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Bits and Pieces

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Just some random bits and pieces of design & consulting projects that have been in the works. I haven’t quite figured out how to share things I’ve been working on recently since they’re all in different stages of completion or conception. This wonky collage probably just raises more questions than it solves, but this is kind of where my brain has been.

I’ve been a busy little maniac recently – running around and grabbing up things and sorting out others. Super excited about a jam packed weekend of LA trekking coming up. Can I hear a Rose Bowl?!?!

Perfect. Another wonky & weird collage. Roaming this week hasn’t been too exciting geography wise, just a lot of traveling here and there, puppy petting, meeting new folks, ch-ch-ch-changes and bringing home some tasty vintage treats.

Enjoy your weekend. Pet a puppy, snuggle a grumpy person, get your hair done, maybe go ahead and form a dance crew and then battle on the streets of Hemet. You know, whatevs.

I’m assuming that this is how Bowie plans on spending his weekend with his scary friend Mrs. Cluckerbutt. Iggy does not care for the terrifying chicken so much. Go figure.

Oh, Snap.

Monday, January 10th, 2011

I’ve been fiddling with Instagram as a way to document the mundane day to day minutiae of working and thrifting for the past month or so. I spend a lot of time out and about (typically as a lone wolf) and am constantly trying to remember what happened, things I saw or stuff that might work for a current project.

Being a rambling storyteller and terrible texter/twitterer,  these quick snap shots have made things a bit easier to quickly communicate or recall all that bizarreness. My old iPhone’s camera is not very nice (but so convenient), so some faux-vignetting and Polaroid style action makes those washed out, overly green and grainy photos seem a tad more intentional.

Some recent snaps over the past week or so…

We visited the most interesting and rigorous remodel around blogland to pick up an eco-pooper (and other bathroom treats) from Justin, AKA the best guy around. Can’t wait to kick off our bathroom remodel and see what he comes up with next. Thank you, again!

New to us Pho restaurant delivers the salted lemonade business. Still dreaming about it…need to make this at home.

Most the week was spent in and out of the vet’s office tending to Bowies clubfoot. I ran into future me and ogled a whale vertebrae. Trying to figure out how to smuggle it home.

Bowie got a tiny cone of shame and officially lost his mind at the vet. After a week of poking and prodding, shots and antibiotics, casts and thermometers in his bum bum – this naughty little dog bit the vet. Apologies animal hospital folks, we must be raising a little demon dog.

Estate sales and vintage shopping were a bit sparse. Still love these 1960’s church fans, not so sure about the lamps.

Ocean. I love you. I miss you.

Obsessed with campaign furniture and snuggling with Iggy. Fight for my love, puppies!

Chilling at the Humane Society getting vaccines. This appears to have been dog torture week.

Palm Springs with the lovely fire cracker Summer and a missed connection with a tasty thrift treat. Yo, 1970’s crazy mirrored credenza? I desperately wanted you and you went to another. My heart is broken.

The über talented Laure posted about this incredibly insane RV fire we saw on our way out to Joshua Tree and super stylist and super person Emily slummed it in the Inland Empire with her giant truck and handsome assistant to pick up a few pieces of furniture. Thanks peeps!

Been busy and fun. But thrift stores? Step up your game. I need some stuff.

Womb Chair

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Way back when, I mentioned that The Brick would be getting a new womb chair thanks to the generous Alex at Modern Furniture Rental. We bought our den sofa in a pinch from him even further back and have been really happy with it. I was pretty ecstatic when he offered to order a chair of our choice as a thanks for the sofa shout out and just this past week the big cust0m order arrived that included a bunch of womb chairs, as well as some new sofas and pieces that Alex is testing out. If you’re tootling around Orange County it’s worth checking out the showroom and giving the new stuff a test sit.

I’ve really wanted a womb chair and its definitely not something you bump into that often while thrifting. Ours has an ottoman, but I wanted to keep it simple in the tiny bedroom and just use the chair. Although, I have to admit, after sitting in it for awhile in the den and watching TV, I kind of feel like I want this chair to one day be our version of a La-Z-Boy. Unfortunately, its too big for the den so the next house is getting this as a TV chair for sure.

Also, recently I grabbed this great vintage Danish wool blanket from JP Denmark in Cathedral City. Only $20, because it has some stains on one side (I know, they are set in, oh well). The bedroom is slowly coming together but I still need some new lamps for the nightstands, some great and affordable bedding, a fiddle leaf fig tree, a quick fix-up of the closet and then it’ll kind of be done. Till I switch it up again.

If you’re following along on my twitter, you might have heard that poor Bowie broke a nail. While the neighbors were dog-sitting he somehow (while playing with his brothers) cracked open his nail all the way at the top and has been gingerly limping around since.

Now he has a club for a foot after visiting the vet and getting the nail removed. I seriously cannot stop laughing as he hobbles around on that ridiculously out of proportion cast. Poor dude will have to learn how to play nice to keep all his nails intact, which might be difficult since he is 3.5 pounds of wild puppy fury.

He still loves the new chair though, and I concur.