Fence Bench

November 24th, 2010

When we disassembled the side yard fence there were a bunch of rotten 4×4″ posts left over. I’ve been considering building a small bench for the master bedroom for some time and when presented with the wood leftovers, thoughts of a very cheap but super chunky piece of furniture danced in my noggin. Paired with a pair of left over Eames LTR bases (salvaged from our old beat up surfboard table) this little reclaimed wood bench was pretty easy to assemble.

Here’s how:


4 – Reclaimed wood fence posts
2 – Eames LTR bases (I salvaged mine off a broken Eames elliptical table)
4 – 12″ metal straps
Bunch of Screws
Teak Oil (or Danish Oil)

First, we cut off the rotten ends of the fence posts which left us with a usable length of 56″.

Then, I inset the bases 6″ from the end.

The straps were placed evenly around the bases and screwed into the wood.

To finish up construction, the the bases were then screwed into place.

Boom. Done.


I gave the wood a quick sanding to remove any residual gunk, dirt or splinters.

After the dust was cleaned off, I rubbed the wood down with a few coats of teak oil (I had it laying around) to seal and protect the wood. Then done!

The treated wood darkens up a lot with the oil.

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  1. Townerson on 11/24/2010:


    My mind just blew out the side of my head. Love, love, love.

  2. Tonia on 11/24/2010:

    What else can anyone say. LOVE at first sight!

  3. Shilo on 11/24/2010:

    It’s gorgeous! Great job!

  4. Dan on 11/24/2010:

    looks phenom!!! great job and i’m super impressed by how easy the construction was. oh, you and your good ideas.

  5. K a i t l y n on 11/24/2010:

    Shut. Up. That is amazing!

  6. Alice on 11/24/2010:

    I’ve been lurking your blog for a few weeks, and I totally love what you’ve done with your home. I absolutely adore this bench. What a super great idea. Your resourcefulness never ceases to amaze me.

  7. kassy on 11/24/2010:

    Splabooey!! Absolutely brilliant and it looks amazing. Wish my brain was clever like that.

  8. maya on 11/24/2010:

    double boom!

  9. maya on 11/24/2010:

    double boom!, again…….

  10. sudha on 11/24/2010:

    lovely!!!! Super cool reclaimed wood table?!!!! you are a hero

  11. A Merry Mishap on 11/24/2010:

    Oh man, I really like this a lot!
    It amazes me that you thrift the things you do and have eliptical table bases just lying around. Reminds me that I need to keep Danish oil lying around the house, just in case.

  12. Airika on 11/24/2010:

    amazing! love it.

  13. Riell on 11/24/2010:

    Good job, green idea! I really love reused items.
    Riell from Hungary

  14. GoVintage on 11/24/2010:

    Great idea! Is Crisis time…recycle is the keyword! 😀

  15. Ditte Sofie on 11/24/2010:

    Wow…looks amazing!!

  16. Brismod on 11/24/2010:

    And I would’ve tossed that wood in the bin. Your bench looks amazing. I love it!

  17. Megan B. on 11/24/2010:

    Genius. The hits just keep on coming!

  18. Lisa on 11/24/2010:

    Oh yes. Boom. Double boom. Genius. Amazing. Brilliant. And all other words of praise that have been and will be posted.
    That is ultra super great and I am sooo using this for inspiration.

  19. Daniel on 11/24/2010:

    Great job !
    Looks so expensive…!

  20. Michael - Innkeeper on 11/24/2010:

    wow! super duper amazing.

    love it!

  21. J on 11/24/2010:

    You have to be kidding! How do you even come up with this. I am in love with your house. My house was built in 1955 and I want to start incorporating more of a midcentury feel to it. I love your blog.

  22. carol on 11/24/2010:

    looks like the captain approves.

  23. Jaime (Design Milk) on 11/24/2010:

    Wow that looks awesome. I would never have thought of this. Nice work and good use of old Eames bases. I bow down to your mid-century modern meets eco-friendly repurposness.

