Womb Chair

January 4th, 2011

Way back when, I mentioned that The Brick would be getting a new womb chair thanks to the generous Alex at Modern Furniture Rental. We bought our den sofa in a pinch from him even further back and have been really happy with it. I was pretty ecstatic when he offered to order a chair of our choice as a thanks for the sofa shout out and just this past week the big cust0m order arrived that included a bunch of womb chairs, as well as some new sofas and pieces that Alex is testing out. If you’re tootling around Orange County it’s worth checking out the showroom and giving the new stuff a test sit.

I’ve really wanted a womb chair and its definitely not something you bump into that often while thrifting. Ours has an ottoman, but I wanted to keep it simple in the tiny bedroom and just use the chair. Although, I have to admit, after sitting in it for awhile in the den and watching TV, I kind of feel like I want this chair to one day be our version of a La-Z-Boy. Unfortunately, its too big for the den so the next house is getting this as a TV chair for sure.

Also, recently I grabbed this great vintage Danish wool blanket from JP Denmark in Cathedral City. Only $20, because it has some stains on one side (I know, they are set in, oh well). The bedroom is slowly coming together but I still need some new lamps for the nightstands, some great and affordable bedding, a fiddle leaf fig tree, a quick fix-up of the closet and then it’ll kind of be done. Till I switch it up again.

If you’re following along on my twitter, you might have heard that poor Bowie broke a nail. While the neighbors were dog-sitting he somehow (while playing with his brothers) cracked open his nail all the way at the top and has been gingerly limping around since.

Now he has a club for a foot after visiting the vet and getting the nail removed. I seriously cannot stop laughing as he hobbles around on that ridiculously out of proportion cast. Poor dude will have to learn how to play nice to keep all his nails intact, which might be difficult since he is 3.5 pounds of wild puppy fury.

He still loves the new chair though, and I concur.

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  1. M on 01/04/2011:

    If you’re near a Marshalls or TJ Maxx, this time of year (at least in my region) they have great Alpaca wool blankets for $15-$20 that don’t have stains. Yuck.

  2. Sarah on 01/04/2011:

    Oh poor puppy! At least he has that AWESOME ROOM to sit in!!! ( I caps when excited 😉

    <3 Sarah

  3. janine robinson on 01/04/2011:

    i finally got a coveted womb chair from a dealer on ebay called modern tomato. since i live in oc, i saved shipping costs by picking it up in their santa ana warehouse. among the best prices i could find. your source sounds great, too!! i like sitting in mine WITH ottoman, but it takes up SO much space, prefer it visually without. if that’s my only problem…

  4. A Merry Mishap on 01/04/2011:

    The blanket is a great find. We have a womb chair that is the same shade of grey but a woven tweed fabric, my husband uses it to fall asleep in. And it is really big, when it was delivered I couldn’t even bring the box into the house by myself.

  5. kristen on 01/04/2011:


  6. monika@stylemadesimple on 01/04/2011:

    Poor puppy 🙁 Your bedroom is really coming together, the blanket is another amazing find!

  7. Mea on 01/04/2011:

    As I don’t have a life, I’m happy you’re back! And the puppy, oh boy, I had to laugh so hard. Your postings are NSFW. Love the blanket; don’t give a shit about the stains.

  8. Lisa on 01/04/2011:

    Second Mea’s comment, you have been sorely missed. Even though all I ever comment are bitchy things about how envious I am of your finds.
    And poor poor pupster, he looks so miserable.

  9. J on 01/04/2011:

    I’m loving that chair. I wish my house wasn’t so furnished. If I had a garage, I would try your method of revolving furniture.

  10. Charlotte on 01/04/2011:

    Love that chair! Cuddles to the pup.

  11. Amanda on 01/04/2011:

    Why is it so long? The meaningless piece of white tape at the end is killing me…Maracas anyone?

    I love the new chair!

  12. Julie on 01/04/2011:

    Morgan! You must send a picture of Bowie to animalswithcasts.com

  13. eilene on 01/04/2011:

    dare I say it, but target has some dope organic sheets in a really nice dark grey. We bought a king set for under $50. I’m usually a tc-snob, but these are soft as hell and seem like they will hold up.

