May 14th, 2012

Besides fiber art, I’ve also been quietly hoarding a bunch of lighting ever since the dining room chandelier moved onward to a better home. None of the lighting I’ve stumbled on has been perfect and I haven’t been able to find my dream brutalist chandelier – really the closest thing I have found was this Tom Greene for Monteverdi-Young beast of a brass thing that popped up on Craigslist for a very unbrutal price.

On the other side of chandelier spectrum is that shiny 70’s bit of vintage Lightolier chrome which came into my life late one night when I stumbled upon a very neglected and oddly described eBay auction. So? Score.

Oh, these old things?

Yeah. We’ll get to those in a bit.

Anyway, while out and about in Orange County I stumbled on a little vintage shop and left with my very own Auro Glowbal. Yes sir THAT Auro Glowbal. Don’t worry I’ve never heard of it either, but it looks to be a handmade cotton version of those cheap paper lanterns and turned out to be a nice stand-in for the Akari light sculptures that haunt my daydreams.

Bumling to the Sciolari to the Greene.

Name dropping is what I do best and annoys my friends and loved ones much more than you’d expect. Or maybe as much as you’d expect. I can be pretty unbearable.

The Bumling I’ve had for awhile, but the Sciolari is a new acquisition from a little trade I did with Ellen over at Amsterdam Modern. I imagine it will end up in one of the bedrooms? Maybe? I don’t know.

No, I haven’t forgotten the Nelsons.

I swear.

Anyways, we installed the Auro ball thing in the den, but Mr. Lightolier, Mr. Sciolari and Mr. Bumling are all still floating around totally homeless. It feels impossible to decide where they should go.

I have a raging case of decision fatigue.

But at least the glowbal was installed after sitting on the floor for months…and it looks like there’s only this image as proof since someone forgot to take after pictures. That someone being me.

I failed. I’m a failure.

Good thing I overuse instagram.

OK. So, lamps. Once. Twice. Three, no, four times a Nelson.

I was out in LA working with Laure on some photo shoots during the day and then cruising Craigslist at night, per the norm, when I stumbled on a listing for a crap ton of huge bubble lamps. I emailed them, they emailed back, I was so happy and then realized I couldn’t pick them up while doing awesome photo shoot stuff, so I begged Summer to grab them and promised to split the lamp haul between us. The end.

OK, these things are HUGE and I have four and perhaps I dove into this adventure without much of a plan. With nothing to lose I tried out something that initially felt nuts; I tried the saucer.

The Nelson bubble lamp over the dining table thing feels like it might be the biggest cliche around. Classic design icon? For sure. Ubiquitous lighting choice for mid century interiors? Sure.

Despite this obvious snobbery, these lights beefy scale made me curious about how one might look hung up in the dining room. I loosely strung one up (without fully installing) and stepped back to find that, well, I…sort of…liked it.

Now everything I believe in is in shambles.

I can’t decide if this super size saucer works or if a more unusual lighting choice is a better fit. Does large scale forgive ubiquity? Is this becoming a classic design convention? I’m not sure, but it feels kind of nice?

Hold on. There’s one last factor to consider – no big deal – just forgot to mention the amazing custom built dining table coming soon. Boom.

Everything. Shambles.

So this sucker is going to get a little test run until the new table comes and then we’ll see if it should be installed for real. Who knows! The only certainty is that I change my mind constantly.

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  1. Fe on 05/14/2012:

    The Flying saucers ARE amazing !!!!! WANT, WANT, WANT !!!

  2. planktonfisher on 05/15/2012:

    I really like the Nelson lamp! Maybe it´s a classical choice, but you have Eames chairs as well, which probably is the most classicaI chair. I always wanted to have a Nelson lamp, but it´s impossible to find an afforable one in Germany. So i started hoarding Castiglioni Cocoon lamps. What are you going to do with the other three Nelson lamps? Sending one to Germany?

  3. Tom Wilson on 05/15/2012:

    And perhaps send one to the UK too?

  4. Kris on 05/15/2012:

    Hang three of them at different heights in a cluster, just go all the way, why not?

  5. L on 05/15/2012:

    Lighting echoes Eames contrasts fiber art. What’s not to like? Although I’ll wait until the new table makes an appearance to really vote on this . . . .and we know Morgan is gonna be Morgan regardless. As it should be.

  6. MildlyCrafty on 05/15/2012:

    I have the saucer lamp hanging over my dining table and I loooove it. I don’t care that it’s a design cliche as none of my friends or family know that!

  7. Joy on 05/15/2012:

    I would be happy with just one of those Nelsons and you have three! I’d love to find a nice knock-off because those things are pricey! They WOULD be amazing grouped but I know they’re so huge it may look like you have cumulus clouds in your home!

  8. carey on 05/15/2012:

    i think the nelson is a horrible choice. well, dare i say, it’s completely idiotic! therefore, i think you should send it directly to me. i’ll even pay for shipping!

  9. Erin | Holtwood Hipster on 05/15/2012:

    The Nelsons are pretty fab, but I’m on pins and needles to find out where that Lightolier ends up.

  10. Jamie on 05/15/2012:

    I just have to say, your blog is the best! I found you about a week ago…I can not stop looking! It took me three days to get from the beginning to current! Thanks so much


  11. Nikki on 05/15/2012:

    absolutely love your blog ans design sense. stumbled upon it when i bought the design sponge book and saw the sneak peek of your house. saw you were looking for a brutalist chandelier and guess what happened to be pop up on the florida craiglist circuit. ive been on the hunt for a decently priced mid century modern credenza and found this and then saw this post.