  24. Sue on 11/24/2010:

    love, love, love it…and it goes so great in your bedroom

  25. Libby on 11/24/2010:

    Wow, I am SO impressed! That bench is beautiful! This might just be my favorite thing you’ve ever posted.

  26. Jen Hamilton on 11/24/2010:

    If you keep saturating the wood in teak oil, over the course of 6 months to a year, it will harden and begin to a nearly impermeable finish. It ends up a little glossy, though, which might not be what you want. Looks fantastic!

  27. Fiona on 11/24/2010:

    Seriously one of the nicest things you have in your house. And that’s saying something.

  28. Jenni on 11/24/2010:

    nicely done!

  29. Cheryl on 11/24/2010:

    That looks fantastic.

  30. Craig on 11/24/2010:

    Well…snazzy razzy.

  31. Ana on 11/24/2010:

    Morgan! Gah!

    You just blew my mind with awesome.

  32. Suzy8track on 11/24/2010:


  33. Laurie on 11/24/2010:

    What a fantastic bench! You are my home renovation idol! Love your blog 😀

  34. cary on 11/24/2010:

    awesome! very inspiring!

  35. Sarah on 11/24/2010:

    Does the design part of your brain ever rest? You are awesome.

  36. bethanelbow on 11/24/2010:

    that’s frickin beautiful.

  37. Charlotte on 11/24/2010:

    Simply awesome.

  38. Julie on 11/24/2010:

    Holy cats! You rule! How do you not have a HG show yet? We need to start a write-in campaign to make this happen.

  39. Anna @ D16 on 11/24/2010:

    Dude, I can’t even. You are the best. The BEST!

  40. Lexie on 11/24/2010:

    This is fantastic!

  41. Niamhy on 11/24/2010:

    WOW! Bootiful!

  42. my little apartment on 11/24/2010:


  43. Gaidig on 11/24/2010:

    It looks great! And it looks like it’s a much better height bench than the coffee table was.

  44. Amy Chapleau on 11/24/2010:

    Awe. To the Some.

  45. seriously on 11/24/2010:

    woah. super. cool.

    your DIY eye is off the hook.

    this and your pipe shelf thing, are such happy marriages of green + MCM.

    i want. must look for a fence to destroy…

  46. SUSHEE on 11/24/2010:


  47. the vintage cabin on 11/24/2010:

    yuss! *fist pump* this is gorgeousss!

  48. Heatehr Espana on 11/24/2010:

    Um. That’s SEXY.

  49. Laura on 11/24/2010:

    What? Seriously, this is awesome, and it was free, it looks like a million bucks.

  50. Mike C on 11/24/2010:

    Such an awesome DIY project. Question: How did you ensure that the legs when attached sit even on the floor? It seems like there would be quite a bit of unevenness with the warped wood.

  51. eff yes!!!! yep. long-time lurker, but this bench kills it.

  52. stacey on 11/24/2010:

    i love this blog, your creativity and humor are infectious. 🙂 i check here daily; never disappointed!

  53. Katie on 11/24/2010:

    What does the Captain think? LOL Love it, looks abs FAB!

  54. Rivka on 11/24/2010:

    Really…. How amazing are you anyway??

  55. Jessica on 11/24/2010:

    Damn! That’s hot!

  56. Mrs. Potts on 11/24/2010:

    LOVE it! You are a genius.

  57. jennifer in sf on 11/24/2010:

    Could you please stop being so awesome? You are giving my apartment a complex!

  58. Beth @ the Modern Home on 11/24/2010:

    This is ridiculously awesome! I want one!!

  59. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/24/2010:

    Thanks all! The best part was it only cost about $20. Those straps are the priciest part.

    You could also use hairpin legs if LTR bases are hard to source.

  60. chelsea on 11/24/2010:

    brilliant, amazing and all kinds of other super-fabulous adjectives. Cue the green jealousy.

  61. Jessica Grace on 11/24/2010:

    LOVE it! I love the apron on the front, it helps to give a more substantial look. It is awesome in your space!

