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Monday, April 27th, 2009

Desire to Inspire)

Why must lovely dark houses keep popping up and persuading me to paint my house charcoal! Dammit!!! I know, I live in the desert. It is a HORRIBLE idea to paint my house almost black when it can easily get over 100 degrees for three months and I have no insulation.

Oh but I LOVE it SO much. When is form better than function?


Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Over a year ago, when we first did our inspection – this is what the front of the house looked like…

And now?

It looks worse.

Here it is before the primed deck area. The boy has finished a lot of the priming…the only good thing to come out of unemployment.

This is all just primer and not the actual paint color…I know…it looks awful. Oh and that walkway? Its getting torn out, so I’m not sure why he primed it. I guess to just prime unnecessarily, or maybe to get rid of the maroon. We hate maroon.

*Good god we need a new roof. How do people pay for that?

I have plans for painting which include gray, yellow, and black in various shades with cedar slat sun screen on the front porch. Something like this, but cedar, and on the front porch, and not on wheels…

Or maybe just cover the whole house in slats and no would ever have to look at this eyesore again.

Suggestions? Anyone? Plllllleeeeaaassseee?

What is the perfect exterior light gray?

I’m feeling really depressed and unmotivated at this point and have been through literally 35 tester colors with no success.

Stupid brick house.



Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

The city is installing sidewalks all over town. We always thought it was weird that we didn’t have sidewalks or street lights in our neighborhood – I guess the city finally agreed.

These hardworking guys moved the water main and spray painted all over our driveway – which I guess is technically the city’s driveway up to five feet off the street.

Good thing we didn’t start landscaping.

The best part was the letter they sent out alerting us to the fact that “we WILL be inconvenienced.”