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Thunder Foot

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Bowie, aka Thunder foot, aka Rufus, aka Muffin Butt, aka Old Man Butt, aka Puppy, aka “you dick!” is almost 12 weeks old. Ah, what a little puppy terror.

He enjoys dragging around dirty socks, pooping under the sofa, terrorizing Iggy by biting his butt hole, leaping off stuff fearlessly, chewing on the glass table, licking his naughty bits, running over to the neighbors house in search of his bio-mom, snuggling on top of your head, carrying his food into the den to eat it, ignoring the word NO and mewling constantly.

Pretty much he is a typical insane-o puppy.

Look at his old man butt. He is irresistible!

Hope you enjoyed your holiday, USA folks. I’m stuffed full of pie and taking a little respite to enjoy some puppy snuggling related action.


Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Maybe you caught me on twitter (twittering? uggggh) talking in 140 characters or less about a local Hemet estate sale I visited. Oh yeah, and if you want to hear about lame stuff like what I find in thrift stores or the puppy or other crap no one could be interested in you can follow along via @The_Brick_House. I warned you. It’s drivel.

While at the estate sale on Friday I saw a few interesting things, but the pricing was a little wacky. The coffee table above was $85 (plus a bunch of free spiderwebs for your trouble) while this sofa below was $50 (and unfortunately already sold).

Needless to say I left on Friday empty handed. But…

Saturday was 1/2 off day. Since the sale was only about a mile from my house I went back about a half hour before they closed up to check out what was left.

Well, obviously the coffee table was left and marked down 50%, but I wanted it cheaper. CHEAPER! Want to know my big secretly lazy trick for thrifty estate deals? I already said it. GO AT THE END. At that point they really are just giving that crap away. You risk missing out, but you gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold them, know when to walk away and know when to run.

Yeah, that just happened.

So, I offered $20. SOLD.

I know you get the idea of what the table looks like, but this is the only picture I could get of the two dogs even remotely together. Poor Iggy is still TERRIFIED of the new puppy and will run away when approached.

I also grabbed a gigantor white ceramic lamp while I was there.

The hulk sized lamp is living in the living room for now. I’m not sure what to do with it, that thing is MASSIVE.

BTW, I know the coffee table switching thing is out of control. I have four in the garage right now and this is a problem I need to address. Obviously, I am addicted to deals! At least its not crack.

Side Yard Fence

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

The side yard fence is continuing to slowly disintegrate. Hello neighbor! Who still refuses to contribute funds for the fixing.

It’s been a major agenda item to fix the side yard fence for some time, but first there was a heat wave, so working outside = yuck. Then it rained and drizzled for weeks on end, so again = yuck.

A side effect from all the rain is all this unwanted grass. I like my yard dead and dusty. The weeds are going nuts everywhere else. Gotta get planting…at least a little.

I have been taking the dogs out to play on the new lawn, since it will probably die or be dug up by the time we get landscaping. Iggy loves the lawn but refused to get within ten feet of Number Three (who we are tentatively calling Bowie). Wuss, that dog weighs like one pound!

I want to replace and move forward (towards the street) the fence that connects the side fence to the house. A good solution to keep costs down, keep it private and break up the front profile of the house would be to do a wide plank slat fence. While looking around for  inspiration on wide plank fences, I recalled Stephanie Bartron’s work and really liked this take on the wide plank fence above. Problem is, I couldn’t get a very good image of it so I included three angles of the same project.

Now I just need Carpenter Craig to come out and help with some fence building. If you are reading this, I think next week works for me…