sectional or mixed in with a slightly dirty glam coke fueled regency inspired room. I liked this, and totally could imagine the room it would go in. Sometimes I wish I had the space and cash to do some decorating experiments...

So, that’s some of the things I missed thrifting it up this weekend. Oh, and you know that I did get some stuff…