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Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Enjoy the holidays everyone! Eat too much, drink too much, maybe get in an argument with your family. The holiday spirit is in you (and by spirit I mean that alco-alco-alcohol).

Next year I hope to get my act together and get a tree, or at least, one decoration. For now, tiny bows on tiny dogs.

Much love, good cheer and many thanks to you and yours.

Hug hug hug, french kiss, nom nom nom = my plan till the new year. See you on the other side!

Coffee Table

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Coffee table switching has now effectively slid into the madness zone.

It was only what? A month ago? That I switched yet again for what is now probably the tenth time? Problem with glass top tables (if you use them all the time) is that they get fingerprints and crumbs and water rings and look like slovenly frat boy lives in your house in a matter of a few days. So what? I’m lazy and I got a little tired of wiping it off constantly.

I know this new Craigslist burly slab coffee table will probably get a mixed reaction – but you may already know how I feel about burl. I love it. I marry it. I have it’s burly babies.

If you missed it, I might have twittered about this bad boy when I got it. Yeah, I twitter. What’s the big deal? Wanna fight about it? This is getting irrationally confrontational.

It must be that I’m feeling a bit defensive about this coffee table thing, because I know how crazy-town it is. But guess what? All those reject coffee tables…they are just sitting in my garage…looking to be resold…

This puppy likes it and if a puppy likes something – argument is over. Puppy love trumps all rational or logical rebuttals about the 70’s or poo or lacquer through the power of adorableness.

It’s big. It’s chunky. It’s dark. It’s shiny. It’s indestructible. It’s organic vs. modern. I am into that.

Well, at least for the next month.

Bedroom Updating

Monday, December 13th, 2010

I’ve been futzing with the guest bedroom after the recent acquisition of a few items.

I know nothing is spectacularly new and exciting and slowly things have been shifting around, but I’m still coming up short on headboards and bed linen. I just can’t seem to find anything I can afford that I love. Not to say I haven’t found lots of stuff I LOVE, but usually it’s in the crazy 1st Dibs level of pricing that isn’t feasible for our tens of dollars kind of budget. I’m thinking I may have to make some sort of slab headboard and then magically acquire some Area bedding.

Change wise, burly tables came in from the master bedroom for nightstand action. I hung my estate sale vintage rug, and the new credenza also seems to have wandered in here as well as a new thrifty lamp.

Bowie/Thunder Foot was getting a bit riled up by the impromptu photo shoot, so he spent some time relaxing on the rocker. I wish he would stop growing up so quickly, he’s very much becoming a little man (with a neutering appointment at the end of January).

Yup. So there is that.