Porch light(s)

August 3rd, 2008

The Boy surprised me by taking down our ratty exterior porch lights and installing the small FADO pendants while I was at work. I’m glad he did it since the front porch fixture had a fun surprise – an old hornet nest! I would have probably freaked out and fell off the ladder…good thing he kept a cool head and realized that there were no hornets in there, well except a few dead ones.

I didn’t get a chance to get before photos of the above craptastic fixtures installed- but I think you can infer how awesome they looked.

*Back porch & front porch

Here are the new FADO globe lamps installed. Impressively round.

*Back porch & front porch – extreme close-up action.

This may be the first exterior change we’ve made since moving in. The exterior is in sad shape, so extremely sad that when the police stopped by to check on a complaint about a transient woman roaming around on our front porch (which turned out to be ME checking out our new porch light with my painting clothes on – jeeezzz how embarrassing) they thought the place was abandoned and were pleasantly surprised to find people actually living there – in style.

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  1. Anonymous on 08/04/2008:

    I am really digging the blog. I found it via May 5th and Everything After.

    The call to the police just goes to show you bought in the right nieghborhood. Nosey nieghbors make for a good security system.

    P.S., the wife and I purchased the Corona sofa and chairs from Macy’s for our formal living room. Not a budget buster, sturdy and a good look.

  2. THE BRICK HOUSE on 08/05/2008:

    Thanks so much!

    True – and the cops even confirmed that it was a quiet nice neighborhood – even though I think it looks a little ghetto…or maybe thats just my neighbors parking all 5 cars on their front lawn.

    I love the style of the Corona – congrats.

  3. Punky Bruise-ster on 08/06/2008:

    We’re also considering the Corona! Going out to look at it tonight and get some color samples.

    Regarding the FADO as porch light… I love it (we have one in our upstairs hallway and Im considering it for our vestibule), BUT my concern is whether it is UL listed for damp/outdoor use…

  4. Anonymous on 08/15/2008:

    I also question if the FADO light is okay for outdoor use? I would love to have this similar style on my porch.

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