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Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Sighs of relief everyone. The dining room light situation is resolved.

Bubble it is.

Those terrible weeks of baited breath and restless nights are a thing of the past, so feel free to revel in relief as that desperate anxiousness in your heart melts away. Because yes. OH YES. The single most important lighting decision of our time concerning a dining room in a nondescript vintage home in a crappy neighborhood in the armpit of the Inland Empire has been made.

Look at how this lamp can now turn on and illuminate stuff. Stuff like dinner.


It’s like we finally connected those funny wires that stick out of the ceiling to the funny wires that stick out of the cord in order to fully commit to that good ‘ol ubiquitous Nelson bubble lamp in a dining room thing. And you know what? I love it. Unashamedly.

Goodbye pretensions. Hello thirty six inches of iconic mid century design.

Something feels different here…

Less fibery? More green? Somehow ruggy?

Pointless meandering aside, there’s obviously been a couple of additions and changes in the past few weeks that made the big bubble finally feel like the right choice. Firstly, yes, the amazingly huge fiber art wall hanging has moved (and not very far). Then the crazy grandma plant (or philodendron if you want to get all correct or something) was moved from the bedroom into here for some ‘effing greenery. Finally.

Plants make a room. This truth I live by, but somehow can’t enforce around the house.

Oh, then lastly, I slammed the old living room cowhide rug under the dining table. Rug action in the dining room finally seemed to make sense when paired with the Moroccan rug situation happening in the living room.

This incredible 70’s hand cut paper wall sculpture was a recent thrifty find at a local consignment/antique type shop. I believe I actually gasped out loud when I saw it leaning against the wall and then gasped again when I saw the affordable price.

Huge, handmade, strangely heavy, unsigned and beautiful. I could not love it more.

Reminds me of Greg Copeland for sure, but feels more like a study or experimental piece someone was playing around with.

My once lush and rampantly growing philodendron seems to have gotten a little stressed out after the move. I was hoping to break old patterns of neglect and serial plant killing by being a better and more attentive plant owner, but just ended up over-watering the thing.

Ironically, this baby prefers abuse.

Stupid plants. Make up your minds.

Also, the butterfly’s are back.

I probably should focus on being a better and more attentive blogger. Or on finishing some projects (like painting and fixing up that busted pocket door). Or clearing out some of the piles of vintage stuff laying just outside the cameras frame.

Yeah, this is all an illusion of organized cleanliness. Reality is much more cluttered.


Monday, June 7th, 2010

You guys spoke and I tried to listen. We are going to go ahead and do a big sale!

Mark your calendars, gas up your cars, put on clean underwear because we are having an all out ESTATE SALE at the Brick House. All of this and MORE will be available for your shopping pleasure on Saturday, June 12th from 9am till 4pm. 

Mod Orange Chaise, Eames Knock Off Lounger, 1960’s Mosaic Tile Coffee Table, Brass Laurel Lamp, Brown Saltman Hexagon Tables, Mod Table Pair, Rattan Hanging Egg Chair…

Yeah, you want this!

OMG. So much crap for your house!

Orange Eames Rocker, Lamps! Brown Saltman Hexagon Coffee Table, Monkey Pod Raw Edge Table, Black Krueger Metal Arm Chairs, Lane Side Table with Storage, Did I mention Danish modern LAMPS?

George Nelson Style Slat Bench! Holler.

Brown Jordan Faux Bamboo Patio Chairs, Freestanding Malm Fireplace

Check out that Fuzzy Bench.


Brass Faux Bamboo Bar Cart, Panton Flower Pot Lamp, Retractable Red Lamp, Big Ass Yellow Lamp

This AWESOME mid century sofa. New upholstery and barely used.

Plus there are tons of bric-a-brac including Studio Pottery, Dansk, Rosti, Art Glass, Blenko, Catherine Holm, Alexander Girard, Terrariums, Paintings, Needlepoint, Kilims, and so much MORE.

I got too much stuff, and it’s overwhelming to list it all online. I’m going crazy just trying to figure out what to do with all this crap it till Saturday.  Hopefully I can sell a lot of it at the sale and then Craigslist the rest of the bigger ticket items. If there is anything you desperately want RIGHT NOW, please email me at and we can discuss. Sorry homies shipping is a-making me crazy! I know I suck!

When I went to go post the sale on Craigslist it reminded me not to worry too much…

Please come! I swear that it might be fun. Maybe there will be something delicious to drink and some music bumping to get the party started…

Yard Sale

Friday, June 4th, 2010


If I was to have a big old yard sale, would it be of interest for people to come out to Hemet and buy my crap? My consignment space is a total miserable failure so I’m shutting it down. This whole “going out of business” thing sucks since I’m packed to the gills with crap and have no real storage space, plus we really need some cash to continue working on the exterior. Big plans in the works…

I was thinking that before the summer kicked into total high gear (where my real job takes over every spare second of time) I could have a sale on Saturday, June 12th. This is a depressing option. I’m depressed. I also don’t want to just give things away for nothing – which I totally believe should be the yard sale pricing structure. If it was like a reasonably priced estate sale-ish thing would that be fun? Heavy on furniture and vintage (lite on baby clothes and junk – which seems to be the only stuff at every garage sale around Hemet). What do you guys think?