    (i don’t know what your price range is, but i thought id share regardless)

    how you like me now lol?! new favorite comment right lol. jk… good luck on your chandy-hunt if this one doesn’t fit your needs.

  12. rj on 05/15/2012:

    i call a slab wood table in the works (haha… you give too many clues on instagram.) fibers. bubbles. wire (chair) and fiberglass. wood (slab). you have all the major modernist food groups covered.

  13. Suzie on 05/15/2012:

    Love the saucer!

    The fibre art looks like a giant sporran…

  14. Becky on 05/15/2012:

    Of course bubble lamp is cool, but maybe too obvs for you. Sciolari and lightolier would offer a nice contrast with all the hair and wood you have in the dining room. The bubble lamp just kind of fades away as it is.

  15. Christa on 05/15/2012:

    Classics are classics because they do magical, perfect things. The scale and mood of it is working magic on that dining room. I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of those beauties. And that glowbal is lovely.

  16. pleiovn on 05/15/2012:

    Don’t worry about the bubble lamp – if you like it, then that’s all there is to it! I think it looks fantastic in this setting.

  17. Oh mannn, I see the light! haha
    Love all of those fixtures!

  18. Tamisha on 05/16/2012:

    would you be interested in this brutalist masterpiece?

    it’s about halfway down the page. You’ll know it when you see it. Let me know and I might be able to get it to you.

  19. erin@designcrisis on 05/16/2012:

    And the decorating domino effect begins… you are screwed.

    I’m only kidding. A little.

    So, I would like to see sciolari in the dining room. A little flash would be nice among all the earthiness, and I like the squarish shape in there. It looks like the scale would be good, but I can’t tell for sure.

    Lightolier is awesome, but somehow doesn’t seem very you… unless you happen to have a covered outdoor space with ready to go wiring? That would be fun.

    The nelsons are not my jam, but what do I know?

  20. erin@designcrisis on 05/16/2012:

    Also that fixture Tamisha posted is boss.

  21. The brick house on 05/16/2012:

    Erin, yeah the Sciolari would have been awesome in the dining room if it was twice the size. The things just too small. It was overwhelmed in there.

    Tamisha’s fixture is cool, but I don’t know if the exterior candleabera things kill it for me or not. Ugh. Stupid lighting.

  22. erin@designcrisis on 05/16/2012:

    I really wanted that to work there. It’s a cool sciolari… some of them are so fussy.

    Oh well. I know how it goes… perfection is a slippery bitch. You’ll get it all figured out, though.

    And then it will be time to redecorate!

  23. Jessica on 05/16/2012:

    You make me feel better about my obsessions…and constant rearrangement. And if you don’t find a place for the Tom Greene for Monteverdi-Young beast, my kitchen in Brooklyn would gladly be a home for it.

  24. Adam Cord on 05/16/2012:

    These lights are great – will these lights be a great additive for a rock house cause I am remodeling my house. Is it okay for a rock house to have this kind of lighting?

  25. Kirk Ohly on 05/17/2012:

    Love the Nelson’s, if you have the ceiling height, I would love to see them clustered at varying heights. We picked one up several years back and we are about to install it in our 4th place since purchasing it. As far as the other lights go, if you are looking for cool & functional hardware, look at and if you have questions drop me a line.

  26. Calli on 05/22/2012:

    Love your home and blog and I too am in love with the fiberous wall hangings, even though the warm one reminds me of Sweetums, the Muppet:

    Can you tip me off on some good sources where I could find these?
    [A fuzzy thank you]

  27. Katie on 05/22/2012:

    I want more Bumling.

  28. The Vintage Cabin on 05/23/2012:

    I love the light above the table. I know it’s normal and all grown-up like, but you can’t be anti-iconic about the light if you’re not about the chairs! I think it looks classy and because of the scale of the fucker, it still looks unique and a bit quirky. Go with it. You have that crazy drug rug in the background to offset the normalcy as well. We all know you’re a decor genius, you’re allowed some typical and easy pieces every now and again. (I know you already swapped out the drug rug thinger to your recent 70s hippie art find and that looks good there, too). If you’re still struggling with the light in a week or two you could maybe cover it with ham or tampons to make it more “your own”.

  29. oh fun! i love all theses decorations!

  30. Welovelinen on 06/04/2012:

    Love your post! Keep feeding us!

  31. In Chrystal's Head on 06/05/2012:

    I’m not the best at keeping up with blogs, but every time I see some ‘fiber art’ at an estate sale/yard sale/thrift store, your blog pops into my head. In the weirdest way possible, your blog is burned in my brain.

  32. Vi on 06/15/2012:

    Hello, I was wondering what Vintage shop you went to while in Orange County? I’m from the area and would love to peruse.. 🙂

  33. maya on 06/15/2012:

    that is NOT a philodendren…commonly mistaken name. That is a Monstera Deliciosa. My favorite plant in the world! Do not over water or put in a overly sunny spot. just think of where it comes from…it likes humid (if possible), warm, filtered light, and lots of room to eventually spread out. But VERY easy to grow and yours looks nice. Love this site! Cheers

  34. Mimi on 08/24/2012:

    FYI the Bumling is a Swedish classic kitchen lamp. Traditionally hung very low over the kitchen table… That’s not to say one necessarily HAS TO have it in the kitchen but, to Swedes like myself, it looks a bit ‘off’ when placed elsewhere 🙂

  35. Eva on 08/05/2013:

    I have an extreme case of lighting envy! A bumbling and a sciolari – sigh

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