  62. none on 11/24/2010:

    LOOKS GREAT in the bedroom.
    got any more of those posts to spare? haha..

  63. Zero34 on 11/24/2010:

    That’s REALLY nice. had you used a router to recess the straps then i’d make a really nice detail even on the bottom side.

    That bench could easily sell for a few hundred as is!

  64. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/24/2010:

    We don’t have a router, and it was so low that you don’t see them…so we went the simple route. Routered out would be nice.

  65. Daniel on 11/24/2010:

    Knowing the wood is of historical origin (I mean, think about all we’ve heard about that fence, what it means to this blog, if that isn’t historical !) that should add a few more hundred to the value.
    If benches/fences could talk….

  66. Dee on 11/24/2010:

    So clever, so beauiful. I can vicariously feel your pride and joy in creating something so amazing.

  67. Rebecca on 11/24/2010:

    Beautiful!!!! Now I know what to do with some of my fence when I tear it down! Love your creativity!
    -A Real Hemet Girl haha

  68. Shawn on 11/24/2010:

    Brilliant idea! It looks so impressive. Bravo!

  69. Jen Chu on 11/24/2010:

    I love how OCD perfectly composed all your photos are. Everything is so straight and square. Makes me happy.

  70. michelle on 11/24/2010:

    OMG that is amazing. Incredible! Again! Gah!

  71. M on 11/24/2010:

    LOVE this…..totally looking at our pile of wood from our renovations, what can I make?

  72. megan on 11/24/2010:

    uhh.. you make me feel like an underachiever.

  73. Joy on 11/24/2010:

    First of all, WELL DONE! Looks fabulous.

    Secondly, this post is popping up on all my favorite sites today. Congrats on all the well-earned recognition!

  74. Dorothy on 11/25/2010:

    Delurking to say Absolutely Perfect! I wish I had half your vision and talent! Fab, brilliant, etc., etc., etc.!

  75. stef on 11/25/2010:

    beautiful. really, really stunning.

    I just spent months searching for the perfect coffee table, finally bought one,and now this makes me feel like I’ve settled AND blown my budget.

    You are an all-star.

  76. Amy on 11/25/2010:

    GAWD that is incredible. APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE. You exhaust me in a good way.

    Also I love that you made another table!

  77. Brianne on 11/25/2010:

    So so awesome. That’s pretty much all I can say. It makes me long for a busted fence…

  78. Lisa on 11/25/2010:

    Dear Morgan, you are the coolest person in the universe.

  79. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/25/2010:

    Thanks again all, you guy are nuts!

    BTW the metal straps – I just got them at the hardware store. Super easy to find.

  80. Jen on 11/25/2010:

    How can one person possibly have so many awesome ideas???

  81. julie on 11/25/2010:

    Talk about thinking outside the box, or fence. I love it. You are one resourceful girl.

  82. Stephanie on 11/25/2010:

    i LOVE it! I see these kinds of projects and *almost* wish for a fence to fall down on my property so I can use it for something cool!

  83. Amanda on 11/25/2010:

    SHUT THE FREAKIN’ FRONT DOOR…open it…then shut that bad boy again! This is genius! I’ll be out, while the neighbors are away on vacation, scouring their yards for broken down fences. God. Why can’t my fence be broken?

  84. April on 11/25/2010:

    Salvaged and beautiful. What more could you ask for? Nice work!

  85. Yencey on 11/25/2010:

    For lack of a better word…. PERFECT!

  86. Sandra@Botany's on 11/25/2010:

    I am sooo jealous. I would do almost anything to have 2 of these.

  87. Betty Roth on 11/25/2010:

    I can’t be the only one thinking it: when are we going to be to buy your designs?? Table auction anyone? LOL! Really tho, you are amazing and never ever cease to impress! Happy Thanksgiving!

  88. diana on 11/25/2010:

    bootiful, brilliant idea

  89. jokemijn on 11/25/2010:

    wauw stunning! looks like a real designer piece.

