Bits and Pieces

February 11th, 2011

Just some random bits and pieces of design & consulting projects that have been in the works. I haven’t quite figured out how to share things I’ve been working on recently since they’re all in different stages of completion or conception. This wonky collage probably just raises more questions than it solves, but this is kind of where my brain has been.

I’ve been a busy little maniac recently – running around and grabbing up things and sorting out others. Super excited about a jam packed weekend of LA trekking coming up. Can I hear a Rose Bowl?!?!

Perfect. Another wonky & weird collage. Roaming this week hasn’t been too exciting geography wise, just a lot of traveling here and there, puppy petting, meeting new folks, ch-ch-ch-changes and bringing home some tasty vintage treats.

Enjoy your weekend. Pet a puppy, snuggle a grumpy person, get your hair done, maybe go ahead and form a dance crew and then battle on the streets of Hemet. You know, whatevs.

I’m assuming that this is how Bowie plans on spending his weekend with his scary friend Mrs. Cluckerbutt. Iggy does not care for the terrifying chicken so much. Go figure.

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  1. SAJ on 02/11/2011:

    That is in Hemet?!!! By Walmart? How do you find this stuff!!!!

  2. Heather on 02/11/2011:

    I actually love the wonky collage–it shows your aesthetic really clearly, even as it plays out in different scenarios. I love reading your blog because I totally appreciate the authenticity of your style, though it’s soooo different from mine!

    Have fun hunting this weekend.


  3. Anna on 02/11/2011:

    rose. BOWL. treasure. trove.

  4. Jessica on 02/11/2011:

    Love the You Tube link. Hilarious bad.

  5. bianca of terri planty on 02/11/2011:

    has bowie tried to run off with that chicken? what do they think about it? do they sit next to it? you really love that thing. i can tell.

  6. Anna @ D16 on 02/11/2011:

    I love Bowie’s black tail.

  7. THE BRICK HOUSE on 02/11/2011:

    SAJ – I know! There are roaming dance crews in Hemet who battle not only by WalMart but inside WalMart – who would have guessed.

  8. A Merry Mishap on 02/11/2011:

    Cluckerbutt, that’s going to have me laughing for a while!

  9. modernhaus on 02/11/2011:

    Who gets the Nakashima headboard, and who gets the Chesterfield?

    Me?? Me??

    I know one of those MUST be my design project, because I am paying you in handwoven ethnic stuff. I’m obviously priority one.

  10. Ryan on 02/12/2011:

    Im waiting arrival of the living room update…I saw stripes(twitter).

  11. Tonia on 02/12/2011:

    Fabulous looking projects you’ve been working on. And Bowie is not going to be left out on what’s going on. I’m sure your weekend is off to a good one.

  12. Logan on 02/12/2011:

    Rosebowl is always fun. Have you ever checked out the “airplane hanger flea market” in Santa Monica? We kind of stumbled upon it once. Its smaller, but definetley cheaper and the vendors are cool

  13. Brandon @Tonshouse on 02/12/2011:

    Luving the living room with the cowhide and the chairs! I want to sit in that room and sip a Manhattan! So stylish!

  14. thelma on 02/13/2011:

    These look great Morgan! Do you use photoshop to produce them?

  15. Julie @ Chapman Interiors on 02/14/2011:

    Ahhh hahaha. Ohmy, chicken on the sofa is TOTALLY normal. Yessssss rosebowl. I wanna go. Bad-sies.

  16. Buzz on 02/16/2011:

    I got a stuffed rooster as a wedding gift – long complicated story – and it lived with my wife, my two dogs and I for over a year until one day the pups had had enough. We came home to what looked like a busted up feather pillow. To this day we haven’t found the rooster’s head.

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