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Thursday, September 24th, 2009

I’m listening.

Better or worse?

Oh, did I ever mention that I picked up a couple of hanging egg chairs a while back? Nope? Let me introduce one.

You can’t see the other side cause the Boy is still sleeping…

Master Bedroom

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Iggy is so bored with me futzing around in the bedroom. I’m boring myself.

I can’t figure the stupid thing out. I think it needs a DRAMATIC change, although this room has come a long way from red, blue, and green enamel.

OK, here is WAY more photos than you could ever want or need to see. I’m totally, insanely, documenting every inch and angle so that I can somehow unravel the mystery of making it rad.

I retract the whole entering the bedroom contest thing. Not going to do it.

Maybe it all just needs a hell of an editing, or fresh eyes, or like an explosion of glitter and shit. That painting above the bed has got to go, the kilim is too small, the vignette is awful, the mirror has to go, the nightstands need styling, and there needs to be like a wow moment or something. I’m dreaming of dark walls, but that may have to be reserved for the guest bedroom. I think I need to stop working on our master bedroom for awhile and move on to a new project.

Blech. I’m like in the rutiest of ruts. Jeff Lewis help me. Make it bland but high end! Oh god, I’m watching too much Bravo.

Bedroom Rug

Monday, September 21st, 2009

I picked up the TÅRNBY
rug at Ikea on Saturday and it seems to be jute goodness all around. I layered a kilim on top since I guess you can never have enough rugs or something…

Otherwise my trip to the big blue and yellow was uneventful. I ended up just getting the rug and enjoying a vanilla cone.