  90. molly on 11/25/2010:

    oh my god, you’re like goddamn mcgyver!
    that is seriously cool – looks terrif.

  91. DWC on 11/25/2010:

    Nothing like rustic modern furniture and you made it! It’s an original!!!!! Beautiful at the base of your bed. Simply stunning!!!!

  92. Mila on 11/25/2010:

    truly beautiful, Morgan. Your design eye is so good.

  93. erf on 11/25/2010:

    crazy love.

  94. Janelle on 11/25/2010:

    Wow! We have some left over fence posts and boards and I actually thought of building dining benches from them using hairpin legs, but couldn’t visualize it until now…thanks! You did a great job. I love the top/leg proportions.

  95. Anna Elena on 11/25/2010:


  96. Mike on 11/25/2010:

    Great green recylcling job you and the boy did! Yeah it’s a
    dirty hard job, but the two you, with help, not ont only saved some bucks but a tree as well, at least part of one. And the bonus bench looks great!

  97. Jason Hudson Dot Com on 11/25/2010:

    Yer fuckin’ ridiculous.
    Like, talent-wise.

  98. Chelsea on 11/26/2010:

    Niiiiice! Your fence would look amazeballs if you could somehow do the same type of finish on it.. Slip on some metaly hardware deliciousness…..drool. Neighborhood fence, “show off psh!” Brick House Fence, “U jelly?”

  99. Ida on 11/26/2010:

    I’m amazed! Your bench is just beautiful.

  100. Maggie on 11/26/2010:

    such vision! its gorgeous.

  101. Coletta on 11/26/2010:

    love it!
    on a sad note…i located a black chair (like the one in your bedroom) in a pile of stuff along side the road. i finished my shopping and was going back to load it in my car on the way home…BUT….when I got there, an entire tree had been chopped down and the chair was now buried underneath it. I was so bummed!

  102. Summer on 11/26/2010:

    Love! I have a bunch of wood like that that I’m trying to find uses for (dining table is on the list)…other alternatives to those legs? I’m thinking I’ll need to find something from the hardware store.

  103. emily henderson on 11/27/2010:

    what are you, some sort of genius? you’re making me look real bad, lady. gobble gobble

  104. Lynne on 11/27/2010:

    Aren’t YOU the CRAFTY ONE!! Looks so fab!!!-

  105. That is absolutely fantastic! Pruxxx

  106. nkp on 11/27/2010:

    You know, there is no one on the interwebs, not a single soul, that is even in the same league as you Brick Housers. You outdo yourself time and time again. Damn. Nice job.

  107. Jennifer on 11/27/2010:

    I am trying so hard not to hate you right now…truly amazing and creative work!

  108. inez on 11/28/2010:

    i agree with jennifer… you make verything sound so simple and look simple. You have done an amazing job!! love your ideas 🙂

  109. stupid good.

  110. Catherine on 11/29/2010:

    This is gorgeous! Totally excellent use of materials.

  111. Erik on 11/30/2010:

    Looks fantastic, had no idea you could salvage a piece of outdoor-wood like that.

    But I hope you didn’t use an original Herman miller base for this…

  112. erin@designcrisis on 11/30/2010:


    You are killing me with your badassical skillz. I’m not even going to read the other 873,000 comments, but I know they say the same thing.

  113. Richelle on 12/01/2010:

    dang girl!

  114. Martini on 12/01/2010:

    Oh, man! I just discovered your site. This is (as in the site and this project) fantastic!!!

  115. Bill on 12/01/2010:

    Looks great, but pressure treated wood indoors?? Thought that was a big no no.

  116. ellobie on 12/01/2010:

    Looks great! I would have liked it with the rough edges in the first shot. One question (and not to get all Nervous Nellie on you): are you sure it’s not pressure treated wood? That shit’s got some nasty chemicals that maybe don’t belong in the house, especially for your tiny pups.

  117. The brick house on 12/01/2010:

    It’s not pressure treated. It’s very old redwood, if it was treated it would be greenish and probably not have as much termite damage. The fence seems pretty original to our 60 year old house.

