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The Great Rearrangement

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Marvel at the power of human beings moving things. Things like coffee tables.

Remember this one from Craigslist? BOOM. In the den now.

The giant Burly Beast? BOOM. Living room.

It only weighs about 500lbs. I think I blew a gasket and The Boy has a shiny new hernia.

Still need a new mantel.

What about lights? You might have noticed the new Craigslist bubble lamp made its way into the bedroom.

But what of the lucite/gold motherf*cker?

BOOM. Guest bedroom.

Which means the Sputnik had to find a new home…

BOOM. Back to the den.

See that? How I made that circle back to the den? Those are blogging skills.

As you can see we moved some stuff around, moved other things to storage and are testing out the new arrangement. So far? Good to go. Weather and schedules have been a little nuts, so exterior projects have been put on hold. Which gets me all itchy for change and then the interior takes the brunt of my crazy.

Womb Chair

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Well, I got some bad news from Alex . The womb can’t come in tweed…something about the stretch won’t work. Boo hoo!

So, the solids will have to do. Which means…



I know – so boring, so safe. But with the frequency I move things around I needed to stick to a color that could go anywhere and stand up to two puppies (I’m holding a sleeping puppy right now and trying to think of names).

Modern Furniture Rental extended the order dates for their custom order shipment through Oct. 20th. Contact Alex if there is a piece you’ve been dreaming about…I can’t wait to get my Womb in a few weeks and finish up the bedroom.

Gray Womb!

I’ve been running around working with the talented and hilarious Laure as well as other great folks (on a real TV show!), trying to finish up design projects, checking out San Diego (hey lurker, this is for you) as well as trying to figure out how to puppy proof the house and a name! Also I think my Google reader just killed itself after being wildly neglected and I am so behind on emails and responsibilities and blogs and all my stories (that’s just crappy TV shows). My iphone is not a real laptop. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

More soon. Huggy hug hugs and sleepy dog kisses.


Monday, September 27th, 2010

I found this strange vintage lamp at The Salvation Army for the low low cost of $6. I can’t decide if it is barfing up the lights or slowly devouring them. The petals at the bottom look like some sort of crazy fish mouth or, well, um…a flayed penis.

It was made by Tower Craftsman Incorporated in New Jersey and may be the last decent thing to come out of that state…I’m going to go throw it in a hot tub and see if it breeds.

It’s flaccidly flipping off The Captain! Rude.