  14. Anna @ D16 on 01/04/2011:

    OH, BOWIE. Something tells me he and Fritz would get along famously.

    If my living room were 3′ wider, I’d have a womb chair + ottoman in it. They are so super comfy. And I love the fabric you chose!

    (Can I please request a video of Bowie trying to walk with his clubfoot?)

  15. my little apartment on 01/04/2011:

    dude, I looooooooooove that blanket. love it.

  16. Laura on 01/04/2011:

    Love the blanket and chair combo! But on a side note, I want that plant moved to the left-hand corner as you enter the room, near the window. It’s good feng shui ($$$) and I feel like the plant interrupts the view of the rest of the awesomeness you’ve got going on on the right side of the room, while the left corner is really bare. No?

  17. helloshiella on 01/04/2011:

    ooh morgan. you fancy!

    im guilty of loving the guest bedroom more… but this new addition just put it back in the running. FINISH IT!

  18. Alex on 01/04/2011:

    Glad you love the chair =) I’m going to get one for my condo the next order we do in Feb, it must be the most comfy chair that we offer. We did a loft in Hollywood that got a black boucle knoll sofa and I feel in love, so I’m to be selfish and get that too!

  19. THE BRICK HOUSE on 01/04/2011:

    I wish i had a video camera!

    Laura, theres a nightstand there, you can’t see it in the photo and one day there will be a big lamp and a wicked headboard. One day…

    I do want to get a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree instead of that other pant.

  20. Husband on 01/04/2011:

    The Captain approves.

  21. Allyson on 01/05/2011:

    Hahaha poor Bowie! He looks completely comical. It’s a wonder he can walk at all!

  22. Tonia on 01/05/2011:

    Love that chair and the new blanket. Awww Bowie, poor baby and you have a video camera on your IPHONE if I’m not mistaken. OH! I’m glad that your site is back up and running too.

  23. Suzy8track on 01/05/2011:

    The bedroom is really coming together! Looks great and the chair looks awesome in the corner! I think that it looks much better without the ottoman…with the ottoman, it looks a bit crowded in that corner. I’m sorry, but I cannot help but chuckle when I see that over sized cast on your tiny dog. He must provide endless entertainment as he stumbles around the house.

  24. modernhaus on 01/05/2011:

    The blanket looks sick next to your DIY bench, and it’s so appropriate to put the “womb” chair in the baby-making room.
    I mean, you can’t just be cool and creative forever. Some day you’ll make a little “knock-off” of your own 😉

    Bowie’s leg looks like a giant Q-tip. I think your vet has a sense of humor.

  25. Tamoto on 01/06/2011:

    It all comes together. for the captain i mean. In the top pics, he looks really pleased and satisfied with the womb chair and blanket,ect. yet, i couldnt help notice a sad glimmer in his eye.when i scrolled down i finally understood. puppy injuries. He looks sad, but he cant help smile a bit too at the cast. The captains face says it all.

  26. Suzie Salmon on 01/06/2011:

    Oh that poor puppy! But way to funny at the same time. Also, glad your site is back up! Missed it.

  27. modernhaus on 01/06/2011:

    p.s. I dig stains. I have an antique suzani with its “original stains”
    And if you know what suzanis were originally made for (think wedding night) then…

  28. Stephanie@LivableMachine on 01/07/2011:

    holy frick! That womb chair looks SO great in there! And that quilt/blanket is such a great accent piece! This room is looking hot! Love it!

  29. Heela@lovely*retro*house on 01/10/2011:

    oh what a poor baby…but then again, I would not mind having club foot and lounging on that comfy womb chair all day long, while people feel sorry for me. haha. I love that chair…I really wanted it but then my husband “surprised” me by using up our non-existing budget on a bertoia bird chair. I cannot complain, I love the bird chair…so it looks like the womb chair will have to wait until next year. *fingers crossed* I like the dark grey you picked out for it. Does it attract much dog hair?

    puppies seriously live the good life 😉

    Hope he feels better soon 🙂

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