  118. Aidan on 12/01/2010:

    Love this

  119. pianoarthur on 12/02/2010:

    Looks really nice! Hope all the termites have vacated the non-rotted parts.

  120. THE BRICK HOUSE on 12/02/2010:

    decades ago…

  121. Julie @ Chapman Interiors on 12/03/2010:

    shut your face. This is amazeballs.

  122. Sandra on 12/12/2010:

    What?! Filed Under: Awesome!

  123. Bobby Ray on 12/13/2010:

    Wow, that is beautiful.. and so inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  124. Karenmcrae on 12/14/2010:

    I want!

  125. Linda on 12/28/2010:

    I love your page. Its so amazing. Bam. And the DIY-Tips are awesome!

  126. Richard on 01/27/2011:

    fab; if only i could find some Eames LTR bases i have some wood.

  127. Lisa on 02/08/2011:

    did you guys attach the wood together? im confused. what exactly is holding it all together, just the metal straps?

    id like to do something similar to this but have no experience in woodworking. i thought you had to attach the wood panels together first side by side?

  128. Angie @221vision on 03/08/2011:

    This is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  129. fine little home on 04/20/2011:

    this is my top pick for DIY, so much so i had to feature it on my little bloggity blog ; ) and it’s a “green” DIY, bonus.


    thanks for sharing all your fab ideas!

  130. I love this bench! I love it so much I just blogged about it 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!

  131. Liz on 07/21/2011:


  132. marianne on 07/22/2011:

    HOLY CA-BOLY!! Almost too clever for words!

  133. OMI on 10/09/2011:

    I wanted to make this for my mom but I can’t get the powertools! It looks so easy, affordable and modern. So nice, but maybe when I get those powertools….
    BH, I love you. You should make a Brickhouse store(:
    Haha, thanks for the endless inspiration, as always

  134. cherns on 10/12/2011:


  135. ed on 10/18/2011:

    Wow incredible do you know if there is anyone that sells just the eames bases or something similar

  136. Cormat on 01/28/2012:

    Awesome idea for reusing our extra fence wood. We are replacing some old good for new one. Our wood fence is more than years old. Lots of green areas in the backyard, I like the Xeriscape concept,. We live in the desert, conservation of water and minimizing maintenance are great for our landscaping.

    This bench will look great in our backyard. 🙂

  137. ryan on 07/13/2012:

    beautiful bench. Nearly impossible to find the leg hardware or even anything close.. i think there needs to be a DIY tutorial on making legs similar?

  138. Dimi Arhontidis on 11/08/2012:

    What are you some kind of Genius or something!? Brilliant!

  139. Carolyn on 01/07/2013:

    Awesome! Did you do the brick and gravel under the bench? If so do you have a how to? Thanks!

  140. Alice on 02/21/2013:

    I have been tryign to convince my bf to get a bench for his new wooden bed. He’s not kean on ‘reclaimed wood’ but maybe I can convince him with this super amazing look. So simple and easy (sort of…probably not). But we can pretend.

    Love it!

  141. Alice on 02/21/2013:

    I have been trying to convince my bf to get a bench for his new wooden bed. He’s not keen on ‘reclaimed wood’ but maybe I can convince him with this super amazing look. So simple and easy (sort of…probably not). But we can pretend.

    Love it!

  142. Nataliya on 04/01/2013:

    I love this bench!!!! Where can u buy a Eames LTR bases?

  143. Brittney on 05/07/2013:

    How did you cut the 4×4’s? My table saw hates going through anything that thick… old school hand saw perhaps?

  144. Aaron Clifford on 06/07/2013:

    Great post. I just love clean and simple design. Moreover, nothing compares to when you are sitting on your bench with a pint of beer. Cheers.

  145. Stephanie on 06/24/2013:

    I guess if your lucky enough to have some sweet Eames LTR bases lying around your set! Other wise worth the $80 bucks on Ebay, thanks for the awesome inspiration!

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